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‘Scooby-Doo’ Returning to Big Screen With Animated Movie


Scooby-Doo, where are you? Back on the big screen, that’s where. Variety reports Warner Bros. is moving forward with an animated film based on the cartoon dog and his mystery-solving pals.

No further details about the Matt Lieberman-penned script were announced because he’s currently working on the project. Lieberman has lots of projects in the works at the moment, including a remake of the 1986 Steve Guttenberg/Ally Sheedy robot comedy Short Circuit.

The Mystery Machine gang debuted in 1969 on Hanna-Barbera’s Scooby-Doo: Where Are You! and has been going strong ever since, with the latest incarnation of the series, Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, wrapping up in April following a two-season run on Cartoon Network. The concept most recently hit the big screen as a pair of live-action films starring Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar. 2002’s Scooby-Doo and 2004’s Scooby-Doo: Monsters Unleashed earned about $450 million for the studio.


  • Der Langhaarige

    Please don’t let the characters be like their horrible MYSTERY INCORPORATED incarnations. I don’t want a Fred who is too dumb to breathe, a Daphne who has to mention in every second sentence how much she loves Fred and an arrogant, annoying and completely hateful Velma.

  • V

    I’d love a Mystery Incorporated-esque take for this! LOVED that show. Also, will this be CGI, seeing as how EVERY big screen animated film is CGI now.

  • Radam

    That’s what I’m wondering too. Today big screen animation = CGI, I don’t think any studio is willing to take a chance on traditional animation for a movie anymore.

  • BeastieRunner

    That makes me sad.

  • lewis4510

    I’d like to see Warners do something with their other animation properties. Like Johnny Quest, Space Ghost, The Herculoids, and of course Thundarr. Either live action or CGI/animation. They’ve got some great characters in their substantial library it’s a shame they’re not being utilized.

  • Der Langhaarige

    There was a Jonny Quest live action movie planned a few years ago. Word was that the script was excellent, with a wonderful written focus on the friendship between Jonny and Race Bannon, who was to be played by Dwayne Johnson. The whole project fell apart when the studio re-wrote Jonny from a kid to a young adult, so that someone like Zac Efron could play him.

  • Luke

    It better be cause dear god WB sucks at doing live-action/CGI versions of animated shows. I don’t know what it is but seriously they should just stick to full animation. Nothing wrong with being like Dreamworks or Pixar.