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NBC Buys Medical Drama ‘Outbreak,’ Supernatural Mystery ‘Conception’

nbc1 NBC is searching for another hour-long drama to help bolster its ratings. Two new series have just been ordered to pilot, one based on the 1995 film Outbreak and the other following the adventures of immaculately conceived children.

Deadline reports the Peacock wants to move forward with a TV version of Outbreak by John Wells (Shameless, ER) and Jack Orman (Pan Am, ER), described as “a medical thriller that follows an ensemble of characters as they race to contain a lethal virus before it becomes a global pandemic.”

The 1995 film of the same name was directed by Wolfgang Peterson and starred Dustin Hoffman, Rene Russo, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey as characters trying to contain an airborne virus. Wells and Orman are co-writing the pilot for Warner Bros. Television.

Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter passes along word that the network has also ordered a pilot from John Glenn (Eagle Eye) called Conception. Glenn is co-writing the pilot with Lars Jacobson (Baby Blues) about a small group of children who were somehow born through supposedly immaculate methods.


  • Lol

    Wow, how fun. That’ll boost ratings. Another depressing show.
    Yes, that’s sarcasm.

  • Bill T.

    Combined the two shows and name it “Outbreak in the Village of the Damned.”

  • Chris Rootman

    Why doesn’t John Wells do a spinoff of ER or even better a reboot with some of the old characters , there has never been a better Medical drama TV series , sure we got Grey’s. Private Practise , and the rest but nothings compares to ER , I am sure if John Wells would ask some of the characters to come back they will jump at the chance as they have tried other projects and failed. –Bring Back ER Please