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‘Warcraft’ to Begin Filming in January

world of warcraft litch king

Get ready to clash battleaxes and decapitate an orc or 12, the World of Warcraft movie is finally happening. According to Collider, the adaptation, simply titled Warcraft, will begin shooting on Jan. 13 in Vancouver.

Talk of a World of Warcraft movie goes back several years. Three years ago Sam Raimi was attached to direct, but he eventually dropped out and was replaced earlier this year by Jones.

The Moon and Source Code director will be working off of a script penned by Charles Leavitt (Blood Diamond, Seventh Son). The film version is said to be pretty huge and epic, but at this point no casting announcements have been made. Warcraft is expected to debut in 2015.


  • Happily LS

    Duncan Jones, not Doug Jones. Doug Jones is an actor known for his creature work.

  • BoilingMan

    Blizzard would be making a huge mistake not making this film into a pure CGI affair. Their cinematics using this formula have been SUPERB and unmatched. Doing a live action feature just won’t have that same appeal.