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Hugh Jackman’s Time as Wolverine is ‘Nearing the End’

The Wolverine will outlive us all — including Hugh Jackman, based on the actor’s recent comments about retiring from the role.

Jackman spoke with Vulture at the Toronto International Film Festival about his many appearances in the X-Men movies, including this summer’s The Wolverine and next summer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past. According to the actor, his next appearance as Wolverine could well be his last.

“It’s nearing the end,” he said. “I do feel that. If there are any more movies, there would have to be a really good reason for it.”

Indeed, Jackman admitted he thought his days as Wolverine would have ended a long time ago.

“I can tell you this, and I can say this now: I wasn’t sure that I would do another Wolverine movie after the first one,” he said. “I just felt that I hadn’t done the character justice, and that was a bit of a hole inside of me.”

With the (mostly) critically acclaimed The Wolverine under his belt and a star-studded X-Men movie in his near future, it sounds as if that hole has been filled — until the next interesting Wolverine project comes along, that is.


  • darksparkimus

    Thank god

  • OffYourself

    Troll harder.

  • ZeoVGM

    Fucking LOL.

  • Lance Christian Johnson

    I think that most fans will agree that it wasn’t the problem that HE didn’t do the character justice. Still, if “Days” is good, then that and “The Wolverine” will be a good note for him to end on.

  • Brad O’Leary

    Jackman’s done an amazing job bringing Wolvie to life but it might soon be time to give the character a rest and then have a new, younger actor take on the role, much like what happens with Bond every so many years. Would love to see a shorter, more grizzly version on film!

  • camaro_mang

    this is very sad news.

  • darksparkimus

    no it’s not.

  • McBoo

    Here’s hoping that “a really good reason” doesn’t translate to a really big paycheck. I think that Jackman did a good job as Wolverine but he was seriously hamstrung by horrendous writing decisions (adamantium bullet?) and the fact that the studio insisted that he portray a PG13 Wolverine.

    Come on rated R reboot!

  • Chris

    Maybe an Old Man Logan type film would be a good send off for Jackman. Could tie into DOFP.

  • lewis4510

    It will never happen. A graphically violent and or sexually explicit Wolverine movie will never happen. I believe that was one the stipulations of the deal with Fox. That the X-Men characters would be not be used in that way.

  • ComicBook Coby

    NOOOOOOOOO! Don’t go, Hugh! I honestly think that if he doesn’t sign on for another X-Men movie, then there won’t be another X-Men movie. Not in the same continuum, anyway. If Hugh goes, they’ll have to reboot the whole franchise. Which might not be a bad thing, considering all the lukewarm reviews the films have gotten. Maybe Fox might even sell the rights back to Marvel, eventually?

    But Hugh Jackman has done a terrific job as Wolverine. I can really feel his rage coming through. I especially loved his performance in the most recent movie. I only had a few problems with it, as I spoke about on my blog:

  • camaro_mang

    yes, yes it is

  • McBoo

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d be happy for Hugh to play Wolverine in a reboot. Provided the film has an R rating (isn’t released by Fox) and they retcon all the crap that took place in X-Men Origins – Wolverine. They could write it all off as a series of memory implants ala Weapon X.

  • OffYourself

    Get a hobby.

  • Air Walker

    sounds like a smoker telling people he’s gonna quit, only to light up another one.

  • darksparkimus

    I wish i had memory implants that convinced me Fox never made any X-Men films.