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Alice Eve on ‘Star Trek Into Darkness,’ Carol Marcus & That Controversial Scene

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Alice Eve may be best remembered from Star Trek Into Darkness for stripping to her underwear, but it seems to bother her less than it does the film’s critics.

At a press event commemorating the Blu-ray release of J.J. Abrams’ sequel, as well as the 10-film Star Trek: Stardate Collection, Eve spoke with Spinoff Online about the controversial scene, insisting the kerfuffle wasn’t worthy of the defense that sprang from the media on her behalf.

“Yes,” Eve said when asked whether the issue was perhaps not as big as it was made out to be. “I was there, after all. I mean, I was there, so I was part of it.”

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In Star Trek Into Darkness, Eve plays Dr. Carol Marcus, one of the few women who famously tamed Captain James T. Kirk’s heart. Although the two of them share only a few moments of flirting – including the aforementioned scene where Marcus drops trou – Eve said the most important thing for her was showing the character’s full dimensionality, especially if she reappears in future films as a love interest and bona fide crew member of the Enterprise.

When asked what quality in Marcus she thought it was essential to communicate to audiences, Eve explained, “I think the fact that she’s a human being and a female in all senses – the underwear scene included. She has a lot of attributes.”

Eve also suggested it’s possible some of the criticism of Star Trek Into Darkness arose from the fact that the film attempted to highlight her physical attractiveness even as it tried to pair that with her education and intelligence.

“I think that maybe was a source of concern or frustration, that she both wore her underwear and had a PhD,” she said. “But unfortunately, she has to wear underwear.”

Star Trek Into Darkness and the Star Trek: Stardate Collection are on sale now.


  • Hypestyles

    I had no problem with the scene. Hopefully some similar fun can happen in the next one, with another character. I suggest Lieutenant M’Ress.

  • Roger_S

    Kirk was always a poon hound…..of course he was going to look. What person with a pair of testicles wouldn’t?

  • Fuzzy

    What was controversial about it? Do they not have underwear in the future?

  • Scott Brunson

    Ask Carrie Fisher.

  • Glenn Simpson

    I suppose my question is, and maybe someone can answer it – what was the character about to do that required her to take her clothes off? For example, was she about to put on a radiation suit or something like that? That’s why I don’t understand the scene – not “why is there a scene with her taking her clothes off” but “why exactly was she taking her clothes off?”

  • Shadowulf McCullough

    you beat me to it

  • Ivy IV

    “unfortunately, she has to wear underwear”

    Haha! Great response! Miss Eve seems like quite the cool lady.

  • kalorama

    The scene makes it pretty clear that she is, in fact, changing into the future equivalent of a radiation/hazmat suit, because she and McCoy are about to dismantle a torpedo that uses some kind of unidentified radioactive material as its core.

  • Glenn Simpson

    That was my initial thought, except don’t we see them in the very next scene not wearing any special outfits?

  • Yer Maw

    Hang on – wasn’t that “a long time ago”? Not the future then!

  • Yer Maw

    Reasonably certain they’re in the radiation suits in the next scene. Kinda boiler suit type things, no?

  • Glenn Simpson

    I remember expecting to see suits then not seeing them, but I’d need to re-watch.

  • Ian Thal

    ‘“Yes,” Eve said when asked whether the issue was perhaps not as big as it was made out to be.’

    It’s not as big as it’s made out to be, only in that it was just one of numerous bits of fan-service in a film that failed to deliver a compelling story. The underwear scene was gratuitous but so was the entire film.

  • George Mitchell

    I thought the movie had a compelling story. Then again, I only saw it twice (enjoyed it more the second time), so what do I know?

  • mike payton

    Only in 2013 is the idea of a sexy woman in Star Trek a controversy. The perpetually offended mentality clearly won’t go away by ignoring it, so how about we mock these fools back into the shadows of humanity where they belong?

  • MichaelSacal

    The problem is that fans of Star Wars decided to add a “girl in her underwear” scene to replicate Leia in the gold bikini from Jedi in an attempt to pander to the Star Wars demographic by making Star Trek more like Star Wars, i.e. less cerebral.

  • Orin

    Seriously? We live in a world were pretty much every superhero moie finds an excuse to have a scene with the shirtless main character showing off his abs, but a girl in underwear in a Star Trek flick is a big controvery? Talking about hypocrisy and double standarts…

  • Lead Sharp

    I forgot she was even in the movie to be honest.

  • BND

    The controversy was over the fact that they included that scene, which was pretty much useless, as a cheap trick to try to titillate the audience.

  • BrethlessM

    Are you seriously giving a reverse double standard argument? That’s absolutely hilarious. Mind, I’m not completely disagreeing – shirtless males are intended to draw in female audiences. However the instances of female nudity are entirely disproportionate to male, and for that matter – a bare chest on a man does not compare to a bare chest on a woman.

    That being said, I had no trouble with the scene. They set it up appropriately, and of course Kirk would look. The SciFi fandom is about combining intelligence with sex appeal, so she can have both.

    Although I’d like to point out that while she has a full shot in underwear, there’s only one partial shot of Kirk bare-chested – in bed with two women. So I’d be careful with the mathematics on that account.

  • PietroMaximoff

    i remember watching this movie in the theater, and people just laughed at this scene, and everybody just went along with their lives, i swear to god.

  • out_of_exile

    i saw it twice too… but the first time i saw it it was called Wrath of Khan.

  • shane

    Really, what is she going to do but defend that scene? It’s not like she’d say “Yeah, that scene was a pointless scene in a pointless movie. But i’d done all those crunches…”

  • SoManyThings

    Everyone knows that in the 23rd century they’re too unenlightened to not be afraid of sex or the human body. I feel so cheapened. Sci-fi is an evil genre for stimulating my imagination with alien tribesmen whose eyelids blink upwards and flashy torpedo devices whose arming mechanisms are orange neon flux-capacitor thingies. And warp speed chases… so cheap, not a single precedent in real-life for that sort of thing. But cheapen the film Abrams must, and to top it off, he leads me to believe that women might actually wear underwear and be unafraid or unashamed of their bodies or appearances… What a way to trick me and betray all that I hold dear. Everyone knows that all women should be ashamed of their bodies at all times and only reveal them in dark places with no one around. What a shame.

  • John Vasiliou

    She worked hard for that body to not show it off.

  • Happily LS

    It wasn’t useless, it speaks to Kirk’s character. Oh, that rascal, he saw a woman in her undies (again!).

    Also, in the original, they have a romantic history and have a child together. They’re *supposed* to be having sexyfuntimes together.

  • Orin

    If eye candy scenes with females outnumber those with males or not isn’t
    the point. What makes it a double standard is that a girl in underwear
    seems to be a problem, while nobody champlains when a guys takes of his
    shirt for no reason to show off his perfect physique. Either you think
    that’s wrong or you don’t. But saying it’s okay when mens bodies get
    exploited because it happens with women all the time dosn’t make sense. A
    person can’t cry foul about this and at the same time they drool over
    Magic Mike.

    Oh, and we’re not even talking about a bare chested woman here.

  • BND

    That part of Kirk’s characters was already well established. At best, the scene was redundant.

  • budman2008

    Plus, everybody else involved with the movie is right there. She can’t go “I thought it was gratuitous and stupid, I don’t really want another sizable paycheck” right in front of the director.

  • budman2008

    Never mind that they even failed to do that, the gold bikini scene was a lot sexier and more memorable. I doubt people will be referencing this scene in 25 years.

  • MichaelSacal

    they might, but not in the way the people behind the movie intended them to. Same way with the Spock Wail. People will mention it but not in the same way that they do Shatner’s version.

  • Happily LS

    Because characters stop displaying traits once they’ve showed them once? No, it’s exactly the opposite: displaying their traits is what makes a character a character.

  • Eden

    I think Kirk and Spock are secretly in love with each other but just don’t know it yet…

  • mikeylab

    it really is beyond absurd at this point; i like your plan

  • leackybucket

    The scene was 1 second and it was months ago, people should get over it.

  • Happily LS

    If there’s any slash fanfiction that *must* already exist, it’s that.

  • somepeople

    Good lord. So someone was shown in her panties in a Star Trek movie. Get over it.

  • Dandru

    That’s a lame response. The film had very little to do with Wrath of Khan, other than the scenes involving Kirk’s death.

  • Dandru

    That was a stupid thing to say. Leia’s metal bikini was in no way part of the decision to do the Alice Eve scene.

  • Dandru

    I think your parents were brother and sister, and DID know it.

  • Dandru

    Know your history. Slash fiction BEGAN with Kirk and Spock.

    And it was just as crappy back then as it is now.

  • Dandru

    Good lord. So someone has a different opinion than yours. Get over it.

  • MichaelSacal

    of course it was. these writers and producers want to make Trek like Wars.

  • out_of_exile

    Into Darkness could not exist without Wrath of Khan… so I think it had a little something to do with it.

  • dude

    yeah cause kirk never ogled scantily clad women in the real star trek. oh, wait…

  • Alex Stark

    Not true, we do have the episode that introduced Khan: Space Seed.

  • Iam_Spartacus

    I don’t know what the big deal was about that scene. Look back to the original series and look at the flimsy costumes some of the gals were wearing like Yvonne Craig as the green Orion girl in Whom Gods Destroy. Or Leslie Parrish in that Greek God gown in Who Mourns for Adonais? I can go on forever. Looks as though a lot of people have gotten a case of the prudes. Hell, she could do a full nude scene as far as I’m concerned.

  • out_of_exile

    irrelevant. i stand by my point. abrams, orci & kurtzman never would have used a khan as a villian if Wrath of Khan was not made.

  • Victor Orozco

    It was 10 seconds of mild titillation. Women are so insecure.

  • Iam_Spartacus

    Yeah, but his opinion is good, yours sucks.

  • Ivan

    Well, it was one of the best scenes in the movie!

  • senlav

    Expect they are not. they are best friends and are more like brothers. I think its time you horny fan girls keep you sexual fantasies to yourself.

    its just embarrassing how stupid girls like yourself need to read sex into everything.

  • threedeesix

    And Abrams wouldn’t have used Kirk as a protagonist if the original Star Trek didn’t exist, You can reuse the heroes and not the villains?

  • out_of_exile

    oh please… what’s the point of creating a new timeline to erase continuity & then not create anything new?

  • John Taylor

    It didn’t bother me at all. So little in fact that I didn’t even remember it.


    Admittedly, we see more cleavage in a Victoria’s Secret commercial, however, I didn’t see the point of that scene, except to show her in her underwear. Simply put, the scene was poorly written. They got Uhura in her underwear in the first movie, but at least that scene made sense. But then again, Damon Lindleloff also wrote ‘Lost’ and ‘Prometheus,’ so he doesn’t typically make much sense. Screen Junkies did a hilarious trailer about it.


    It would have been nice if we could have seen McCoy change into his radiation suit as well.


    It’s not controversial b/c she’s sexy. There’s more cleavage in a Victoria’s Secret commercial. The point is what was the point? The scene was badly written or underwritten. The movie itself had other problems of course.

  • Brian Thompson

    Just because one event is different, not everything will be. Romulans moving through time blow up Vulcan, that changes a lot, but not everything. Khan would still exist as he was frozen and had nothing to do with Vulcan, therefore some events will continue to play out in the alternate time line.

    Why remove all familiarity from the series? In this movie, Khan was a minor character as compared to The Wrath of Khan. He was awoken and forced to design the new ship and weapons, but in this timeline, he’s really lost it due to Humans holding his people hostage; making him a slave.

    Sure, he’d have still had the hatred for any race less “perfect” but this is completely different from Wrath; That’s the point.

    I don’t recall Star Fleet trying to start a war with the Klingons in Wrath, nor any super weapons, or ships.

    Oh, that’s right, in Khan, he was bent on revenge. In other words, they used recognizable characters with almost completely new story.

  • Nerdburger

    NuTrek is garbage plain and simple. Orci and Kurtzman have done to Star Trek what they did to Transformers.

  • Bitch

    It was 5 seconds of undies. I understand being like “But it made no sense” …But, it was 5 seconds. You’ll all survive.

  • adam beaton

    And….way to miss the point, dude. It was dumb and sexist back then; it was dumb and sexist now. Scenes like that perpetuate the negative stereotype that a woman primary contribution to society is not through her knowledge or her skills, but through her beauty. THAT is the point, and it’s why the underwear scene is a FAIL.

  • adam beaton

    It’s because scenes like Alice’s perpetuate a negative stereotype about women – their looks come first, everything else second.

  • BinaryChaos

    I don’t know how this is controversial have people never seen a woman in a bikini before? It’s a stupid scene that is suppose to ignite some interest between Marcus and Kirk.

  • Big Dee

    yes you need to rewatch because she is clearly getting changed into a boiler suit to open one of the torpedoes making your point very redundant.

  • big dee

    To you losers moaning about this. Get over it, for crying out loud! Does it really matter?

  • iwontrememberthis

    It’s worth noting that she (the character) explicitly asked not to be viewed in that state, and then the camera focuses on her. Plus the hero looks. Both of those actions suggest it’s ok to ignore a woman’s boundaries.

  • wtf

    I prefer the European view of sex and nudity. America is still lost in its Quaker/puritan roots. Men like seeing women. Women like seeing men. It is denial to argue otherwise. I never hear men complaining about Hugh jackman being shot shirtless.

    The scene obviously is used to foreshadow a potential romance and/or to highlight Kirk’s promiscuosity. She knew Kirk’s nature as described in a prior scene. Maybe she was flirting with kirk. Because women never leverage sexuality to their advantage.

    Only when people stop being offended by every little thing will we truly be a gender neutral society. Obviously we are still a long way away.


    His point is not redundant, it’s moot.


    We would have if Kirk had wanted to flirt with him.

  • sircadlab

    My God how stupid are PC types…its newsworthy Kirk would try to catch a glimpse?Morons

  • rhoderickgates

    A gay male, derr!

  • nathan

    So what was the percentage of screen time where she was scantily clad compared to that when she was doing sciency smart stuff? I have not seen it, so I don’t know the answer myself, but I feel like more and more people have a problem with the idea that looks matter.

    Sorry to tell you, but there is such thing as ugly and attractive people. There is also stupid and smart people. She apparently portrays both.

    In some situations, looks matter more. If someone is standing in front of you semi or fully nude, I feel confident that most people in this world would say looks are what matters. Although, if someone is trying to save the day with science, or do your taxes, brains are what counts.

    The way I see it, some people are good at math, some are good at creating art, others are good at looking good. Complaining that the modeling agency doesn’t want you because you are overweight or have buckteeth, is like a 4′ tall athlete complaining that the high jump event is unfairly biased towards tall people. If you want people to recognize you for your strengths, then participate in activities and a lifestyle where they are valued.

    It is not a stereotype that men are more interested in a womans physical attractiveness on screen, it’s the truth. I think as a species, we have become cognizant of the fact that physical attractivness is something we prefer, but we can’t handle the truth. Media doesn’t push its own definitions of beauty, it simply mirrors what we all collectively define as beautifull. If men thought size 18 women were the pinnacle of sexy, then that would be who would get their first pick of dates and they would also be supermodels. No matter what the standard of beauty is there will always be a standard of ugly as well.

  • Alexis Hall

    Nope, my concern was she felt the need to tell her boss/captain Kirk important information while undressing in front of him. I cannot do that in real life, nor shall I want to.

  • Alexis Hall

    Let me ask you this, why did she feel the need to change clothes in front of her boss/Captain Kirk?

  • iwontrememberthis

    Stop with the straw man; nobody claiming people don’t like seeing other people.

    Yes, she knew Kirk’s nature, and asked him to turn around precisely because she knew he’d be ogling her otherwise. You suppose she had an ulterior motive (which was never shown elsewhere in the movie) that differed from what she *explicitly stated*. That basically means you claim she said “no” but really meant “yes”. Think about how rapey that argument is.

    Beyond that, you admit the movie already established that Kirk is promiscuous, so this scene wasn’t necessary to make that point. Even to further drive it home, they didn’t have to cut it so the audience gets a full-on view. The same point could’ve been made with her character turned around, so we just see her bare shoulders. That’s why it is literally gratuitous – it wasn’t necessary.

    And if you want to claim gender neutrality, let’s point out that the two primary women in the series (Marcus & Uhura) have *both* been featured undressed, in a provocative manner. The same can’t be said for the bulk of the male cast members. Even if you want to imagine we live in a world where women are perceived equal to men, that’s a pure, mathematical disparity.

    Lastly, pointing these things out doesn’t mean I am “offended” by the movie. I just think we can do better.

  • lethargicj

    What kind of sad world do we live in that people would complain about seeing a hot chick in her underwear?

  • Lauren

    Just another way of unecessarily sexualising yet ANOTHER female character in this series.

  • Rasarak

    So, let me get this straight.

    Regardless of people’s opinions of the movie itself, this scene is being criticized for being “pointless” and “disrespectful to females.” and it is being lambasted as if that scene somehow demotes her character to a sex object.

    This is being said with full knowledge that that scene was the ONLY scene in which she had any sort of sexual acknowledgement whatsoever, was also delivering exposition while it was taking place, and it was played completely for laughs, not erotica. (AKA, a joke. so I can be more clear) It was an obvious reminder that Kirk is still a ladies man. To which, instead of acknowledging it or doing something dirtier, she demands that Kirk turn around.

    This is also being said knowing full well that the character is introduced with a doctorate in applied physics, a weapons expert, a very self-respecting and independent personality, and an established foreshadowing of importance in the story with her conversation with Spock, and ended up being one of the most important characters in the progression of the story (All while being completely clothed.)

    This is also being said with complete acceptance that we saw Kirk (Chris Pine) with his shirt off, waking up next to alien women near the beginning of the movie.

    No, I disagree. The scene was not pointless, or poorly written. It was a joke, because Star Trek and Into Darkness have a very large amount of humor in them. I would imagine it was also a nod to her place as a character in the old Trek universe, because these movies are full of those.

    When I saw it, I laughed. I thought “Oh Kirk, you old lecher!” and moved on with my life. I didn’t immediately get emotional and start trying to Bechdel test the movie, nor should this scene do any damage to anything whatsoever. It wasn’t even that bad. We’ve seen much worse of publicly accessible TV. It was, dare I say it, a tasteful joke of the sexual nature.

    I swear, people are getting more and more snippy about stupid things nowadays.

  • Brad Olson

    Actually, many gay men love breasts, though we have no desire to pursue any further carnal adventures with women. I’ll admit that the scene didn’t seem to further the film much but beauty with brains is always appreciated.

  • Robert Karma

    During an excellent interview with Ken Ray & John Champion ( screenwriter Bob Orci said that the scene was a setup for Marcus to change into an EV suit to open the advanced torpedo in space. When they realized that the expense was too high they switched it to having Marcus & McCoy open the torpedo on a nearby asteroid. JJ Abrams kept the titillating scene which has provoked much debate about the sexism of the decision. I highly recommend giving the podcast a listen as Orci explains the thinking into many aspects of Into Darkness that gave me a deeper understanding and appreciation of the story.

  • Boomborg

    No it’s the future. A long time ago is star wars

  • Another bitter cynic

    People have a problem because it was painfully shoehorned in, as if a sixteen year old boy wrote that part.

  • Another bitter cynic

    Kirk was supposed to burst into the room, accidentally interrupting her donning a space suit. This was the “we’re running over budget. Quick just show us your tits!” solution.

  • Another bitter cynic

    The offense is to our movie/Star Trek-loving intelligence. They crammed this scene in as poorly as if Private Ryan had asked the Germans to stop attacking while he popped open ice cold Coca Cola.
    Product placement gone horribly wrong. And when your product is tits and ass, you expect a smidgen more consideration from the Trek universe.

  • Another bitter cynic

    OMG. Spocks wail made me cringe in a way entirely different than intended!
    Pure embarrassment.

  • Another bitter cynic

    “There is also stupid and smart people.”

  • Mike

    Well in the anime industry, we call it fan-service. And it was tasteful at that I must say. With the terrible writing hollywood puts into movies nowadays people get offended by a little skin. The west has some growing up to do.

  • MichaelSacal

    Me too! Exactly the same thing.

  • NerfDaDerf

    uhhh, carrie fisher was in Star Wars…


    Thanks, but there are also female fans of scifi and anime. Neither are solely male-only enterprises. So in that regard, yes the “west has some growing up to do” in acknowledging female fans. As I said, I’m not offended by skin, I’m offended by silliness and that scene was just plain silly, not to mention pointless.

  • Yer Maw

    Yeah … I took Scott’s Carrie Fisher comment as a reference to Star Wars. Which is what I was replying to.

  • nicolu

    ”gay men love breasts”… WHY?? well gays are weird anyway so it really doesnt matter much

  • Glenn San


  • Glenn San


  • Fingerlakes_Dave

    1) STOP YELLING! (get the hint?) 2) Ranting at people you don’t know, and posting internationally is just such a smart move!

    ANY credibility you thought you had is now non-existent.

  • Fingerlakes_Dave

    And the scene in question was how long? Maybe a minute, two?
    It’s not like it derailed the plot!

  • Fingerlakes_Dave

    PLEASE STOP yelling

  • Fingerlakes_Dave

    “I don’t recall Star Fleet trying to start a war with the Klingon’s in Wrath, nor any super weapons, or ships.”
    That’s true. That was actually later in “Undiscovered Country”, and the Klingon’s were in on it. You have to keep the military busy! ;)

  • Fingerlakes_Dave

    Taken out of context

  • Fingerlakes_Dave

    If you have not seen it, how can you write a five paragraph post on the issue?

  • Robert DarthMortis


  • Robert DarthMortis

    Star Trek movies aren’t about character development, dammit…they are about the gripping intrigue of broken warp core ejectors and malfunctioning holodecks.

  • Robert DarthMortis

    Hey, show some respect…the scene was a minute or two, but the controversial part of the scene was a whole 3 seconds long!

  • Robert DarthMortis

    Your definition of ‘tits’ is differnet from mine, apparently, because I saw a woman in a bra and panties.

  • Robert DarthMortis

    They were both in suits that weren’t their standard uniforms.

  • Robert DarthMortis

    It would have been nice to see Scotty make a sandwich as well, but the script didn’t require that there be a need to establish that Scotty was attracted to one.

  • Robert DarthMortis

    Dude, you just killed the little credibilty your argument had when you dismissed the episode of TOS that introduced Kahn as irrelevant to your assertion that TWOK was the ONLY reason Into Darkness could exist.

  • Robert DarthMortis

    I agree. I now have to go and google all those commercials about how men are incompetent as fathers, and all those shows about how stupid men are and all those movies about how only gay men are not rapists that don’t exist, because sexism is a one way street.

  • Robert DarthMortis

    Only ugly people can be smart.

    You win.

  • cor2879

    Did anyone ever watch the original series? There were scantily clad women in several episodes, not to mention the female crew members wore uniforms that barely covered their lady parts. What’s so controversial?

  • adam beaton

    Tell me, what’s the ratio of males to females in the armed forces…for *any* country? The ratio of male to female pilots? Scientists? Engineers? Choose any job position in Star Trek that could have a real-world reflection, and find out what the ratio is between males and females. Go on, I’ll wait. Finished railing against the glass ceiling *men* have to crack through? Talk about crocodile tears; you want some sexism? To have such righteous indignation at the level of sexism towards males compared to the amount of sexism toward female – that, sir, takes some *major* huevos.

  • benidectatus cumberbatchiumus

    this is a vary valid point. I mean, when making a sherlock holmes movie, do we consider any villain other then Moriarty? do we toss out what the fans (who we are making this theoretical movie for in the first place) love for something new and less appealing to a fans nostalgia factor? when making a batman movie, do we toss the joker in the garbage and make him face off against professor pyg? NO! we give the fan what they want, and what the fans wanted from this movie was KAHN! and also space boobs, honestly it’s like taking the two greatest words ever conceived and putting them net to each other. space….boobs….space boobs.

  • alanwillingham

    It is a movie… the people in it are all pretending to be other people to make a living. The way to make a living is to sell lots of tickets…. any debate other than does it help sell tickets and provide the actor with an income is just pointless yammering about dogs in space ; )

  • Jackie Jormpjomp

    When I saw it the only thing I thought was it was amusing to see Kirk completely back on his heels. He was overpowered mentally by her obvious intellect and then the sight of her in underwear left him kind of speechless. She clearly didn’t seem nervous or coy as she was changing her clothes. Like he wasn’t a threat or much of an impact on her. It all looked like Kirk was totally off guard. I can see why there were complaints though, I just didn’t really feel that way personally.

  • SamuraiSockBuni

    Didn’t they pretty much have this exact scene in the first movie? When Uhura came into her room and was changing. What’s the big deal? ….some swimsuits cover less than that.

  • Connor

    As Brian said, the timeline changes have altered the events of the characters that still exist in that world. That’s why we saw Khan earlier than the original.

    On top of that, Wrath of Khan barely did anything with the character. Fans wanted to see Khan, and then when they were given Khan, everyone started bitching.

  • A True Fan of the Real Deal

    It just doesn’t jive with Star Trek’s own progression – I think that’s the point. However, neither does the rest of it. Freaking ridiculous and JJ A. just looking to ride someone else’s tail to make money for himself. Why he had to remake a show he SAID he hated is beyond me. I will NEVER be a part of this hacked trash. I know, a little dramatic, but it’s not Star Trek.

  • Another bitter cynic

    Do you have any idea what an R rating would have done to profits? Of course they didn’t actually show her bare breasts. This is still America!

  • Lilly

    hahahahah yet it’s the girl who had to be in her underwear so the movie would sell. Who’s the horniest?

  • Constance

    The scene says, “Don’t be threatened by her intelligence, men! We can still objectify her!”

  • Constance

    So we should have seen Kirk gawking at her. The camera turned the audience into perverts.

  • Nick Bradley

    Could be. Maybe that’s exactly what the controversy is about. She’s hot, they’re not. It’s bullying to show a sexy genius in her underwear and make stupid ugly woman feel bad about themselves.

  • Nick Bradley


  • senlav

    slash fan girls are the horniest. at least carol is sexy and beautiful and she was showing it. That is not the same as a group of silly teenage fan girls that believe that any time two guys are close and have a deep friendship they are romantically in love. that is an idiotic and embracing way of thinking.

  • Lilly

    it’s alright
    but just.. guys do this all the time, imagining there is atraction when it isn’t there, slashing isn’t worse nor better, and I think that if you study their genders (slashers) you’ll find that it’s more equal than not.

  • Augustus Gupta

    Why are yanks so easily offended?

  • Orin

    There’s actually a lot more sexsim against men (in the media as well as society in general) than most people realize. It often just isn’t perceived as such because of social conditioning and therefor dosn’t result in the kind of (sometimes pretty questionable) outrage sexism (or what people classify as such) against women often creates, which of course again feeds the false impression that pretty much all sexsim is direted at females.

    I recently did a lot of research for a paper on that exact topic, which really interesting results. But i guess that would go to far here. Nevertheless, your “crocodile tears” comment is the perfect example for why it’s almost impossible to even point out sexsim against males without getting attecked. It’s like you’re saying, there are a lot more people who fall victim to crimes in Somalia, so quit complaining about the crime that happend to you. When something is wrong, it’s wrong, no matter who it happens to. And it’s even worse when the some injustices aren’t even treated as such,

  • senlav

    its not equal. slash is for women and women only. I hardly see guys/men say that two established close male friends who are technically straight guys need to leave their girl friends and wives so that they can enter into a gay affair.
    the concept is solely by women. which is why it is idiotic. it even get worse when you discover that this same women do not even care about the real gay loving couple.

  • Constance

    This scene was not tasteful, and most anime “fan-service” isn’t, either. It caters to the misinformed idea that the “real” fans are men, and if a woman thinks to call herself a fan, she’ll just have to put up with garbage like this.


    Dude, caps button. Either turn it off or take an anger management class. My opinion on one silly scene in a Star Trek film shouldn’t make you this upset. As for the “west growing up comment,” if you read the comment beforehand you could see that I was responding to someone else who had said that. Eh–that’s why it was in quotes.


    Seriously take a pill before posting.

  • Woogy Lewis

    I had a problem with the scene – since she wasn’t nude it doesn’t qualify as controversial. Yes, some T & A was thrown in the movie gratuitously, but considering that the outfits some of the characters wore in the original TV show were little more than glorified lingerie, I’d say the movie broad was covered up.


    So why did the script require that she strip down to her undies for Kirk to be attracted to her? The scene made no sense.

  • The Regretful

    “People try to talk loud when they want to appear intelligent, right?”

  • Smoovious

    Because, squishy. :)

  • Smoovious

    because going down that way is just madness! next thing they’ll be wanting the women to have different cup sizes too! and that just isn’t trek! :D

  • Smoovious

    has there ever been a star trek episode where Kirk _wasn’t_ gawking at a female somewhere? it is canon…

  • Smoovious

    because that is the basis for male attraction… you ladies don’t actually believe we’re aroused by your brains or personality, do you?

  • Smoovious

    That is technically true,, but also true, is that the change of events make the whole Kirk/Khan dynamic, playing out the same way, very unlikely… all it would need is a small change that changes either ship’s schedule, so that they didn’t encounter each other at the same time as before, which could end up with a vastly different outcome.

    A little earlier, or a little later, could mean that Khan ends up on a different planet than before, too.

    butterfly effect.

  • Smoovious

    It would only be sexist if the guys never showed skin in that era’s Star Trek, and I distinctly remember a lot of shirtless guys in TOS…

    Honestly, Adam, you gotta lighten up… the only ones putting that stereotype onto women, are repressed, uptight, nimrods such as yourself.

    We don’t have the idea that a woman’s beauty defines who she is, or whether or not she is a worthy contribution to society. That seems to be your thing, not ours.

    This is about attraction between two people, and that has nothing to do with their brains, but their instincts. Reason and arousal are very different things, and to stifle one at the expense of the other, is not healthy.

    I, for one, can honestly say I have never felt the urge to snuggle up to my ex-girlfriend’s PhD whenever I felt lonely.

    We’re humans, not vulcans, after all.

  • Smoovious

    If you think that scene against the entire rest of her established bio in both universes, means that her looks are coming first, then I’d say the problem has more to do with you, than with the movie. Do not project your own personal psychological issues on the rest of us better-adjusted people.

    You give disproportionately too much weight to her looks… which says much about you.

    (now if her character was the same that Sigourney Weaver’s character portrayed on Galaxy Quest… who’s only duty was to repeat to and from the computer, THEN you might have a point… but Alice isn’t, so you don’t.)

  • Smoovious

    Oh, gay men are still rapists… they’re still men… they just rape men instead of women… (sarcasm)

  • Smoovious

    You keep blinding yourself to certain realities that exist.

    The ratio of males to females in the armed forces, or any risky/dangerous profession for that matter, tips heavily to the males, for one simple reason..

    We’re expendable.

    As survival of a species goes (or clan, or society, etc), protecting the females is an important biological imperative.

    The capacity of a female to spawn offspring is very limited, while a male’s capacity is abundant.

    You can kill off 90% of the males in a society, and still maintain the birthrate. (granted, there would be a societal impact, but the survival instinct cares not about that)

    Lose 90% of the females, however, and you drastically damage the ability of the society to continue to survive and grow.

    Since we’re expendable, we don’t get all of the protections the females get. Expected to put ourselves at risk to protect the females, by design.

    This isn’t sexism, this is nature.

    You will never, ever, see parity in dangerous occupations out of self-selection alone. Then, also, you have physical standards to be effective in the job too.. Maintaining different standards for men and women, like in the military, actually IS sexist. If a soldier needs to be able to hump around 75 pounds of gear on his back, be able to cover a certain distance with that gear, in a certain amount of time, then that is the standard, and if you can’t meet that standard, male or female, then that’s too bad.

    If it is ok for a female to meet lesser standards, and be considered worthy for the job, then that standard should be acceptable for the males too. Why aren’t they? Sexism.

    Fact is, there are SO many occupations that not only welcome females, but the employers are seeking them out, like in my profession. The reason why there is such a huge percentage of male drivers to female drivers in trucking? Simple. Females rarely apply. It is hard, lonely, work… and we give up so much, but it is the price we pay to support our families.

    You can’t just pull up a random occupation or demographic breakdown, look at the numbers, and if they aren’t equal, cry sexism. The “glass ceiling” you refer to, simply doesn’t exist, and it hasn’t for a long time. Females have to struggle to climb the ladder just like us males do, and failing to succeed in that climb, isn’t about your gender. The vast majority of males fail that climb, and females should expect the same. None of that is sexism, but about ability and effectiveness. The same is true for the racial demographic breakdowns too.

    But, none of this matters here. We all know where her path took her in the old timeline, and there is no reason to believe she won’t be similarly successful in this new timeline, and none of that has anything whatsoever to do with her looks, but her ability and competence, which isn’t relevant to whether or not Kirk is aroused and attracted to her, when he sees her in her underwear, as that has nothing to do with her professional abilities.

    Sexism, and sexuality, are not interchangeable concepts.

    So, do yourself a favor, and go do some intellectually honest research into what sexism actually is, first, before you go spouting off again on a topic you clearly know nothing about.

  • Smoovious

    Well, actually, based on just 50 years of our own history, I would have expected underwear in that century to consist of nothing more than a few strategically placed strands of polyfiber for modesty…

    Even their uniforms only need to be shoes (optional), a utility belt for their tricorder, a necklace to hang their pips on, and slap a com badge on their chest as if it was a Nicorette patch…

    Just sayin’, there are levels of rediculous that are possible, but seeing an officer in her underwear doesn’t count. Nothing we haven’t already seen before in the TV series’s…

    Hell, we even saw Picard nude(ish) in the TV series (when he was captured and tortured by the Cardassians.)

  • Joe bob

    Was her skirt not short enough for you? Geez. Why did we have to see her in her unmentionables? I’m a father raising young girls. Is that the lens that women should be viewed, as pieces of meat for horny nerds to gawk at? The short skirt was enough. The girl was pretty enough. The point the poster above was trying to make was that the scene was pointless. I have to agree with her.

  • albundyhere

    you’ve obviously been living under a rock. she’s done full frontal in Crossing Over when she was banging ray liotta. thats what i remember her by, not this nerd show.

  • Joe bob

    If something like this gets you this upset then you have mental problems. Please step away from your computer and call your psychiatrist right now!

  • Joe bob

    My two young girls are into anime. I guess I should tell them that’s “fan-service.” Oh you mean “fan-service” just for men. Men aren’t the only ones into anime buddy.

  • David Fernandez

    i thought she was a terrible actress in star trek 2.

  • Defiant

    I can’t think of a single reason to need a reason to show a hot chick in her panties…

  • Defiant

    LMAO! Thank you, PLANKTON!

  • Defiant

    All true, and she will have to (thank GOD)!

  • DqwertyC

    I think there are some good reasons listed by folks above.

  • Sinester

    you let your young daughters watch anime with fan service? … good job dad

  • Sinester

    the whole fact that there is a artikel about this, just blows my mind… only thing i can think of… MURICA?

    but really.. anyone who is offended by this.. are very strange people in my eyes

  • wuffe

    Frankly this is much ado about nothing. JJ Abrahms better get a grip on the Star Trek genre. His 1st star trek movie he blows up 2 planets. The Vulcans and the Romulans. I guess anything to make a splash.

  • vaffangool

    They put no effort at all into rationalising that scene–it was entirely and categorically gratuitous.

    Believe me, I watched it repeatedly to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.

  • wyo guy

    As a lifelong Star Trek fan, I was dubious of the new films. They were both great films. I did enjoy this scene even though it didn’t add much to the film except to show that Alice is certainly “Out of My League”! The two things that bothered me about this movie was her British accent which Carol Marcus in Wrath of Khan did not have and Khan also had a English type accent, nothing at all like Ricardo Montelban’s wonderful Spanish accent.

  • Constance

    I don’t know a single anime that doesn’t have fan service. We’re constantly staring up Kiki’s skirt as she’s flying around on her broom.

  • Constance

    Thanks for being part of the problem.

  • Constance

    Thanks for blatantly missing the point.

  • j234ever

    Why is it so unbelievable that she was coming onto Kirk? My goodness. Watch the scene again when she tells him to turn around she says it almost with a giggle. They had a relationship in previous stories. Everything was a little different because of history being altered as explained by Spock in the first movie. In keeping with that they made the interaction between Alice’s character a bit different with her being strong in mind and body.

    Besides the bra did no one see how this woman was built? I don’t care about boobs.. I mean she had muscle was strong looking.

  • Joe bob

    Excuse me but there is plenty of anime that is PG-13. As my girls are teens I think PG-13 is more than appropriate. This is exactly the kind of attitude that’s a problem. The world doesn’t revolve around you or other fan boys.

  • MBlack

    I have absolutely no problem with hot women walking around in their panties. Whether in a scene of a movie, or just … around.

  • Sinester

    says the guys who says
    “The world doesn’t revolve around you or other fan boys”

    your not a hair better then the rest, you dont even know if i watch anime..but i’m a Fan boy and the world revolve around me…. cant even take you seriously after that

  • Joe bob

    Sorry, I don’t understand incoherent sentences. Are you saying that you criticized me for letting my teenage daughters watch anime, but you don’t watch anime yourself? Hmmm ok.

  • Sinester

    really?? you got that from what i said?

    you’re either dumb as hell, or trolling

  • female star trek fan

    It wasn’t a silly scene. If you’re shallow, I guess you could see it as silly. But it showed just how open Carol is. It showed her character. And it showed how Kirk was way too damn curious as to why she was telling him to turn around. People who get upset about shit like this need to grow up. It’s not raunchy or disrespectful, and if you think that it’s disrespectful then it seems you have less respect for women than you think you do.

    Y’ALL NEED TO CALM THE FUCK DOWN. It’s not a big deal. I can’t believe how shallow and idiotic some people can be. You guys don’t belong in the Star Trek fanbase. Just… get out. Go somewhere else where you don’t have to use your brain.

  • female star trek fan

    Are you kidding me? Star Trek movies were all about character development.

  • female star trek fan

    If you think someone looking at a women in their underwear classifies them as a pervert then you’ve got some growing up to do.

  • female star trek fan

    She was changing?????? Looks like you were paying too much attention to her breasts instead of following the plot. Wow.

  • female star trek fan

    You don’t watch much anime, do you

  • female star trek fan

    Can this please happen. Seeing him in that skin tight wet-suit was not enough to fuel my fap material.

  • female star trek fan

    It wasn’t pointless. It was showing just how vital she knew the situation was, and just how much she didn’t care to excuse herself to a different room to change, and just how much of a curious nature Kirk has. A little goes a long way when it comes to character development.
    …You’re not a script writer, are you?

  • female star trek fan

    It was a compelling story. If you knew anything about Star Trek then you’d know that it was.

  • female star trek fan

    Not every little scene needs to be written out to the very last detail so a few people who’d get asshurt anyway understand it better. There was a point. People just don’t bother to look and lap up the controversy wherever they can no matter how uncalled for the controversy is.

  • female star trek fan

    Are you kidding…
    Have you even seen TOS?

  • female star trek fan

    God I hope not.

  • female star trek fan

    Go home, “White Knight Fedora”, feminists don’t want you here.

  • female star trek fan

    And even Vulcans need umph. Thank you. THANK YOU. People pluck stereotypes out of what they perceive are other people’s actual beliefs. Never have I met anyone who believed women are only pretty objects and can only offer their tits to further benefit their community.
    Just as much as women loved those tight wet-suits I’m sure men loved the naked Carol. My only complaint is that we didn’t see more of how hot Karl Urban was in that wetsuit. Get to it, Abrams.

  • female star trek fan

    Are you kidding? We saw more of how awesome she was than how beautiful she was.

  • female star trek fan


  • female star trek fan

    Ew no. Spock McCoy thanks.

  • female star trek fan

    I can agree that they’re definitely not in love, but if you look at the context between Spock and McCoy in TOS — hoooo boy is that shit STRONG.

  • female star trek fan

    Guys like reading about two women getting it on… That’s slash fiction too. There are plenty of straight male slash fiction writers I know of that like putting Uhura and Chapel in close quarters and having them fuck.

  • female star trek fan

    WHOA HEY I JUST REALIZED THAT YOU SAID “these same women do not even care about the real gay loving couple” AND NO. That is not true. Many of us happen to be in the gay community, thank you and fight strongly for gay rights.

  • female star trek fan

    Its not like he thought immediately “OH GOD SHES TAKING OFF HER CLOTHES IM GONNA SEE TITS”. No. Too short of a time span for that. Kirk was simply curious. He wanted to know what it was that he shouldn’t be seeing. Kirk is just that kind of guy. Plus what kind of scene would it be if the audience didn’t get to see what Kirk was seeing? THAT’S what would make it pointless.

  • Another bitter cynic

    Point taken. The original series was filled with gratuitous objectification of women. I’d have to go back and wathc again, but I don’t recall it being so blatantly off-script.

  • Another bitter cynic

    You can certainly type the equivalent of yelling, and try to slander the character of people who disagree with you. But, it’s pretty clear the scene was far less thought out than you suggest, and simply about creating a clip for the previews.

  • Another bitter cynic

    Someone needs to stand up to opression and tyrrany.


    I understand what you’re saying and I’m not “asshurt” by this scene. I’m just commenting on a message board. I just think the scene…along w/ the whole movie could have been done a lot better.


    I think we all can just agree to disagree…nicely. No need for personal attacks.

  • Joe bob

    seriously fan boy chill the **** out. you’re the troll making it personal. I’ve yet to insult you.

  • female star trek fan

    There’s always room for improvement, but this is a new age. If women can’t be shown in their underwear without social backlash then what does that say about us?

  • female star trek fan

    Lol. Okay so it’s tyranny when a woman is shown in her underwear… Makes TOTAL sense.

  • female star trek fan

    Yes, that’s certainly a possibility, but it still adds to the character of both persons – Kirk and Marcus. Without that scene we wouldn’t have had more insight into what makes them tick. It had shown their character. Carol wanted to get the job done, regardless of who was there to see her naked. She puts her job in front of her modesty, and that’s important in any job. Especially a job that is saving others from the harm that most likely would have befallen them. Anyone with common sense isn’t going to take time that they don’t have to go change in a changing room when you could be killing two birds with one stone by speaking about the mission, relaying vital information to your superior about the situation at hand. Modesty is out the window by then. And the fact that she didn’t cover herself when Jim did look shows just how confident she is. She’s an admirable character, and this just proves just how admirable she is.
    Jim is a curious type. He wants to voyage across the universe to discover strange new worlds. It’s in his character. He’s gonna look. This affirms that. It shows that they’re still human – they’re still who they are no matter what the situation is. And he did turn around when she requested him to. Of course he’s shocked by seeing a gorgeous woman in her bra and underwear. Stares a moment kind of speechless, but he does turn around – because despite what everyone believes he does have respect to his crew. He values them.
    The scene also sets up how Carol and Jim’s relationship would most likely be. She’s not oblivious, she’s not especially modest. He doesn’t lack emotions or physical response to natural things, he can still be caught off guard regardless of him being Captain.
    The scene conveys a very strong message about the characters, and just how important the situation is. Regardless if there wasn’t much conscious thought put into the writing, there obviously was enough subconscious thought put into it for the fact that, when you’re writing a script, you’re taking on the persona of that character. You have to think – what would this person do? How would this person react? It’s not as simple as putting words down on a piece of paper. Nothing is as mindless as it seems. In order to convey the thoughts of a character you need to put yourself in their place, and I think they did an absolutely wonderful job in doing this scene.
    The fact that so many people are focused on her bare skin shows just how shallow society can be. It shows just how uneducated we are in our own brains. We lack empathy. We lack understanding. This whole controversy proves it. It proves just how shallow our thinking truly is, and how we are so ready to point and scream sexism when it was anything but.


    Yes, I don’t disagree with that. I’ve said in earlier posts that there is more shown in a Victoria’s Secret commercial. I’m just not a fan of Damon Lindelof’s writing style (he also wrote ‘Prometheus’ and ‘Lost’). Alice’s scene was one of those ‘Lost’ moments for me. At least when Uhura was in her undies in the last film that scene made sense.

  • Onion

    I’m intelligent and prefer to wear nothing but my undies at any given point. That doesn’t make me not smart/not worthwhile as an intelligent woman. #UndiesForever

  • Onion

    Reign it it, buddy. Caps lock is not cruise control for cool.

  • senlav

    . please you female fans need to stop this way of thinking. this world we live in is immoral enough. spock is not attracted to mccoy. all 3 guys are friends who share a deep bond.

    Why must you read sex into everything. are women such a slave to sex?.

    why cant guys be friends anymore without girls dreaming that they need to start banging eachother.

    friendship is boring but sex is great????

    please you female fans stop this way if thinking. it is sick and twisted.

  • senlav

    No you don’t. In fact that is rule 101 of slash. the men must be straight. if the guy comes out as gay then it ruins the slash fiction.
    go on the HP fandom. there are more fics of harry/draco than Dumbledore/Gildward.

  • grubina

    OMG There is nothing different in this scene than can be on TV women’s underwear commercials, newspapers, magazines EVERYDAY.
    Puritanical prudes with bodies they are ashamed of should just SHADDUP.

  • MerinSun

    Listen, it’s not that she dropped trou, it’s that EVERY female of interest in the franchise thus far has dropped trou. ‘Cept for Spock’s mom. As a female and lifelong fan of Star Trek it was incredibly annoying to see these competent (and still sexy) women go for the cheap shots and do semi-nudie shots right at the beginning of establishing their characters. We saw her boobies before we even got to know who she was and what she was capable of. We saw Uhura’s boobies during her “fleshing” out scene where she admitted her nerdiness for spending free time listening to communication reports. It’s insulting to be introduced to a female, see her boobies, and are supposed to care about her just because we saw a bit of nudity. Like we’re supposed to be invested in her right away or something. And if it truly doesn’t matter, as some are arguing, then why don’t see Zachary Quinto’s shower scene or Chris Pine do a sexy strip tease (not losing clothing or showing up in underwear, but actually stripping to strip). How come we didn’t see Benedict Cumberbatch do a happy trail tease with his zipper while suiting up for his solo space flight? Because they’re not important to the plot, they slow the action down, and it’s entirely unnecessary. But it is for females?

  • Brian Sleider

    A shameless addition of a a girl in bra and panties has no place in Star Trek. I saw this as a man who has no issue with that sort of thing in movies generally. Just not in Star Trek. The Orion girl scene in the first ST reboot falls into the same category.

  • Lilly

    For me at least It has to do with how dissapointingly romantic relationships are portrayed in mainstream media, it’s always degrading to women and very unnatural, impossible to relate to. And male characters always have this wonderful, strong, fun, easy friendships that can easily be percieved as something more, and it’s gratifying to build into that.
    I am not much of a slasher myself but I do have friends who are entusiastic about it, and they are neither teenagers nor hornier than most.
    Also there was no need to call me stupid asshole
    I’m sorry about the rant

  • Lilly

    who exactly are these women who don’t care about lgbt rights? I haven’t met a single one. please don’t make general assumptions about something you don’t know

  • Lilly

    hypocrit! look at the porn industry, if you don’t find sick and twisted there you won’t find it anywhere, and who is the major client? men.
    “women are slaves to sex” that’s rich

  • trololololololol

    I’m glad you’ve been thinking so hard about this. But actually it didn’t help flesh out anyones characters. It was just a naked chick on screen to get boys excited

  • Hailey

    AM I the only one who thought she was Claire Holt from the vampire Diaries when I first saw her in this film? No? just me? Oh :(

  • Lukas S.

    Or you need to start to realize that sometimes people misunderstand other people, or just communicate in a way that is very different from yours, even incomprehensible. I do that sometimes, but mostly when I say something that is too sophisticated for most people. Mostly it’s just me saying way too many things, and making everything I say too complicated. It’s annoying for people, but also for me, because people have a hard time following along haha. Like you just did with Sinester. Looks like you still haven’t figured out what he meant. But neither have I. Please, Sinester, can you rephrase what you said? >_<

    Secondly, I've heard – way too many times – people using the word "fanboy" in instances where it may not even apply. Some people defend things by nature, because they like to correct everyone for example. They're perfectionists, and sees it as their main purpose. I get like that sometimes, funny enough. Anyway, that's not the point of this comment, so here we go. Look, Joe, sometimes I just wish that more people would be more polite and kind in the way I am, even in instances such as these, and try to ask and figure out everything before saying something themselves. I mean, more people should try to ask other people what they mean by what they say. That way we wouldn't have as many misunderstandings, and thus we'd have less trouble and problems in communication. Plus, it's also a very fascinating way of getting an insight into people's minds and philosophies, world-views etc. Do you understand what I am saying? I'm just making sure :)

    Stay creative,
    – Lukas

  • MrX

    I really can’t see the problem with the scene, it served a purpose, Kirk got to see her in her underwear, and helps set up the scene for the future (kirk & carol marcus did have a kid together in the old timeline.)

    What DID annoy me was the ‘Cat girls’ with kirk wearing underwear, seriously WHO wears underwear in bed? especially if you’ve spent the night with someone…
    Same thing with the Orion in the first film, who the hell leaves underwear on in those situations??? naughty bits can all be hidden with camera angles etc if your being prudish for American audiences.

  • Joe bob

    Please don’t lecture me. I’m responding to a guy who insinuated that I wasn’t a good father b/c my teen girls watch anime. That was his opening remark. So before you respond to me, respond to him. Thanks.

  • cyrylthewolf

    They were bothered by THAT!?

    That woman has a GORGEOUS body. How can you possibly be bothered by that?

    Screw the film critics! Encore! ;)

  • cyrylthewolf

    Ummm… *AHEM* CAPS?

    All CAPS = All credibility flushed down the toilet. Better luck next time when you can be more mature?

  • Eduardo Rojas

    Controversial seems an exaggerated claim, more like unnecesary. Alice Eve is very atractive but that scene didn’t add anything to the movie.

  • senlav

    All this is just a disguise. the female charaters are hated by you females because they are with the guy you like and wished were real so that he would like you.

    it has nothing to do with women characters been weak, it is all about you women eliminate the female charcacter so that you can have the guy to yourself.

    perceiving guy friendship as thing none is the PERVERSION. It is basically say anytime two guys are close, sex must be part of it. when u add uncessary sex the relationship becomes tainted and worthless.

    women and girls ship slash because they are sexually horny and persevered .. they spend their time fantasizing about straight men living their loving girlfriends to have sex with each other.

    I dont care for slash, however I do have a huge problem with slash when the fan girls start campaign for the destruction of the standard loving Male/Female couple.

    Any fan girls that thinks Holmes and Watson or Kirk and Spock will enter into a homosexual affair on screen is seriously deluded. Please you fan girls need to keep your sexual fantasies to yourself. we the major audience do not want to see it displaced on the screen…sorry.

  • senlav

    No you don’t. In fact that is rule 101 of slash. the men must be straight. if the guy comes out as gay then it ruins the slash fiction.
    go on the HP fandom. there are more fics of harry/draco than Dumbledore/Gildeward.

    LGBT is just a disguise for tise girls to continue writing their poorly written perverted fan fiction of straight men having sex with eachothter,

  • senlav

    the porn industry is different. men watch porn and are over with it. are you seriously comparing that to a fan fiction like slash written by women for other women. where in this fiction the female characters are written as bitches so that their boyfriends will have no choice to to leave them and enter into a sexual afffair with his male friend. Lets forget all this characters are straight on screen (sarcasm)

    If anyone is a hypocrite it is you. You as a girl will be heart broken and angry if your boyfriend female friends kept on telling him to leave you and start dating his male friend. you will be sad and hurt and angry at his female friends but yet you have no problem doing that to the female characters in your fictional work.

    YES Women like you are a slave to sex. if you are so willing and desperate to see 2 straight men have sex at the expense and the destruction of the loving relationship with the females this men actually love in canon or on screen.

    yes you are a slave to sex..sorry.


  • smoochie


  • rtocon

    I’m assuming the people who had a problem with the scene have never seen Game of Thrones….

  • Nightsong

    You say “the west has some growing up to do” as if you’re not an American like the rest of us. Watching anime doesn’t make you Japanese, you jackwagon.


    She was damn hot in this scene wish it could have been longer

    . Lol

  • periphetes .

    The problem is that there was an error with how the scene was edited. J.J admitted to this in an interview. Star Trek 2 was a poorly made film, except for the big 3d action scenes.

    Alice Eve is good looking, and I was happy to see her in her underwear in that scene. Having said that, I thought the film was terrible, and so was that scene. What a mess.

  • Shari

    It’s not an offense thing…it’s an oversexualization that wasn’t necessary. Maybe if we didn’t turn every mundane thing into a sexual moment, our kids wouldn’t be so messed up.

  • JR

    There was no point to the scene other than to show us what we saw, and it was the best scene in the movie.

  • Lukas S.

    This is exactly the thing I am talking about. Not understanding fully. Or misunderstanding. And talking before thinking. Which I do all the time… I mean, could it be that I mistakenly didn’t make it clear that I was speaking more to that Sinester guy than to you? Anyway, as I see it I am not lecturing anybody, or at least not SOMEONE. That is directly. I am speaking my opinion. And not only to you, but the entirety of the people in this conversation. I am not directly referring to you and that other guy’s argument about whether or not you are a good parent, which I cannot comment on because I don’t know you. I am sure you’re good at it. But if that is not what you are talking about, and you simply don’t agree with my statement about not understanding people fully all the time, then I’m sorry.

    Also, I assumed that this reply would automatically send him a notif as well. Disqus usually do that to me if I comment on one long convo, but does it at the very bottom. It seems like I’ve missed two people below me… whatever. Have a nice day :)

    Stay creative,
    Best wishes,
    – Lukas S.

  • Keyser Soze

    Do women really get that upset when they see another woman in her underwear? Is it a jealousy thing? It is because she has such an amazing and sexual body?

    I dont really get it. You dont see men walking out of the theater every time a man gets shirtless in an action movie. Even when its someone ripped like Arnold or the Rock.

  • Keyser Soze

    What about the useless scene with the green Orion girl in which both her AND Kirk were in their underwear, that i remember absolutely nobody complaining about?

    I think it all boils down to how perfect of a body Eve Alice has, and when women see it it makes them feel so jealous and self conscious about their own inferior looks that they start obsessing and cant enjoy the movie.

  • Javier7134

    It was hilariously obvious out of place fanservice, lowered the quality of the movie a couple of points…

  • BND

    That scene had problematic elements too, but they did use it to introduce a plot point: the decrypted Klingon distress call, that Kirk was later use to convince Pike and Spock that the Vulcan situation was a trap. It wasn’t a completely useless scene like this one.

    The idea that the controversy is based upon mere female jealousy is incredibly off-base and insulting.

  • Keyser Soze

    Yes, but there was absolutely NO REASON to have the Orion girl in her underwear. They could have put her in an Admiral’s uniform, or some kind of scientist jumpsuit or labcoat, to show that she was an intelligent and independent empowered Woman, rather than just some object for a man to have his way with.


    I think women are sexualized far more often than men are. As for Ms. Eve in her undies, it’s not about that or jealousy. Just look at my Wonder Woman avatar, so I can’t really talk. No, this is more so about bad writing. The movie had all sorts of issues. This was just one of many.

  • Keyser Soze

    Thats probably true (bad writing), but why is it only THIS particular scene that people, mostly women, tend to focus on? Is it because Sexuality is “titillating”, and you have all been taught by the conservative, religion-dominated cultures you live in that Sex and the Human Body are bad, shameful, and insulting? Why is it wrong that women are sexualized? Why is sexuality bad? If women are more sexualized than men, isnt the solution obviously to sexualize men more? Sex is good, not evil. This is not the middle ages.

  • Joe bob

    Ok, peace bro. No worries.


    I really was just commenting on a message board. I wasn’t trying to get into a huge debate over that scene, b/c I think that scene is pretty tame by most standards. There’s more cleavage in a VIctoria’s Secret commercial. I was more so commenting on the bad writing in the film and that scene being evident of that bad writing.

    With regard to the sexualization of women, I could get into a philosophical debate about on that, but I’m sure you don’t want to hear all that. :) I think there is a key difference between the openness of European sexuality versus misogyny. Key point– there are now “sexy” halloween costumes for 6 year olds. This is beyond people being comfortable with their bodies, this is treating women like they’re only good for one thing. That’s more so what I’m referring to.

  • Dani Fredo

    You are insane Glenn.

  • Jadzia2013

    I am a bisexual female, so while I have no problem seeing a woman in her underwear, we have to keep in mind that Starfleet is basically the military of the future. A professional woman would not change her uniform in front of her commanding officer. At least, not while she is on duty. What she does in her personal time is up to her. Otherwise, she is opening herself up to sexual harrassment. Yes, if you are a long time Trekkie, you know who Carol Marcus is, and what this all leads to, but still. You wouldn’t expect a woman to get naked in the middle of the Pentagon.

  • HateFeminists

    Men are sexualized in a completely different way from women.

    In which case, you’re totally wrong. Men are just more open about their sexuality.

    Movies showing women’s bodies does not mean men only think of them for their body.

    Stop being stupid.

  • HATEFeminists

    The world doesn’t revolve around fanboys, but MONEY DOES. Guess which crowd makes the people who makes said fan service’d anime the most money? The fanboys who gobble up all their crap.

    Capitalism is to blame. That’s all it is.

    I suppose I should start complaining how makeup ads are tailored to women.

    Give me a break.

  • gbur

    The underwear scene didn’t bother me as much as her stupid and impractical mini dress. Being in underwear briefly is something that women do, wearing a 60s mod dress to a gun fight whilst attempting to save the world isn’t. At least put her in practical tight pants! Still sexy but not insultingly ridiculous.

  • Prohibot

    Women being offended at men being attracted to women. Or Christians being offended that the Hayes Code is gone. Either way the point is stupid and people claiming offense are stupid.

  • mikaelso

    She is not an actress. Just a pair of boobs.She allowed for herself being used as a piece of meat. Don’t misundertand me, she is a preatty girl, but she also represents what went wrong with JJ ST… Pointless scene just to show some undies. GREAT.

  • XweAponX

    Are you kidding that scene was GREAT! It kind of Shocks you, besides, Kirk has to SEE what he’s getting into.

  • XweAponX

    Wasn’t “M’ress” from The Animated Series, a kind of Cat Woman, like one of Larry Niven’s Kzinti? I don’t think Hoomans would be too interested. My Cat would be though…

  • XweAponX

    That ain’t true, they’ll look too. I’ll tell you who wouldn’t, a RELIGIOUS male. Actually, they will make a big SHOW of not reacting to it, while reacting to it. he’ll see it, then go masturbate, then he’ll come back and tell US why it is a sin to look at it.

  • XweAponX

    Sure, why didn’t a billion Jesusers complain about Fisher’s scantily Clad Body in Return of the Jedi?

  • XweAponX

    So? They had better standards “A Long Time Ago in a galaxy far Away”

  • Joe bob

    Wow, aren’t you a fucktard.

  • Joe bob

    You’re name says it all. You’re a woman hater. I certainly hope my daughters don’t date an moron like you.

  • rhoderickgates

    Or react, like they did to Ms. Jackson’s nipple being exposed by Justin Timberlake

  • Constance

    Goodness, you don’t know how to hold a discussion, do you?

  • John

    I wasn’t complaining when I saw Chris Pine in his underwear in the first Star Trek Film :)

  • Knowbody

    Being offended is never a license to make other people change to suit you.
    If you don’t like it, you have the option of not watching it.

  • Knowbody

    At least make an effort to understand what his position actually is before making silly accusations.
    Hating feminism does not mean hating women.
    It’s much more likely he considers feminism to be anti-men and not about equality.

  • Knowbody

    I’m pretty sure he was being sarcastic.

  • starr

    I think Arnold is more man boobs now than ripped.

  • DrZanz

    I can see how the intended comedy in the scene would appear silly in the middle of a film like this, though a little comic relief goes a long way. Aside from that, she’s hot. The majority of the audience was thinking it, they got all of 4 (maybe less?) seconds of her in her underwear and are happy. It’s a small price to pay to get an extra point on your films review and by no means something that should attract the attention it has. It’s not like Kirk was smashing her from behind and calling her a b****, that is in bad taste, this scene was not.


    Again, I’m not trying to make other people change to suit me. I’m just stating my opinion on a message board. That’s it. Nothing more.


    I get that. My point is not necessarily to focus on that one scene. I think there were quite a few scenes that made little to no sense.

  • Randolph

    The purpose of that scene is proven right here in writing as an article and in the comments. It got people talking, spread word on the movie, intrigued people. That’s why it was there. Oh yeah, and sex sells the shit out of things. Anyone who had issue with that scene is a prude and/or has no idea how the film business works.

  • Biggie77

    A man who respects other people’s privacy.

  • Joe bob

    I think there is a difference between militant feminism and feminism. I believe that my daughters should have equal rights as human beings. That’s a feminist principle even though I’m male. Women and men have forgot that just 30 years women could be fired for getting pregnant. True feminism is not anti-man.

  • paulpacs

    To address this issue of what is the use of the “undressing” scene. Please open up your minds.
    1. This is the “alternate reality” brought about by the previous movie’s time travel paradox.
    2. In this “alternate reality”, it is Kirk who “dies” saving the ship as compared to Spock dying in the original reality in their encounter with Khan.
    3. Since this is an alternate reality, some key parts in the story can remain the same and some can “interestingly” change, such as but not limited to WHO develops an attraction to Dr. Marcus, and surprise surprise it is NOT Kirk who maintains a seemingly professional way of dealing with Carol. So WHO? The answer that scene SUGGEST is BONES!!! and that scene plays out to seduce Bones.
    Does this answer your question folks? Haha, Star Trek writers are good but sorry guys, saw this coming when you made that “silly” scene, lol.

  • skeletony

    To be fair, yes…(straight)men DO get upset when there are pointless scenes of men stripping with no reason except to titillate straight women/gay men. It is not a matter of just a woman or man removing clothing that bothers people so much as when it is so obviously only happening as an excuse to inject sexuality into a scene, adding nothing to the story.

    I personally enjoy seeing women getting naked, for whatever reason just as much as the next guy but any movie which does so in a cheesy, obvious cash-grabby sort of way will still get negative marks for such in my book. Imagine a movie where a male and female cop are trying to disarm a bomb with 33 seconds counting down on the timer and the woman suddenly goes “Man…it’s so hot in here I can’t work.” then starts ripping her clothes off, allowing her boobs to pop out 3D style and linger on screen for 10 seconds.

    THAT is the sort of nonsense people see with the female character in Star Trek: Into Darkness stripping, rightly or wrongly.

  • Reelewalker

    Wow, well said Happily. Well said.

  • John

    Trust me, knowing over half a dozen female anime fans, they love the naked anime chicks as much (if not more) than the men.

  • Savvy

    I think the part that bothered me most was the fit of her bra, actually. Under clothes, she has smooth seams. But as soon as she has her shirt off, she’s quad-boobing everywhere. (One of the reasons why so many women wear the wrong bra [predicted to be 80%] is because we never see images of correct fitting ones.)
    While I agree that the scene was silly and a bit pointless, I think that it would have been better if they showed her breasts in a more naturally-shaped, better-fitting bra. Women shouldn’t have to feel like they need a moulded, padded, “push your boobs to the moon” bra to be sexy. :)

  • mj

    I know I’m late to the party but I’ve read most of your comments and responses and I find it funny that while you have constantly reiterated your point about bad writing in the scene, responds to you claiming that you’re a jealous female making an issue over another female being half-naked.

  • Fail

    This world is just pure retarded,,jesus christ..this world is goinf backwards and not forward..Period..end of story..

  • Bluemoon

    A stowaway at the point of the Spear. A woman in the military puts up with shared facilities. And are you new to Star Trek? Feminism / Political Correctness is a crime against humanity.. Please let Star Trek remain real men and real women and not something else. The original had a full uniform, short with a lapel that made it look like a dress/skirt and not exposed panty’s.

  • oahukane

    Yes it was unfortunate.

  • Gankfest

    I didn’t see it, but I love naked attractive women… Thumbs up from me at least! :D

  • Trajan321

    I like that she’s a strong a personality as he is… Given where they were and what it should take to do what they where to do in space, risks and all. every one of them male and female should be strong and confident in who they are…. Not children tittering about childish things.

  • Asashii

    fan srevice is for 12 year olds who havent seen real boobs yet, and it kiddies up anime, echii sucks and so does pantus, its not needed.

  • Andrew

    Check out Crossing Over

  • Carson Maitland – Smith

    Here’s a movie Warner Brothers should release in theaters.

    Scooby Doo! Legend of the Phantom Phoenix

    Plus I got the cast all planned out.

    Joe Jonas (Fred Jones)

    Adriana Lima (Daphne Blake)

    NOTE: If Andrew Garfield’s too busy with the Spiderman franchise I’ll get Drake Bell to play Shaggy Rogers.

    Selena Gomez (Velma Dinkley)

    and Frank Welker (Scooby Doo) (voice)

  • Carson Maitland – Smith

    Watch ya language buster!!

  • morph2020

    There seems to be a lot of upset people any time some T&A are shown in a movie or a television program. The first beachhead for the scoundrels is to argue that revealing T&A to young children is somehow harmful to them. Historically, this is a throwback to the time when Sigmund Freud was viewed as some kind of genius scientist who had not yet been dethroned. He claimed that exposing sexual information to young children would cause life-damaging memories in young children. He completely overlooked that the life-changing stuff came, not from being exposed to sexual matters, but from both their families and their societies’ reaction to such exposure. We can get to the heart of the matter by simply doing a little “thought experiment.” Consider this little scenario,.

    Imagine that it is the year 0010, or even farther back. Children and their parents live in little mud dwellings, or even in caves. In those days nobody had any privacy at all. When mother and father were frolicking together in their bed, the kids could gather around and observe freely. People probably never gave it much thought. Advance the time line to the early 20th Century and suddenly Freud has all of the answers. The kids see what mom and dad are doing and are said to be horrified, that is, ruined mentally by what they have seen. What a silly assumption! Freud was a fraud and so is “modern” law on these matters. I wish somebody would do some academic studies on the children who grow up in nudist families and how well, or how badly, they function as adults. My bet is that there are no problems that could not be traced to the do-gooders who want to hustle the kids away from their parents and into foster homes. Social workers are taught that it is a sign of “sexual abuse” for a child to be “too knowledgeable” for his age on sexual matters. They will claim that such children were “robbed of their innocence.” Then the do-gooders will hasten to take them from their parents and turn them over to some genuine child abusers, such as a Catholic school or adoption service. This traumatic child-removal from parents will then be blamed on the parents from whom the children were taken.

  • morph2020

    Sex deserves more respect than it gets.

  • morph2020

    Last time I had sex I was not harmed by it. Neither was my wife. In fact, we both had a good time.

  • morph2020

    If you think money is offensive, just send yours to me and I will dispose of it properly.

  • Mad

    How is he a woman hater just by the name? Maybe he just believes that ‘feminist’ is a smug name and reeks of superiority complex, if they wanted equality, it would have been called ‘equalist’.

  • Bill_Fan

    I saw it as an opportunity to show Kirk’s reaction more than the skin, to show that he could get frazzled.
    Maybe I’m wrong?

  • yea…

    You are a great father. One who doesn’t go around bitching about fanservice like everyone else.

  • popgasmstreet

    this is so ridiculous. captain kirk took his shirt off so many times in star trek that there are websites devoted entirely to his shirtless scenes and it was even parodied in Galaxy Quest (“I see you managed to take your shirt off again”). Yet none of these women ever complained about that.

  • higs

    Who even cares. If this scene effected you, you need to realize it’s the 21st century.

  • TheRealTimewarp

    Have you seen the way the script writer was talking to people who had a problem with he’s script? He needs to grow up himself.

  • TheRealTimewarp

    I know right? It was so random and out of place like the film just went “And now for the obligatory naked women scene”


    Yes, that’s exactly what I was saying. Very random. If they wanted to show Alice Eve in her undies that’s fine, but at least make a scene that makes sense.

  • e92m3

    Apparently you think anime is something other than 99% highly recycled copycat rubbish with low frame-rate mass produced animation.

    You have a vast amount of growing up to do. Maybe the annoying voice-overs have damaged your ability to think. The little golden world of ‘anime’ that launched the super-dork children movement no longer exists, kid. ‘fan-service’ in the form of simplistic (and highly unoriginal) ‘art’? Okay then.

    On balance, hollywood also produces 99% rubbish.

  • Dan

    The main reason some actresses get jobs will never change. And they always say the same thing: it makes the character appear more real. Yeah, right. Every time I’m with women they always drop their pants to appear more real.

  • NoGuff

    That scene was controversial? Why?

  • HighNDrye

    Its ok that Kirk was a drunken mess that starts fights, and hits on every woman in the film…but this is a concern from critics?? wow… Just….wow….

  • Eddie Coyle

    I could care less about Star Trek. If a pretty girl wants to wear underwear, well, hooray, I’m in favor. On to real controversies, please.

  • Paladin13

    What’s the problem? All Star Treks show women in various stages of undress. Heck, the original series actually cast a porn actress for one episode.