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Bryan Singer Goes Full Kaiju on Syfy

Even though Pacific Rim wasn’t a box-office smash, the world wants its Kaiju fix — and Bryan Singer plans to give it to them.

The X-Men: Days of Future Past director is joining forces with Syfy for a new television pilot called Creature at Bay. The project, developed through Singer’s Bad Hat Harry Productions, is intended to run 90 minutes, centering on the clean-up effort of a small northern California town that was just horribly brutalized by “a modern-day ‘Kaiju’ monster.”

Singer will produce the project alongside executive producers Jason Taylor and John Cabrera, the latter of whom is also credited as creator and writer.

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  • Leo Vader

    I just don’t know about a TV show that relies so much on visual effects. CG on TV shows is almost always a cringe-inducing experience.

  • The One and Only

    I thought SURFACE did a decent job CG wise four out of five times. Bummed when NBC cancelled that show. Singer did pretty good a few years back on SyFy with THE TRIANGLE miniseries. While my expectations are guarded, I think this might be pretty good.

  • Steven O’Neill

    Surface was cool – shame it got canned.

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