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‘Star Wars’ Director J.J. Abrams Stirs Benedict Cumberbatch Rumors

That whole “Benedict Cumberbatch is totally in Star Wars” rumor? Yeah, it’s not going away soon.

Cumberbatch’s representatives can deny the actor’s involvement in the new era of Star Wars all they want, mind you. But as long as director J.J. Abrams is making cagey comments about his former Star Trek collaborator, the rumor mill will continue to churn.

Today’s churning comes in the form of an interview between Abrams and L.A. Times staff writer Yvonne Villarreal. On Twitter, Villarreal revealed she asked Abrams about the Cumberbatch rumors, and his response was anything but a debunking: “I love that guy.”


Definitive proof that Cumberbatch is in Star Wars: Episode VII, or is Abrams just trolling? You be the judge, until we find out about official casting in the (hopefully) near future.


  • Zach

    Well, here’s hoping it’s just a joke. Few people get the chance to stink up two major media franchises.

  • darksparkimus

    Cumberbatch didn’t stink up Star Trek he was the only serviceable character in that entire mess of a movie.

  • IntractableLion

    I’m thinking Grand Admiral Thrawn, if it’s true.

  • Thedude3445

    Please please please please please please.

  • sophronia856

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