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Flash Actor Grant Gustin Tracks His Character’s Appearance on ‘Arrow’

glee grant gustinThe CW announced earlier this month that Glee veteran Grant Gustin will play Barry Allen, and his eventual alter ego The Flash, on three episodes of its breakout drama Arrow, a storyline designed to lead to a spinoff series. That casting news was met with a dose of skepticism by some fans, which is something the 23-year-old actor can certainly understand.

“I got an audition and I was really excited and a little skeptical at first, because I’m a comic book fan,” he tells E! Online. “I know the character and know I’m a little young.”

Still, Gustin is incredibly enthusiastic about the role, even if he doesn’t have much concrete information about it.

“He’s not going to be The Flash immediately, obviously,” he says. “We’re going to be Barry Allen first in two episodes and then he’ll come back later as The Flash. I haven’t actually had a chance to read any scripts yet, so we’ll see.”

Gustin, who claims to be a fanboy, also notes that he liked the idea of the potential time-travel stories, even though he wasn’t aware the character had that ability before reading some of Geof Johns’ comics. “I think that’d be a really fun thing to play with on the show is him kind of going to different times and experimenting with that,” he says. “That’d be fun.”

But what about the iconic Flash costume? “I would imagine, when The Flash comes he’ll be in a pretty traditional Flash costume,” Gustin teases. “That’s kind of what I’ve caught wind of.”

Arrow returns Oct. 9 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.


  • darksparkimus

    If it’s anything like Arrow i will wait for the Flash to show up in films.

  • William_Spike

    haters are the epitome of pathetic…

  • darksparkimus

    Terrible shows and the people who perpetuate them are the epitome of pathetic…

  • Theo


  • mike payton

    Luckily there are jerks with impeccable taste to set us straight. However, since you have a Deadpool icon, you’ve eliminated yourself from being confused with someone who has impeccable taste. Bright side, you’re still a jerk. #thumbsUp

  • Jay

    At least we know that there is a possibility of a Flash musical episode.

    I also don’t like the way this article says he claims to be a fanboy. Just because he doesn’t remember every story doesn’t mean he’s not a fanboy.

  • Batt Damon

    And Arrow still sucks

  • AlexiasLazar

    I bet he looks hot in the suit.

  • LapisLazuli

    I don’t understand why people are calling darksparkimus a “hater”. He doesn’t like the interpretations of comic characters present in Arrow. How is this not valid? Does everyone else love every single interpretation of comic book characters? So we all loved Schumacher’s Batman? The Fantastic Four movies? I think Arrow is an okay show, but I don’t see how any fan of Green Arrow could possible like an interpretation that lacks many of his iconic characteristics.

  • LapisLazuli

    I bet he looks hotter out of it.

  • Maliloki

    I’m a large fan of green arrow (with a tattoo on my arm to prove it) and I quite liked the shows reinterpretation. He is missing some of his characteristics, but in the show he was fresh of the island and seemed to be a little shell shocked. As the series went on he seemed to be slowly adapting and beginning to change and show more emotion.

    Another point in its favor was how crap the New52 version was until Jeff Lemire took over and pretty much fixed it to be good again. Different than it used to be, but really good. Now I have two ways to consume good stories about my favorite super hero and I’m very happy about that. Hopefully they’ll both continue with good quality for some time.

    Also, I don’t call anyone who doesn’t like something I do a hater, everyone is free to like or dislike whatever they want as not everything appeals to everyone. :)