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‘Scream’ TV Series Will Go Supernatural

Harvey Weinstein isn’t done with Scream, but he wants to be.

It’s already known that a Scream TV series is in the works through MTV, but little is known about the show’s story. Speaking at the Zurich International Film Festival, the producer revealed an interesting new detail about the project: According to MovieWeb, the series “won’t have much to do with the original movie franchise, representing a new direction with supernatural elements.”


Beyond that, Weinstein is ready to bury the knife in the Scream movies once and for all: “Everyone lived in Scream 4. I’m begging [his brother and fellow producer Bob Weinstein] to do the movie and just end it. We’ve milked that cow.”

Then why milk it again, Harvey? Scream 4 didn’t end with the death of every main character, no, but it was a suitable conclusion for the Sidney Prescott saga, and a whimsical commentary on the nature of horror-movie reboots and unnecessary sequels. Wouldn’t a fifth movie just ruin the fourth movie’s message?


  • JokersNuts

    Someone should remind them about the Friday the 13th TV Series and how successful it wasn’t with a premise completely removed from the franchise. If you’re gonna call it “Scream” make it in the spirit of “Scream”.

  • Bass Guitar Hero

    Maybe Ghostface will be one of several supernatural aspects of the show.

  • Garrett Vann

    That sounds retarded, the cool thing about ‘scream’ is that there is nothing supernatural about it at all.. Its just a crazy person killing people in a mask, that’s scary to me.. not magic!