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‘Arrow’ misses its ratings mark

arrow-city of heroes

Oliver Queen may have returned to Starling City, but he failed to bring some of the audience with him.

Last night’s Season 2 premiere of The CW’s Arrow attracted 2.68 million viewers (a 0.9 in 18-49, 0.8 in 18-34), a 33-percent drop from the drama’s record-setting opening in October 2012, but on par with May’s finale. The new sci-fi series The Tomorrow People followed at 9 p.m. with 2.34 million viewers, down about 20 percent from Supernatural‘s ratings in that time slot last year.

On a somewhat positive note, Entertainment Weekly points out that Wednesday was an off night for television, with just about every show experiencing a ratings dip.


  • Richard Casey

    So the show didn’t pull in it’s RECORD BREAKING premier numbers? huh. shocking. It’s almost as if….y’know…that number was record breaking or something…

  • Tim S

    The episode was good. That’s all that matters to me. I don’t need ratings to be record breaking. I just need tv to be entertaining.

  • darksparkimus

    Just cancel Arrow already…

  • Kitch

    Well, if it is on par with the finale than hopefully we’re good. I know I regret that I had to miss it.

  • Bob 3

    Certain providers dropped CW from their lineup. I know quite a few DirecTV customers who can’t get CW anymore. If satellite/cable providers stop offering the channel, ratings will naturally be lower. I don’t think it has anything to do with the interest in the show or it’s quality.

  • Bort

    So it actually didn’t lose any viewers from the end of last season. No one would reasonably expect it to match its series premiere numbers. Really dumb article.

  • Gary W Muthig Jr

    wow ratings were down from the series premier shocking. especially after a 5 month break. some people forget shows are coming back plus shows lose viewers over time anyway just from adjusting to who is normal viewers as opposed to those who start and then its not their thing. plus does this just count those who watch at the time because i watch every ep and watched this but we dvr it and i watched something else on dvr and then this right after it aired. we watch so many shows and watch them together me and my parents that we dvr everything and watch at different times of the week. i don’t think we usually ever watch things when it actually airs. we avoid the commercials. I watch stuff on netflix so i’ll do that and not really worry about watching cable at time of airing. I don’t know how they register the dvr stuff. I have heard at times the account for it but when is it counted in this rating because when you record it it counts like when you watch it or does it count it when you actually watch it. but then would it count it twice if you watch it again. could someone explain that to me.

  • Gary W Muthig Jr

    i just looked at the nielson thing and it just seems stupid that you can somehow tell the difference of 2.4 or 4 million people watching from 5000 people sampling, unless they can tell from dvrs and online paysites how many watch then it doesn’t really show how many are watching. what if i watch 10 different shows on my dvr and so do a bunch of others but the nielson sample people only watch 1 of those how does that represent what we are watching. the only thing that would is not extrapolation but actual recording when a show is watched. all 5000 people could be tuned into one show but how does that show that 50 mil or whatever watched the show that only shows that 5000 did, there could be 20 million that watched something else at that time and didn’t get recorded because they weren’t in the sample. maybe there is something i’m not taking into account because they seem to put alot of stock in it and think its accurate. I mean if it was maybe a larger sampling like a million or something maybe you would be able to see how it breaks down because there would be enough people to divide all the shows and see how that compares with the total viewership and even still i dont think it would be great but with such a small sampling there are only so many show 5000 people could be watching at same time and there may be shows that that particular 5000 people aren’t watching but could have millions of other watching at same time. if 0 of those 5000 people watched a certain show does that mean no one watched that show no it just means that those 5000 were watching a few shows. how do you account for preferences of genre. some watch scifi some watch procedural or both. if they account for some guy who only watches one kind of show but not for me who watches several things. I mean what if they count a guy who only watched NCIS but doesn’t watch Arrow but not for me who watches both. sometimes there is 3 shows on at same time that i like but dont watch any at time and watch 2 on dvr and 3rd on on demand how do they account for that its like they still think people only watch at time something is recorded and only one thing that shows at that time. who cares how many watch at time it airs. like right now I’m watching Hostages but it aired a few days ago. I just don’t see how you can account for that

  • ziza9

    I have Directv and CW still comes in fine. Onto the ratings, so basically they are at the same level as the finale/end of last season. So, it maintained its rating then. Where’s the story here?

  • YoYoMa

    The episode was good but I almost missed it because of the lack of advertising

  • Jim

    It’s the same way they get numbers for election polling. Take a statistic’s class and you’ll get your answer.

  • JimFromTheFuture

    Election polling is your rebuttal to the farce that is Nielsen ratings? First election polling is by far and away more simple than gauging how popular a show is in this digital age when you can watch whatever, whenever you want. And let’s not forget original programming from places like Netflix and shows like Arrested Development who get nominated for Emmys despite not being on television. Or how about Game of Thrones on HBO which breaks all kinds of bit torrent downloading records in addition to its monumental view on the channel itself, iTunes and so on. Statistic classes are fantastic if you want the most basic, general idea of being informed, but it takes living in the digital present where all information good and bad is just a key stroke away. Welcome to 1995, buddy.

  • Noelle Jefferson

    You kinda do need ratings to be record breaking so that the shows you enjoy do not get cancelled. If Arrow’s numbers don’t improve, the show will get dropped.

  • 11thKenpachi

    Arrow will get it’s views……….

  • Chuck777

    That works online but on TV, not so much. Ratings determine how much the stations can charge advertisers, which in turn pays the show’s existence. Low ratings = no advertising = no show.

  • JohnSmith1993

    Hopefully they’ll count iTunes download sales (that was one of the formats that kept the Office afloat during it’s early seasons).

  • Jay

    Uh, what record breaking premiere numbers? Record breaking on the CW, I guess. CW ratings. which means cancelled everywhere else.

    I don’t think Arrow will be cancelled. It’s got great numbers for the CW. But I am not aware of any broken records.

  • Jim

    I didn’t say I agree with it but Nielsen’s is based on a sampling pool and statistics. You can come up with a new way, market it to the media giants and make a billion dollars if you want.

  • Cyborg6971

    Slow news day for the pro marvel site even with new York comic con going on. It retained the same amount of viewers as last year’s finale so Where’s the story? Keep reaching for hits cbr.

  • Kyle Pinion

    Yet it was so much more watchable than Agents of ZZZZzzzzzzz

  •!/ David R. Schmitt

    It was a CW broken record, you’re right.

  • Jay

    Breaking a rating record on the CW is like dunking on a kid’s hoop. It’s impressive for the kids, but anyone else shouldn’t brag about it.

    Regardless, it’s hitting the CW numbers right on the mark, so it should be fine as long as it keeps this up. Most shows experience a decline from their premiere.

  • ComicBook Coby

    Maybe most people are like me, they just DVR’d it:

  • Elizabeth

    I love Arrow, hope people continue to watch it. A lot of more people DVR shows these days the ratings really should reflect that more.