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Daniel Radcliffe Describes Max Landis’ ‘Frankenstein’ Script

Daniel Radcliffe has left Harry Potter behind, but he’s sticking close to the fantasy genre with two upcoming projects: Horns, based on Joe Hill’s novel about a tormented man who awakes to find he’s developed horns (as well as strange powers), and Frankenstein, a retelling of the classic tale from the mind of Chronicle writer Max Landis.

Radcliffe plays Igor in the Frankenstein project, a curious casting choice on the surface; given the young actor’s star power, you would think he’s more suited to playing Doctor Victor Frankenstein or even the monster himself. (James McAvoy is the man in the title role.) But in a new interview, Radcliffe swore by Landis’ vision for Frankenstein and the Igor character.

“He has taken the mythologies that we all think we know — we have this idea of a monster and a crazy scientist and kind of a hunchbacked assistant — but we don’t really know where all these parts came from,” Radcliffe said in an interview with Sirius XM. “I think what Max has done with this is first of all he’s given Igor a backstory which you never really see before … And so, that’s I think one of the biggest differences is that you’ll finally see him granted a life and a backstory and it’s about these two young guys at the forefront of science.”

He added, “It’s the most original script I’ve read coming out of a studio since finishing Potter.” Big words!

Radcliffe’s Frankenstein will be directed by Paul McGuigan, with no information on its release date just yet.

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  • batGRRRl4ever

    OMG, does he have some hidden Dorian Gray picture hidden somewhere? Because I swear he just keeps getting unbelievably sexier with each passing year!

  • disqus_4f0x2ILDgI

    He just turned 24! It’s not like he is a nonagenarian. So of course he will turn “sexier”. He is past his pre-puberty Potter years now.

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