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‘Fantastic Four’ Shortlist Rumored to Include Kit Harington, Saoirse Ronan

With a March 2015 release date on the schedule, production needs to begin soon on Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot — and that means we’re sure to hear some official casting announcements before long.

Until then, there’s this: Citing those ubiquitous unnamed “sources,” Variety passes along the names of some of the actors who have reportedly received test offers to read for the lead roles of Reed Richards and Sue Storm. The actors for Reed Richard are:

  • Kit Harington of Game of Thrones
  • Jack O’Connell of the upcoming 300: Rise of an Empire
  • Miles Teller of The Spectacular Now, previously rumored for the role

The actors testing for Sue Storm are:

  • Kate Mara of American Horror Story and House of Cards
  • Saoirse Ronan of Hanna and Star Wars rumors fame

There’s no word on which of these actors stands a better chance than the others. Furthermore, there’s nothing on who may be testing for the role of Ben Grimm. As for Johnny Storm, there remains one name and one name only on director Josh Trank’s list: his Chronicle star Michael B. Jordan.

Simon Kinberg (X-Men: Days of Future Past, Star Wars Rebels) was recently hired to rewrite the script. Production is likely to begin in the first quarter of 2014.


  • darksparkimus

    Train wreck… I don’t know how they kept the rights from reverting back to Marvel if they are only this far along.

  • Daniel Vann

    If the Torch is black than The Invisible Woman has to be too.

  • Parker Stark

    Johnny Storm is NOT a BLACK character!!!! Why can’t Trank not see this!!

  • Alex W

    If they cast Harrington they should make Reed British. His American accent in Silent Hill was horrible.

  • JohnSmith1993

    If Johnny Storm is black, either he is adopted, or had a different parent…just like traditional white Nick Fury has a son named Nick Fury Jr, who happens to resemble Samuel L. Jackson.

  • CudaBiro

    So we can’t get a Reed Richards that looks nerdy?

  • Random dude

    Jack O’Connell is actually perfect for Johnny Storm…watch him as Cook on “Skins”.

  • Blakeastro

    isn’t reed supposed to be older? at least a bit?

    why can’t they get this right? it’s probably the easiest property to adapt, but no one can seem to do it.

  • mel

    RR in the Ultimate universe is really young.

  • Isabelle

    I can live with a Johnny Storm that is black. Seriously, if the guy is athletic and fit and nails him, ok, they can give a background to the Storm family that can explain this. But, for heaven’s sake, Reed is supposed to look like a brilliant and serious scientist. The LEAST they could do is choose a guy that looks nerdy for the role.

  • Blakeastro

    FOX… do NOT adapt ultimate FF. it’s awful. the original concept is much more appealing. modernize it, and be thankful for the rich tapestry of material you get to adapt.

    PLUS: i’ll just say it… jon hamm for reed richards! perfect world casting for FF would be:

    jon hamm – reed richards (possibly michael fassbender, but y’know, magneto. he would make a much better doom though)
    katherine heigl – Sue Storm (elizabeth mitchell or charlize theron in their prime would have been perfect… missed the boat marvel/fox)
    aaron paul – Johnny Storm
    adam baldwin – Ben Grimm
    chiwetel ejiofor – T’Challa
    – Victor Von Doom (would have said michael fassbender, HANDS DOWN, but y’know, magneto again)

    and while we’re at it… marvel, make a dr strange movie with hugh laurie in the lead.

  • blakeastro

    actually… diane kruger would make a much a better sue storm.

  • ME24601

    He is waaaaay too young for Reed Richards. Give it to David Tennant like he’s been pushing for.

  • Shokdiesel

    The Hulk is a GREEN character. Killowog is a PINK character. And guess what, Miles Morales is BLACK. Get over it.

  • uatu13

    Why the hell can’t marvel get the rights back from FF so we can stop seeing crap like this made! If they make Johnny black, Luke Cage white, Thanos a chick, or any other pandering race/gender swap I’m skipping the movie!

  • Carlo

    Actual I think black panther belongs to marvel studios.

  • demoncat_4

    they better get a move on and finish auditioning and script writing for the longer they have it in pre production the sooner fox may lose the ff rights back to marvel. since the only reason they are doing another ff film is to keep the rights.

  • blakeastro

    One can only hope.

  • blakeastro

    that’s right! they should still get chiwetel ejiofor.

    although, i think since he started as a guest star and supporting character in FF, he may fall into that same gray area that quciksilver and scarlet witch do.

  • demoncat_4

    yes one can only hope for the rate fox is moving on this thing they may wind up with marvel telling them soon times up the rights are now ours at last.

  • Mike McTighe

    FOX seems to have this issue where they just have some flagrant disregard for the source material. How many times has this worked for them? X-Men, and no wait, just X-Men. And that’s mostly due to Jackman’s Wolverine being so iconic, as well as Captain Obvious Picard-as-Xavier and McKellen as Magneto, which also didn’t stray too far. Fox never seems to understand when you stray to far from the core fans things blow up in their face.

  • Bob Villa

    Not to sound like a racist or anything but why is it an obstination from Marvel film makers to put black people in their films as vilains or heroes that were white to begin with? is it just to be politically correct or to attract the black people to theaters? I sincerely think its hypocritical form the movies studios because black people are put in those films for all the wrong reasons i named above and people dont realize this. Its just done for the cash…

    Kingpin ended up being black.
    Doc Ock was spanish or indian. ( not black but again not white either )

    Electro turned into a black person
    Nick Fury turned into Sam Jackson… ( well that was a good one but still )

    and so on and so forth.

    It like asking vanilla ice cream to taste like chocolate for some reason.

    its so cliche and dumb ass!

    Marvel has a very good bunch of Black super heroes just waiting to have their chance to be represented on the TV screen. Why don’t they take them and make something out of them?

  • rjr017

    I guess they’re gonna say Sue and Johnny are adoptive siblings? Sure why not. What I do not necessarily like, however, is going for such young actors for Reed Richards. Why make him so young?

  • Sd1322

    Nope can’t use black panther. Isn’t like the twins who fit in both x-men and avengers comics equally. Black panther started in ff but is a stand alone character. Top 10 most important in the marvel comics world. He has his own film rights as a stand alone. And marvel owns them. Sry fox u can’t ruin tchalla, or wakanda. Marvel will have a Bp movie going by 2015 mark my words

  • Sir Sidney Ruff Diamond

    It’s not coming out for 2 years. They’ve got plenty of time.

  • Sir Sidney Ruff Diamond

    Marvel made Fury black, bet you didn’t skip Avengers.

  • Sir Sidney Ruff Diamond

    Where have they strayed with this? It’s not confirmed that Johnny will be pkayed by a black actor and them being young IS comic accurate. To Ultimate comcis imprint.

    FYI Jarvis isn’t a computer in the comics.

  • Sir Sidney Ruff Diamond

    They’re making the movie to make money. Just like every other studio in Hollywood

  • Mike McTighe

    You realize FOX did DareDevil and the original Fantastic Four’s right? They didn’t do much of a job there.

  • JusticeBringer

    Step-siblings. Not that complicated.

  • Ikea Monkey

    The Avengers movie is mostly based off of The Ultimates comics where they had already made Fury black.

  • Ikea Monkey

    Or they could have a different mother but the same father, explaining why they both have the “Storm” name. Half siblings.

  • Monolith Jones

    Jackman’s Wolverine is not faithful to the comics.

  • Sir Sidney Ruff Diamond

    That was a half decade ago though

  • Mike McTighe

    I didn’t say it was. Reread what I wrote.

  • Luke

    Thank you! People can’t seem to wrap their heads around that concept.

  • Luke

    Its based on Jordan’s performance from Chronicle. The character Steve was like Johnny: kinda full of himself, but a good friend at the same time.