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Disney’s ‘Stuff of Legend’ Nabs ‘Saw’ Writers


Saw writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan have a new film in the works, according to The Hollywood Reporter: Disney’s adaptation of The Stuff of Legend.

The Th3rd World graphic novel was written by Mike Raicht and Brian Smith with artwork by Charles Paul Wilson III. Set in 1944, the story center on a boy stolen away by the Boogeyman to a place called The Dark. There, Max and the Colonel — a teddy bear and toy soldier respectively — band together with an army of brave toys to take on the Boogeyman and save the boy.

Disney snagged the property last year. Originally, Shawn Christensen was signed on to write the script, but after winning the Best Short Film Oscar for Curfew, he became unavailable. Animation director Peter Candeland (Balto, All Dogs Go to Heaven 2) will helm the project.


  •!/ David R. Schmitt

    Would be nice if it was animated in the style of the art of the book. Sadly I’m sure it will be plastic looking CG.

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