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‘Star Trek’ Writer Hints at Possible TV Revival


J.J. Abrams recently crushed the dreams of Star Trek fans when he said a return to television isn’t in the frachise’s future, as CBS executives have said they’re not interested in another series. However, Star Trek Into Darkness co-writer and executive producer Roberto Orci apparently indicated there may be hope yet.

In a tweet sent late last week, Sky New reporter Joe Machalczuk wrote, “”Bob Orci just told me they’ve had a meeting with CBS to revive @StarTrek on TV…This made me v[ery] excited.”

While this tweet is pretty vague there’s a lot to unpack here: First, having a meeting about the series is not very surprising. Orci and his writing/producing partner Alex Kurtzman not only penned both Abrams films, but also have a solid track record on television (from Hercules: The Legendary Journeys to Fringe to the current Sleepy Hollow). Also, just because there’s a meeting, doesn’t mean anything’s actually going to move forward. It’s also worth questioning who the meeting was with and where they are in the process of these talks.

Still, even keeping a skeptical eye towards this news, it could be fun to get a solid Star Trek series on television again. Genre TV is huge right now, with Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. showing that you can do a series set in a world that mainly exists on the big screen.


  • alistaircrane

    I would love to see a Starfleet Academy series set in San Francisco. I hope it’s set in the real universe, because the movie universe kind of sucks. They should keep the movies and tv separate: Chris Pine and co. for the movies, the original universe for the tv shows.

  • Gpack3

    I’d like to see a series set in the regular universe approximately where we’d be in the 24th Century if TNG/DS9/Voy had continued indefinitely. Put it on a ship. Boldly go. I’ve even got a title for you: Star Trek: 2399

  • Leo Vader

    I really wish CBS didn’t own star trek. That is the absolute last channel I would want it on.

  • Bulby37

    I need Captain Worf. The world needs Captain Worf. Make it so.

  • Greg Price

    There was supposed to be a HUGE mulit-media blowout on Trek 09. Film+return to tv+books+webisodes and more, but CBS balked at giving up on it’s classic Trek “cash cow” (which JJ demanded as a condition).

    On the one hand, it killed the tie-in properties. On the other, I’d rather have new “prime” Trek than more JJ Trek.