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‘Stretch Armstrong’ Film Thrown Back Into Toy Chest

stretch armstrong coloring book The Stretch Armstrong roller-coaster ride has come to an end. The film was announced in 2010 with Twilight star Taylor Lautner attached. He eventually bailed on the project, which moved from Universal Pictures to Relativity Media. The last thing we heard about the film came last summer, when The Crazies director Breck Eisner came on board to direct. Recently, however, the players involved decided to ice the project.

Relativity released the following statement:

Stretch Armstrong is an incredible character who will make an amazing movie, and we know that Hasbro has some new ideas they are looking at. Relativity and Hasbro have a tremendous relationship, and we decided to focus on other projects. We look forward to continuing to work together.

Whether those new ideas include ones for Stretch or other characters they think might have more cache with movie-going audiences remains to be seen. Maybe there’s another big time star wanting to play as his favorite action figure in another franchise.

(via Collider)


  • Lorraine Jacobs

    I do hope that Stretch Armstrong will find its fame in time. Maybe they could not
    yet find a good concept on the movie and they see if that they will continue on making they are just jeopardizing the movie. So, better yet freeze it for awhile and they can get back to it when it’s already set. -