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Watch ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Actor Vin Diesel Practice Walking as Groot

He — is — Groot!

Actor Vin Diesel has posted a video on his Facebook page showing himself walking around on stilts on the set of Fast & Furious 7 in preparation to play the sentient tree-creature Groot in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

In the video, Diesel confirms he has just one line of dialogue in director James Gunn’s space adventure — the much-anticipated “I am Groot,” one assumes — but the simple dialogue isn’t a letdown for the actor.

“My father taught me there are no small roles, only small actors,” he says. “I have one line in the movie, but that doesn’t mean anything. I’m still going to make it the best thing I possibly can. Even if it means taking Andy Serkis to a whole other level, which is what we wanna do with out motion capture.”

Watch Diesel do the Groot in the video below, and look out for one of the actor’s Guardians co-stars as well:


  • eric

    Why bother getting a “name” like Vin Diesel to play a silent mo-capped cgi role?

  • mel

    Well he agreed to do it, so obviously he wanted to. It’s not like he needs the money.

  • Living The Geek Life

    You’d be surprised how much of an actor’s performance and personality comes through motion-capture.

  • Nataniel Costard

    I really appreciate how excited he is to play a part on this movie!

  • Living The Geek Life

    It may also be that this small role is just part of the endgame of getting him into a relationship with Marvel on a larger scale. Wasn’t he talking about how he and Marvel have discussed bigger things?

  • Shizzle My Nizzle

    yeah, i was curious why they even approached him and why he’d accept. i’m figuring he’ll be barely recognizable in the full get-up.

  • DarthTigris

    Am I the only one that has been getting the feeling that this is all one misdirection joke?

  • DexterSka

    He did Iron Giant, as far as I’m concerned he is perfect to play Groot.

  • Craig Peters

    so the flick can get press like this very article

  • Edison

    If all the actors in Guardians have half his enthusiasm for it, it should turn out quite well.

  • Joshua Figueroa

    he did play the iron giant, anyone remember how many lines he had there?

  • BarryTheMuslim

    He doesn’t have the range to play Groot.

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  • Thanos

    He approached them

  • sicko

    Vin Diesel believes that there is no such thing as small roles, only small actors