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First ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Set Footage Shows Gotham vs. Metropolis Game


Fans of both football and superhero films will have yet another mash-up to look forward to when the Man of Steel sequel arrives in theaters. Over the weekend, director Zack Snyder filmed scenes of a football game between Gotham City University and Metropolis State University at East Los Angeles College’s Weingart Stadium. The Batman News fan site has photos and footage from the shoot, as well as confirmation of sorts of the film’s title — in that “a Warner Bros. representative” referred to the production as Batman vs. Superman.

This being the age of instant behind-the-scenes footage, several different videos have popped up giving viewers a glimpse at the film.

Adam Hlavac posted the following one featuring direction for the assembled Gotham-loving crowd of extras.

Earlier in the week, Batman News showed off exclusive images of the jerseys worn by both teams during shooting which you can see below.

batman vs superman jersey

It seems like we’re still a long way away from actually finding out what this film will really be about, but it seems like things are moving along fairly smoothly as far as filming and production goes. Batman vs. Superman is scheduled to debut July 17, 2015.


  • Celos Beats

    Excited, cant wait.

  • Matt King

    screw that, if I was that I’d STILL be cheering for Metropolis xD. SUPERMAN!

  • stephenmonteith

    Filming the Gotham fans suggests one of two things, maybe both: either the game is being played in Gotham (unlikely, since it seems Metropolis is wearing “home colors”), or the characters we’re supposed to see in this particular scene are from Gotham. I don’t think that means Bruce Wayne, necessarily, since he’d likely be in a skybox or something like that; but it makes it more likely we’ll see some balance between Gotham and Metropolis characters.

  • chris

    In football the home team wears the colors visiting in white