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Marvel Chief Talks Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Paul Rudd ‘Ant-Man’ Rumors

“Well, nothing is true yet.”

That’s the bottom line from Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige, who spoke with The Huffington Post about recent casting rumors connecting Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Paul Rudd to the title role in director Edgar Wright’s upcoming Ant-Man. He elaborated a bit more in the case of JGL, who has also been mentioned as a contender for Doctor Strange and was once rumored for the Star-Lord role in Guardians of the Galaxy.

“Sometimes it’s because we are legitimately talking, sometimes it’s just because he’s a prominent actor out there now,” Feige said about why Gordon-Levitt rumors are so persistent these days. “And lots of rumors surround prominent actors.”

Feige even spoke about Vin Diesel’s reported connection to Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy, as that casting hasn’t been officially announced.

“I think it’s close,” Feige said. “I think it’s close to being official for the Groot character. But, not 100 percent yet.”

With Ant-Man aiming for a July 2015 release date, expect official casting news sooner than later.


  • mel

    Tom Hanks for Dr. Strange

  • AirDave

    I would like to see Paul Rudd, and a more light-hearted (read, Robert Downey, Jr.) approach to Hank Pym. Maybe a nod to Rick Moranis’ “Honey I Shrunk The Kids”. The concept of Hank Pym as an abusive husband needs to be erased.

  • bryan

    I can see Tom Hanks as the Dr. Heres another actor who has been in past blockbusters that would totally fit as Ant-man. Brendon Fraser.

  • bclewis4510

    Feige didn’t debunk the Paul Rudd rumor, but had plenty to say about JGL. What’s interesting is that you haven’t heard from Rudd on this rumor. Denials from JGL and now from Feige but nothing from Rudd. You’d think if Rudd wasn’t being considered you’d got denials from him by now.

  • demoncat_4

    would rather see kevin and marvel try and get Hugh Laurie as doctor strange for as house he proved perfect for the sorcer surpreme the touch of arrogance and some lonely ness and wanting to connect with others. but Marvel picks who they feel is best for the characters on screen. fans will have to wait to find out who will be ant man . and in the future the sorcer supreme

  • Hypestyles

    There needs to be a definitive announcement for Ant Man, Groot, and Sub-Mariner by the end of the year.

  • DarthTigris

    I still think the ‘Vin as Groot’ thing is a swerve. I think they’re playing us.

  • Marvelfan

    I always though Alex Trebec (Jeopardy) looked a lot like Dr Strange, especially in his younger days.

  • Marvelfan

    Isn’t it already offical? Vin DIesel is Groot. Hasn’t anyone seen the onset vid of him walking around on stilts? I think he even says something about playing an 8 ft tree and the number of lines he has in the movie. As for JGL, not sure what’s up with that. Guess we’ll have to wait and see. I like the kid personally.

  • Chuck777

    The abusiveness, the creation of Ultron and all his conflicted emotions are what define the character. Without that stuff, Pym is a forgettable character who could be dumped in favor of Lang, who is vastly more interesting in comparison to the neutered Pym.

  • Chuck777

    Maybe 20 years ago.

  • Chuck777

    What are they swerving us away from? Ultron has been cast. That leaves the Vision? Thanos?

  • DarthTigris

    I think Thanos, but I could be wrong. All this over Groot feels like way too much for the actor and character.

  • Steve

    Third Rock kid being the Master of the Mystic Arts? This would be a weak, easy-out-to-get-an-audience type of casting
    choice. The kid can truly act, but that’s just it: He’s a KID. The one
    important, reality-based feature of the character, one that is
    absolutely pivotal to his origin, is that he is a world-renowned
    neurosurgeon before he is even chosen to train to become a sorcerer.
    It’s O.K. to ask the audience to buy into sorcery when it’s a genre
    movie, but the reality elements cannot be ridiculous. Levitt looks
    barely old enough to play a medical resident, let alone a top
    neurosurgeon in his field.

  • Chuck777

    Maybe Vin is just excited to be apart of such a big franchise, even if his role is small.

  • The Truth

    JGL as Eric O Grady or Scott Lang….OK cool….as Dr. Strange? Hell NO.

  • Steve

    This article is really about Dr. Strange

  • DarthTigris

    Honestly I did NOT read or hear anything about this before my comments.

  • Spinner

    Luke Evans as Dr. Strange! Luke Evans como el Dr. Extraño! 卢克埃文斯怪博士!Люк Эванс в роли доктора странно! لوقا ايفانز في
    دكتور غريب! Luke Evans, όπως ο Δρ Strange! לוקע עוואַנס ווי ד”ר מאָדנע! ドクターストレンジとしてルーク·エヴァンス!Luke Evans jako Dr Strange! ლუკა Evans როგორც დოქტორი უცნაური,닥터 스트레인지로 루크 에반스! לוק אוונס כד”ר מוזר! डॉ. अजीब के रूप में ल्यूक इवांस! Lucas Evans bilang Dr Kakaibang! Luke Evans kiel Dr Strange!