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Hood Blames ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ Problems on Last-Minute Rewrites


Comic fans weren’t the only ones frustrated with 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which was widely panned but still managed to gross nearly $375 million worldwide. Director Gavin Hood didn’t have such a great time, either, and while talking to IGN about Ender’s Game, he explained some of the film’s problems.

“I was making a film that, frankly, was still being worked on by scriptwriters back in L.A. while I was in Australia,” he said. “I learned a great deal in that movie. Baptism by fire. For me it was, ‘Wow. This is weird. I’m getting pages the night before and trying to make it work on the day.'”

Hood said the experience taught him something about storytelling and filmmaking. “Some of these big franchises, when they have to be made quite quickly, for whatever reason, there can be a lot of voices that are not necessarily all clear,” he said. “That was the big lesson for me: be clear.”


  • joe35

    No problems with it for me. Awesome movie. Much better than this year’s “The Wolverine.”

  • Alex

    Wolverine had parents? Who knew? Pointless origin in comic or movie.

  • axe

    you obviously didn’t read the Origins book which was awesome.

  • NickyB

    I did read the origin, all of them, and I’ll just agree to disagree on your use of the word “Awesome” to describe any origin told for Wolverine. The mystery of his origin, was so much more interesting than any origin told yet.

  • mel

    The reason for the comic was that Marvel wanted to have control over his origin. They didn’t want hollywood to create an origin before them.

  • benjawi

    Would have been much better if the CGI was up to scratch. That’s what mainly ruined the film. How the messed up the claws so bad after what they spent on it really is beyond me.

  • The One and Only

    Just blame the writers’ strike. Seemed to be the problem behind a lot of projects that year.

  • Max

    Yeah, even thou it had it’s issue but surly better than “The Wolverain”

  • nwoslave1984

    style over substance. nuff said

  • Happily LS

    Marvel’s movies have their flaws, but, a debacle like this really makes you appreciate their singular vision that comes from only a few people at the top.