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Black Panther Movie is ‘Absolutely in Development,’ Says Marvel’s Kevin Feige

Before Guardians of the Galaxy was announced in 2012, rumors mounted that Black Panther would be one of the new superhero films in Marvel’s Phase Two. That didn’t pan out, but Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige insists the film is definitely in the works.

“In terms of Black Panther, it’s absolutely in development,” Feige told BlackTree TV at the Thor: The Dark World press junket in London. “When you have something as rich as Wakanda and his backstory — and clearly Vibranium’s been introduced in the universe already — I don’t know when it will be exactly, but we certainly have plans to bring him to life some day.”

BlackTree TV also asked about the possibility of a Loki movie.

“A lot of people are asking about Loki’s own movie,” Feige answered with a smile. “That’s pretty good. My favorite thing about even being asked the question about Loki is that means it’s worked. People respond to Loki. They respond to Hiddleston. One might say he gives Thor a run for his money in this film. Whether he spins off into his own story or not, I don’t know. We have no immediate plans for that. I think there are a lot more stories to tell in the Thor universe first.”


  • ElWaldorf

    Yes…this pleases me.

    I really hope they take a chance with him or Captain Marvel with the Phase Three movies. Marvel Studios knows how to treat their characters like the in books, even if the plot lines are different. The former should always matter more than the latter.

  • mjl

    Idris Elba. Idris Elba. Idris Elba

  • demoncat_4

    nice for black panther was the main reason wesley snipes did blade and helped lead to the birth of marvle as a movie power house . though given how long they have been talking about Tchalla on the big screen, won’t believe its finaly happen till i see a trailer

  • DarthTigris

    There’s no commitment here. I think this is just to appease fans. I know I sound cynical, but I’ve seen talk like this before many, many times in many different industries. I know the score…

  • CodeDisQus

    That would be so flipping cool! he’s part of my top 3 Marvel characters!….

    Hopefully they’ll need a young and upcoming actor so I can audition! I’s training to get in shape for the role! hahahaha :P

  • Zagreus

    I think Black Panther could work. Why not. Marvel is on a whirl, and Black Panther DOES have a badass costume.

  • ryan cordova

    Was pretty much my first thought.

    “Sure we’re developing it, we don’t have any plans to actually do anything with it, but we sure are developing the hell out of it.”

  • Brian

    He’s plays Heimdall in the Thor films. I doubt they will have him play a second character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. My vote has long been Chiwetel Ejiofor.

  • Xmasevebaby

    Sometimes I think that Marvel truly doesn’t understand the cash cow that they have in a Black Panther franchise. This character is primed for a big screen adaptation, much like Iron Man prior to 2008.

  • The Observer

    Boris Kojoie ? Colin Salmon ?
    Contenders for the Black Panther movie………..

  • Kenki Okesam

    It’s a lie, as far as the evidence shows. They destroyed and are actively destroying the Black Panther TV series that was nearly 100% complete. It was removed from Youtube last week as well. They don’t want a positive, empowering African superhero. Think about it, besides Storm and Black Panther, who does Africa have? Secondly, Ororo doesn’t represent Africa as much as T’Chala does. If it does get produced, it is going to be a tame version of what should be happening. I have no faith in this.

  • Kerim Chris Antoine

    I think those two stars should be in the top pick : Djimon Hounsou or Jimmy Jean Louis.

  • Kerim Chris Antoine

    We will wait and see mate!!!

  • Martin

    Black Panther (Chala) is my favorit caracter, from when he was young, death of his father, is journey in Africa, is first meeting with Storm…

    I love the way is country stay up agains the world with a clean technology, It is the perfect country for all the hippy, Green Peace… They stand up agains the mondialisation, agains the capitalism, agains the invasion of the United States… Maby thats why they are afraid to make the movie, to don’t wake up too much the big mass population. But the black his the greatest political super Hero, he is a king after all.

    And of course don’t forget Shuri, She is the sexiest of all the super hero and the black Panther.

    Come on, make it happen.

  • Martin

    Black Panther is my favorit. I like the way is country stand up agains the Capitalisme. I want him to have the movie he deserved. Chala’s the king of the country the stand against the mondialisation. They are on their own on top of the world, soo other big guy might not like it, Its a big reason to don’t make a movie.

    To me Wakanda is like The village of Asterix that stand agains Rome!

  • KaeMilan

    How do you figure? Captain America (chris evans) was originally in the Fantastic 4.

  • KaeMilan

    Yea forget Batman I wanna see him play this role. I love the Black Panther Cartoon

  • Clay Christopher Harris

    get someone new. a younger african actor. how about Chiwetel Ejiofor?djimon is getting up there in years. and tchalla has to inherit the throne from king tchaka . djimon could play a younger tchaka in flashback…

  • Kerim Chris Antoine

    Yeah you are right, but someone like Jimmy Jean Louis had been chosen to play the black panther just before the first Iron man movie came out.

  • Clay Christopher Harris

    I think that this time its important that they find out younger African actor to play the lead. I don’t want the halle berry with the accent problem with this film

  • Angel

    A Marvel movie about a black superhero? Never gonna happen. They’re too scared it will attract minorities to the movie houses.

  • Angel


  • Angel

    The two Fantastic Four movies don’t count in the post-Iron Man Marvel-movie-verse. F4 is being rebooted. New actors.

  • Angel

    He’s black. Marvel is scared to put a black guy in the lead. For now Heimdall, Fury, and Falcon is all you can expect. Three black guys in all of Marveldom?

  • myangeldust

    “Yeah, down with DEMOCRACY!” says Martin.

  • YeaAightWhateva

    ok thanks for letting me know because i was wondering how they could do that.

  • A. “Official3Sixty” Byrd

    Djimon Hounsou is already a villian in Gaurdians of the Galaxy. Check the movie trailer. 1st part. So he’s already in the Marvel universe.

  • dlemmus

    It’s really pissing me off that Black Panther is treated like a 3 string second after thought.

    And this article is asking about a Loki movie.

  • Bob Barker

    You must have slept through Blade 1, 2, and 3.

  • Rob

    Are you unaware of the blade movies?

  • Mckmell

    Aldis Hodge and Chadwick Boseman are the two age-appropriate choices. Right height, etc.

  • Unique Artwork

    Some day…… 2034 i think

  • Luminara Unduli

    I hope they do make a Black Panther film , wouldn’t mind seeing Storm in the film as a cameo

  • Realmanrobbyrob

    No Djimon Hounsou who voiced the Black Panther in the cartoon

  • Baron Münchhausen

    Wow. Just being bored and came across this. Let’s be honest. Super heroes are a white invention. Blacks do not read comic books/ graphic novels,( most can’t even read . These are facts.) So anything dealing with superheroes and marvel should be a celebration of white culture.

    YET Marvel has magically transformed many white characters into black people to appease the cultural marxists. The whole concept of Black Panther is ridiculous and redskin-esque racism. Black panther is racist right since he is black? Like seriously, Super country, Super city, super genius, super amount of money, fighting all those evil white characters. Like someone put in the God cheat code or somethinG in a video game and made a mod for white guilt.

    If there was some real world comparison to go by, like Tony stark could be a real person. Black panther could never exist.

    Btw, where are the black super villains? Yeah, my point exactly. Complete cultural marxism and social engineering is the into reason this movie will be made. This film will flop. We’re not talking about Blade here. He was realistic. Black panther is not realistic.

    it’s disgusting to see fellow whites figuratively masturbate at the idea that this movie is being made. What the he’ll is wrong with you? You should be up in arms that a freaking Nordic is black and Samuel Jackson plays a white character.