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Is Paul Dano Up For ‘Warcraft’?

Will professional punching-bag actor Paul Dano get his orc on in Warcraft, director Duncan Jones’ upcoming adaptation of the Blizzard video game series? It certainly looks possible, based on Dano’s recent and verbose “no comment” when asked about the project.

“I can’t say anything, because I feel like rumors get crazy and people blow up the whole internet with news,” he told Collider. “I feel like, once you’re doing a job, you shouldn’t talk about it. And so, I guess in a way, that’s an answer. I’m not gonna give a yes or no but, I’m a fan of Duncan Jones, so, he’s somebody that I would want to meet if he was doing a film or something like that.”

Dano also weighed in on rumors connecting him to Akira, the long-developing and much-maligned American adaptation of the Katsuhiro Otomo classic.

“It’s been kicking around for years, and I’ll be curious what they end up doing with it,” he said, claiming that he’s not involved in the film. “I think that there’s potentially a cool film in there. Obviously, the original is an amazing story, but I don’t know what’s going on with it right now.”


  • JMoney

    I just don’t see how a movie based on an open world MMORPG would even work. I’m thinking if they tell the story of the Lich King that might be interesting, but even so…it’s pretty rare that videogame source material translates well into movies.