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CW Resurrecting Pulp Hero the Avenger

the avenger The CW is looking way back for a new television drama. Deadline reports that Under the Dome producer Neal Baer and Conde Nast Entertainment plan to update the classic pulp vigilante the Avenger for the young-skewing network.

Created by Paul Ernst in 1939 for the pulp house Street and Smith, the Avenger mixed elements of The Shadow and Doc Savage. Richard Henry Benson was your average globetrotting rich guy who was just about to settle down when his wife Alicia and daughter Alice were killed. The incident hit Benson so hard that his face and hair turned white and he decided to dedicate himself to vengeance. The character appeared in several pulp stories as well as DC Comics’ Justice Inc. and, most recently, a few Moonstone books and comics.

The TV project, which will most likely be retitled, is described as “an updated Biopunk version of The Avenger.” Warehouse 13 writers Deric Hughes and Benjamin Raab have penned the script, which focuses on Alice Benson, a young woman who discovers she has face-changing abilities after her parents are killed. The result of bio-hacking, Alice uses her powers to find out what happened to her folks.


  • Spacedog2k5

    Ugh! For the love of God, why did they have to mess with this character? While not as fantastic as the adventures of Robeson’s other creation, Doc Savage, Benson still managed to go up some pretty cool villains and plots. Hoping this one gets shot down before it ever gets off the ground! :/

  • Vicnuts

    The Avenger is a great pulp series, one of the few with genuinely excellent writing. I prefer it over the pretentious Doc Savage. Was quasi looking forward to this until I read the writers from Warehouse 13 were involved, and even less interested after finding out what there pathetic idea of an “up-date” is.

    So readers know, Richard Benson’s body becomes paralyzed by the shock and horror of his murdered family. He is later able to manipulate the still paralyzed (and dead white) flesh & muscles in his face to change his identity when needed.

  • rigmutton

    Does this seem like something they are doing hoping that the incognoscenti will think that it is Avengers-related?

  • Spacedog2k5

    Nice to know I am alone in views on this travesty! Thank you!! :)

  • David Fullam

    Please God no. I’ve wanted some kind of new Avenger for a long time. But not a CW Avenger.

  • matt

    Can’t wait for the CW isms in this show, like the reuse of the “CW mansion” set thats used in every single CW show (lex’s mansion/ queen mansion/ generic mansion in numerous supernatural episodes/ so on and so on).