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Producer Jeff Katz Looking to Reopen ‘Sleepaway Camp’

sleepaway camp poster Fans of creepy camp movies with surprisingly disturbing endings will be glad to learn a new Sleepaway Camp film is in the works.

Deadline reports that former Fox and New Line executive Jeff Katz, who helped make Freddy Vs. Jason happen, has been rounding up remake rights from the original film’s writer and director Robert Hiltzik, producer Michele Tatosian and Felissa Rose, who starred in the original 1983 as Angela.

The initial Sleepaway Camp followed the incredibly shy Angela on her first trip to summer camp with her cousin Ricky. Unfortunately for everyone involved, this camp is being stalked by a killer. A fairly standard slasher film, Sleepaway Camp does include some incredibly weird family elements and an ending that will stick with you.

It was followed by even more by-the-numbers sequels in 1988 and 1989. There was an attempt to revive the franchise in 1992 with a fourth film subtitled The Survivor, but funding ran out during shooting and it remained unmade until 2012 when it was edited together into a 70 minute feature. Hiltzik returned with Return to Sleepaway Camp which was released in 2008 and planned on doing another entry, but that doesn’t seem to be happening anymore.

Katz is looking to update the series, most likely keeping the mixture of splatter and complicated sexual relationships.


  • David Fullam

    The original is anything but a standard slasher film. It’s one of the most perverse, disturbing films i have ever seen. Hell, even the trailer is upsetting.

  • TheTruth

    Jeff Katz? So we’ll get a ton of hyperbole about the remake for five years, and then it will just quietly never happen?

  • Horsedick.Mpeg

    Will he be stealing the funding he gets for this movie like he did with his Wrestling Kickstarter?

  • TheJokeIsOnYou

    Once a con artist, always a con artist. Katz is slime. He doesn’t even need to open doors, just oozes right under them. He stole over $100k from a Kickstarter scam he used to pay off debt rather than honor his commitment. Hey neck-beard: Did getting your sullied name out there via this shabby headline celebrating your latest scam make you feel like a real Hollywood player again, and make you think this whole town doesn’t know what a two-bit grifter you really are? That would be really fucking funny.