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Ben Kingsley Teases More About His Next Marvel Appearance

Ben Kingsley will return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a new short film, but the details of the project remain unknown. One report suggests the Oscar winner will appear in a new One-Shot that features “the real Mandarin,” as opposed to the foolish actor Trevor that Kingsley played in Iron Man 3.

For his part, Kingsley won’t spill the beans on the “real Mandarin” rumor, telling Vanity Fair: “I can’t confirm that.”

“It’s in progress. It will have to remain under wraps,” the actor continued. “Marvel was so brilliant in the way they kept the transition from the Mandarin to Trevor Slattery in Iron Man 3. They were absolutely brilliant at it. I so respect the way they dearly want to surprise their audiences. But we will just have to leave it in the realm of rumor.”


  • JMoney

    Brilliant? No that was terrible writing that wiped it’s butt with the Iron Man comic legacy as far as real fans were concerned In fact, Ben…you made a stinky bathroom poop joke in the movie. That is not what I would consider to be a brilliant transition. As soon as the Trevor reveal happened in the movie, I thought this has to be a joke. Then when you realize they’re serious, it dawns on you just how much of a dog the movie you’re watching actually is. It’s unfortunate to think about the IronMan 3 movie we could have got, and should have got, but instead ended up with a mediocre movie that was still huge at the boxt office. It’s also a waste of Kingsley’s talent. I certainly hope this short film somewhat respects the Mandarin character, but I doubt it.

  • Alex H

    I won’t say that Iron Man 3 was a great movie, but really, it’s no way near as bad as the internet seems to think. Besides, the problem with the Mandarin is that despite being the main villain of a major character, he’s fundamentally not that great a character in the modern day – generic evil motives, the yellow peril theme he has is outdated and pretty racist and a powerset that would look weird and convoluted even if placed in a more sci-fi or fantasy film than Thor or Guardians. He was never going to get a direct translation or even close.

    Besides, it isn’t as if Trevor is the direct counterpart of of 616 Mandarin anyway, and a short like this could easily reveal that they had heard of rumours of a figure called the Mandarin and decided to build on them for their character, who then turns out to be real and annoyed.

    I quite enjoyed the fact it was about the only curveball the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe has managed to throw at me.

  • Langdon Herrick

    Agreed 100%. The Mandarin is a supremely outdated character in the modern era, and until some comic writer steps up to actually bring something interesting and fresh and vital to the character, don’t be surprised when other writers just use him as a red herring.

    I was honestly surprised by that twist, and it was by far the best thing about Iron Man 3.

  • Disney Princess

    and those marvel zombies would say how outdated Mandarin was… they were able to pull it off with Thor… I don’t see why they can’t do it with him… and they will be doing more as they are introducing the infinity gems… its just the team behind IM3 really hates the Mandarin…

  • Dark Avenger

    Shane Black and his team just didnt give a damn about “fulfilling expectations” – but instead they play with them and thats how they pull the rug from under you. At least you could never say about IM3 that it was predictable. And that my dear IM3-haters IS brilliant.

    If I want a 1:1 version of the comics, I´ll read the comics. I love that they base so much on the comics and that they adapt a lot of that stuff and give us comic fans (been an avid Marvel and DC reader for 20 years) all these treats that others dont get but I do NOT want carbon copies of the comics. I want them to bring in own ideas and do own versions. Just like Marvel did with the Ultimate comics. If they would have turned the Mandarin into Trevor in the Ultimate comics everyone would have said “okay maybe I dont like that but its a different universe anyway and they just try to do different and fresh things with him” – so why cant you watch the movies as a different universe of its own as well? This is NOT the 616 universe. And just think how much they changed in alternate universes in the comics. Think of the movies as exactly that. A different, fresh universe that puts its own spin on things while still basing it on the characters you know. I mean the MCU has been taken ideas from 616 and Ultimate as well anyway. Its not supposed to be a 1:1 adaptation of any particular universe.

    So what if Killian was the true Mandarin? Its a fresh idea and its something that surprised the hell out of everyone. Therefore – brilliant.

  • DidntPullOutInTimeCop

    I know many people don’t like this idea, but I really want “Trevor” to be the real Mandarin. He just lied about all the Trevor stuff to get away easy. Watching IM3 again would be a different experience.

  • MDC

    Perfectly put! my thoughts exactly

  • MDC

    They didn’t use shakespearian dialogue for Thor. That would’ve been outdated. They had to adapt it to suit modern audiences. Lets face it. some characters / stories don’t translate well from comics to the big screen.

  • JusticeBringer

    Do you even read Iron Man? He hasn’t handled that way at all in his last appearances.

  • JusticeBringer

    The Real Mandarin needs to not even been that scared.

  • DidntPullOutInTimeCop

    He wasn’t scared, it was all an act, part of a bigger plan.

  • demoncat_4

    brilliant not really for marvel could have said this is their version of the Mandarin after all instead of that smoke and mirrors trevor acting as a front. bit.

  • TheGavGav

    I agree with most of what you said, except when you mentioned Man of Steel. The MCU and Dark Knight movies still gave us the characters we love. Although a little more detective work from Bats would be nice. There was changes but at their core they were still the characters we know. Whereas Man of Steel while still an enjoyable movie to me at least was a little humor less. I think it needed Jimmy Olsen to add some comedy. I think the sequel will do a better job at at brightening things up. It will have Batman but we’ll get to see reporter Clark Kent. Plus there’s many little jokes they can make out of a Batman/Superman interaction.

  • collinnyo145

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  • Happily LS

    I’m betting that when we see Trevor again, it’ll be because the real Mandarin is killing him.

    It’s just not possible to take a villain seriously once they’ve made such a dumbass of themselves. If it hadn’t been so over the top hammy, then maybe, but it was.

  • uatu13

    Have you read an Iron Man comic in the last 20 years that had the Mandarin as a villain? I’d actually have to say he’s one of the cooler villains marvel has around. He might have started out as a yellow-peril villain, but that’s definitely not his place in the MU now. What they did to the character was awful! I thought the movie was terrible even before the Mandarin reveal, but it definitely helped to cement the fact that IM3 was garbage.

  • Alex H

    I’ve read bits and bobs, nothing continuous I’ll freely admit, but you also have to bear in mind that IM3 would have been in production long before his (at my understanding, Jim Jong Il inspired) recent reintroduction happened.

    The other thing is, much as the Yellow Peril thing is one of the core problems with the character, it is also about the only reason he is historically the nemesis of Iron man. It’s well established that typically the big villains of major heroes tend to be reflections of the hero, which in Iron Mans case is Technology and American Capitalism vs. Mandarin’s Mysticism and Fu Manchu pastiche Yellow Peril threat. Which much as it is now treading on dubious ground in racism terms, at the time was a compelling contrast. The technology vs mysticism angle alone isn’t really enough to support the contrast, as otherwise you basically end up with Tony’s main antagonist just being a wizard, just because.

    Which isn’t to say that I think that what they did was the best compromise on the matter, I’d have probably gone with something using the contrast in American capitalism vs. modern Chinese political/business practices, but then you lose the aesthetic which this version at least keeps. But there are business reasons why Marvel is never going to make a political film against any country short of North Korea, especially not a massive market like China.

    I really can’t see a way of keeping the rings in their original form under any version, its far too complicated a set of powers to give to a guy who should realistically be the head of an evil organisation, not literally fighting Iron Man himself all the time.

  • Frank

    The reveal was the least of Iron Man 3’s problems. It was still a terrible movie.

  • Frank

    I agree. I felt everything that made the first two Iron Man movies great, even the 2nd one can’t be denied that it served its purpose for setting up Avengers which obviously paid off, was completely thrown away for the 3rd movie. Jon Favreau should have at least been given his final Iron Man movie, which he had plans for that started from the first movie. While I was watching Iron Man 3 at the theaters, I felt like I was watching a Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang/Sherlock Holmes sequel with an appearance by Iron Man. People want to say how “brilliant” this movie is, that’s fine. That’s their opinion. I couldn’t disagree any more. I thought it was one of the worst comic book movies I’ve ever seen.

  • asdf

    The Mandarin was nerfed because China censors American movies if the studios want to distribute them in the Chinese market, which is the 2nd biggest worldwide. China has a hand on everything, so the yellow peril is greater than ever, the Chinese practically own America, political correct madness is what makes you think other cultures are perfectly good and peaceful while depicting your own culture as warmongering and racist, China owns you and makes you think it doesn’t.

  • Mr_Wayne

    It wasn’t brilliant. It was SURPRISING but not brilliant.

  • Leon Bright

    The one point people keep trying to make that doesn’t make sense is the one about Mandarin being “out-dated”. The
    movie proved that Mandarin didn’t have to be “out-dated”, because they
    UPDATED him DURING THE MOVIE by making him seem like a worshiped modern
    day terrorist. There was nothing brilliant about revealing that Mandarin
    was really an actor named Trevor. I was shocked by the reveal but it wasn’t brilliant. I didn’t leave the theater thinking that it made the movie better. With facial recognition tech all over
    the Marvel Universe you’re telling me that they couldn’t have figured
    out that he was a washed up actor YEARS AGO? And by the way, if the
    movie going audience didn’t know that the villain would ALSO end up
    being Guy Pearce’s character then you deserve the “brilliance” that was
    Mandarin in IM3.

  • Tony Ornelas

    ” that wiped it’s butt with the Iron Man comic legacy as far as real fans were concerned”.

    You do realize that the Manadarin has pretty much been a racist Chinese caricature in comics up until recently? How well do you think that would have gone over in Asian markets, where the movie was also released?

  • Alex H

    The Mandarin was shifted from being Chinese to (theoretically) generic Central Asian to appease the Chinese Market sure, but that’s got not got anything to do with what powers the character did or didn’t show.

    As for the rest, I’m not sure what you think is going on – China and America are eager to appease each other – they are too big to not get along and too valuable to each other in trade. As for your proclamation about political correctness, the point is merely to not assume that X is good and Y is bad offhand. People and businesses from China are not inherently good or bad in the same way that people and businesses from America are not inherently good or bad. Personally, as a resident of neither country, I find both China and America flawed in different ways, and both concerning in different ways, and honestly, economic success for either is not one of them.

  • JMoney

    How can you say the bait and switch with the Mandarin was a brilliant idea? Killian was the stupidest lame duck villain I’ve ever seen in a superhero movie. Really, a heat villain? Really? It was a lame cop out to bad writing. If the Mandarin wasn’t gong to work in the film, they should have gone in a different direction entirely instead of pulling the rug out from the audience. I think most fans wouldn’t have cared too much at all about the Mandarin, if there was actually a good villain waiting behind the scenes. Killian was not that good. And watching a bunch of empty iron man suits have meaningless fights against meaningless heat villain drones was also not my idea of brilliant.

  • Dark Avenger

    No it was not. You know what a terrible movie is? I suggest you watch movies like Batman & Robin, Elektra and Catwoman to be reminded what terrible movies are like. Iron Man 3 did have problems yes and it made some mistakes but it is NOT a terrible movie. There was much to enjoy in it too. Terrible movies dont have that. Also 79 % at rottentomatoes is not a score that a terrible movie would get. Compare this to the scores that the aforementioned movies have gotten. Just because the movie defied your expectations and disappointed you doesnt make it terrible. Thats what people like you wont get through their thick hater-skulls.

  • Dark Avenger

    well I am here to tell you that I have been a Superman fan since 1998. Actually he is my most fav superhero and my personal symbol of hope. And despite some misgivings here and there Man of Steel blew me out of my seat and was the Superman movie that I had always wanted to see. No more campy Golden and Silver Age Superman but finally a modern Superman.

    they went for drama and a dark apocalyptic setting instead of humor and lighthearted tone because they wanted to make this deliberately very different from the Donner version. I agree that at times it became too dark and humorless for a Superman movie (particularly in the childhood scenes I missed humor and warmth) but I still absolutely think that it captured the character of Superman very well. He was still about hope and inspiring mankind and Cavill was awesome in the role.

    They also did some very fresh and interesting concepts that made it different, such as Clark and Lois being in love before he works with her and her knowing he is Superman from the start (Do we really need the Superman/Lois/Clark triangle yet again?). Also that whole kryptonian mythology with people being bred for a specific purpose which they cannot defy was something I really liked. It made Kal-El all the more special. Especially the beginning on Krypton was really awesome and gave me chills.

    Most of the complaints about the film are things that actually make sense to me in the film. yeah Kal caused lots of destruction but what was he supposed to do? He had to stop Zod at all costs. The survival of the entire human race was at stake. Of course there is destruction when kryptonians clash. Its inevitable. And people blame Kal for bringing Zod to earth….seriously? Its not like he did it on purpose, he didnt even know they exist. How can he be blamed for this? Thats like blaming Batman for bringing Ras al Ghul to Gotham. Completely bullshit.

    And yes Superman was not yet the Superman we know. He didnt have his Clark persona, he was no reporter and he didnt have the wisdom and conviction of Superman yet. Which to me made completely sense since he had only just found out who he was and donned the suit. Man of Steel wasnt supposed to be the Superman we know yet. The last 5-10 Minutes of the movie were the beginning of the Superman we know. The rest of this movie was his journey towards that. He was unrefined, between worlds, had much to learn about himself. Thats why I dont mind him killing Zod. Superman doesnt kill but he wasnt THAT Superman yet. It was part of his journey. Man of Steel made him more human, made him do mistakes and some wrong decisions. He killed Zod because he thought there was no other way. Zod would never stop killing people until every man and woman would be dead. You cant imprison him, Kal cant fly him away from earth, there is no kryptonite. Killing Zod saved millions of lives. The Superman we know would find another way but this wasnt the Superman we know just yet. And this was yet another very important lesson for him on his road to becoming that Superman.

    The Superman we will see in Superman/Batman will be different and much closer to the Superman we know. he has grown, learned valuable lessons and will be more refined. he will be reporter Clark Kent, he will be with Lois, he will have a strong moral code. he will be Superman. I think Man of Steel will make much more sense once we get to the sequel. But personally I found it very important to make him flawed, human and unrefined in the first film to show his growth and to relate to him more. Its a very different approach then what Donner did which is why they took it.

    After all Nolans Batman wasnt exactly the Batman we knew in Begins yet as well where he was arrogant, ruthless and he even let Ras al Ghul die while in TDK he did save the Joker from death.

    And I find it much more realistic this way if these heroes dont turn immediately into the heroes we know but instead make mistakes and learn valuable lessons on the road to becoming these heroes.

    Also Man of Steel visually and musically blew me away. By far the most epic and spectacular superheromovie yet in terms of action and scale. I also loved how this movie REALLY showed us for the first time in a movie how powerful kryptonians really are and putting this in a realistic context.

    I also like that visually and stylistically they dont try to copy Marvels universe but make it something really different. MoS established a universe thats big, dark and broken. Its very different from Marvel but Marvel and DC are very different universes in general. the tone of the DCU has always been much more darker and grittier.

    Personally I thought despite some overuse of pain, lack of humor and some flaws in character development that man of Steel was by far the best Superman movie yet and a successful start for a DC movieverse.

    Anything they havent done yet with it, they still can do in the future. Thats the beauty of making it an ongoing universe. You can always do something different next time.

  • Magnetic Eye

    I read online that Iron Man 3 had Chinese co-producers financing the project, so if a communist government is a partner in a commercial venture and you want your movie to be shown to a potential market of one billion people, you had better not offend them with an Asian villain.

    But in retrospect it’s okay to have Russian villains and villains of Middle Eastern ethnicity in movies? We can offend those people because they are the current contemporary terrorists. Can you see the irony and hypocrisy of throwing faithful adherence out the window?

    Pulling the rug out for some fans just wasn’t an interesting choice. It was well executed, but it was an easy way out, because suddenly the perceived major threat is removed, it’s no longer compelling or interesting.

    It may have been funny, hence the trend for Marvel movies now having way too much humor, instead of an equal balance of action, VFX, drama and some mature scriptwriting.

    It was also disappointing because the whole Aldrich Killian puppet master pulling the strings to profit from the chaos thing is played out all too often. What exactly was his motive, that he had his feelings hurt by Tony Stark???

    LOL, we got a clincher of a cliché and a movie that could’ve been an even bigger powerful dramatic epic, turn into a simple light hearted comedy.

  • Magnetic Eye

    The only redeeming factors for Iron Man 3 was the destruction sequence of Tony Stark’s mansion and the skydiving (monkeys in a barrel) rescue scene.

  • darktruth

    You do realise that in the film he states they gave him plastic surgery, thus he no longer looks like the man he was so the facial recognition software wouldn’t have worked.

  • Nanner Bux

    People raising hell about how The Mandarin is such an ‘offensive’ character from the comics, never say much when any other nationality is portrayed as evil.

    What? Everyone from China is pure?

  • Leo F

    There are several things to note here:
    1. Marvel are planning a Doctor Strange movie, so mysticism is obviously not too hard a sell.
    2. The Mandarin not only uses the rings himself, he can bestow them on others to do his work for him, and when he wants them back he can mentally recall them. This would fit nicely with the “Mastermind behind the scenes” role you suggest.
    3. The Mandarin FOUND the rings in a ruined structure in the Valley of the Sleeping Dragon, where the legendary dragon Fin Fang Foom slumbers. However, rather than being an actual dragon, it is later revealed that Fin Fang Foom is a giant alien, the ruins in the valley are actually his crashed spaceship, and the rings are alien technology that the Mandarin has studied and learned to control. Given the cosmic angle the MCU is taking, it would be relatively easy to make a compelling story out of this.

    Because of this, the Mandarin need not be a Fu Manchu stereotype in order to have ten “magical” rings, but would need to be Asian in origin in order for the “Asian magic? No, alien technology” twist to work. I don’t think China would have a problem with a Chinese villain so long as a Chinese hero helps stop him, which if you’ll recall, all the promotional material for IM3 said was going to happen.