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Jaimie Alexander Talks Wonder Woman, Sif Spinoff

thor sif jaimie alexander

Despite Thor: The Dark World making huge bank overseas, the biggest comics-related news this morning may be about a DC character.

In an interview with Total Film, Sif actress Jaimie Alexander dropped a tantalizing hint about another comic-book heroine: Wonder Woman. While talking about the Thor sequel, she mentioned she’s had “discussions with both companies,” meaning DC/Warner Bros. and Marvel.

“I’m a huge fan of Wonder Woman,” Alexander later said. “I really think if this is the closest that we’re ever going to get to Wonder Woman, then I’m proud to play Sif. I hope that other comic book entities can learn a lesson from Marvel in how to execute a female character the way it should be done. I really would like to one day see a Wonder Woman film or Wonder Woman character, but until it’s done with class, I’d rather it not be done.”

If there’s more to this than pure conjecture, it’s possible that Alexander would appear in Batman Vs. Superman, a topic addressed vaguely recently by a Warner Bros. executive.

Alexander also talked about the potential for a Sif film, something she’s greatly in favor of. “I would love for there to be a spinoff film,” she said. “I would absolutely say ‘yes!’ If the fans want it and there’s a strong enough desire for it, it will happen. So, fingers crossed!”

Thor: The Dark World opens Friday in the United States.


  • Ed

    i dunno…dont really see anyone but loki possibly getting a spinoff movie

  • Brett Spears

    I know we’re supposed to want a Wonder Woman movie to battle sexism or something, but who wants to actually watch it?

  • Leonardo DaVinci Barnette

    There’s so much more to Wonder woman than “battling sexism”.

  • Joseph Hancock

    she sure is a hottie

  • Myfutprint

    I want to watch a Wonder Woman film! Brett, seriously?? I’m pretty sure millions didn’t want to actually watch a Thor film or Cap or Iron Man film (they were B-listers at best before the movies) and now look at them. Creative talented filmmakers could make one heck of WW film–and I’d like to see it!

  • SifonShield

    A spin-off movie is unrealistic, but what about an appearance on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ?

    Come and support this campaign if you think this would be a good idea: !

  • Bl00dwerK

    If she’s Wonder Woman I will totally go see that shit…

  • DannySheridan

    Blunder Woman, Jen Garner is the lock

  • Cylon

    I don’t think that’s his point. Considering that only a very small portion of people who are aware of the character actually read comics, it is a legitimate question to ask who is genuinely interested in a wonder woman movie and who just wants to “battle sexism”

  • Tophman

    Have to agree with you there. Tom Hiddleston’s Loki definitely deserves a spin-off but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  • Tophman

    Studios have a hard time (historically) figuring out how
    to make a female-driven superhero or fantasy film. Warner Bros execs
    need to take a clue from Paul W.S. Anderson who gave us the “Resident
    Evil” series or the “Underworld” films. Strong female characters who
    kick behind & look good doing it. (Although Charlize Theron’s “Aeon
    Flux” was a boxoffice failure, I enjoyed it a lot.)

    That said, a Sif movie would probably be better off as a TV movie or a web series (like the planned “Agent Carter” series).

    Personally, I’d love to see “Wonder Woman” on the big screen or even a “Red Sonja” film if Hollywood can overcome their preconceptions of a female heroine figure it out.

    Btw, there are indeed many Wonder Woman stories they can tell. The ‘Year One’ approach they had in mind for a TV series (“Amazon”) seemed to be a good direction to go (season 1 would be Diana’s origin & training as ‘man’s world’ encroaches on their ‘Paradise’). Instead, we got a David E. Kelly reimagining turning her into a ruthless (seemingly bloodthirsty) vigilante by night and business mogul by day –ungh, thank you, NBC for aborting that abomination. It’s tough, but it can be done given the right visionary creative team behind it.

    Guess time will tell.

  • collinnyo145

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  • Zagreus

    Garner would be terrible as WW

  • Georgina Quiñones

    ok she doesn’t make any sense when she talks about WW being done classy and I know what she referring to and is about WW outfit and how comics portrait females like sex objects, but in her recent red carpet even she’s almost showing her body off. Yeah she looks great, but if you going to talk like a feminist you need to walk the walk, not only talk the talk. When I saw her in that revealing black sheer outfit I immediately thought “Double Standard”.

  • Im Batman.

    Partly correct but also terribly wrong. Yes of course she doesn’t want to be a Wonder Woman just flaunting her stuff around on the big screen but when she says class she means done in a manner that can be actually seen as a serious movie that people will go watch, not some cheesy TV show like the Lynda Carter days. I think she would be the perfect WW, showing off her femininity but with integrity and badassery. :P