Samuel L. Jackson Joins Stephen King’s ‘Cell’

cell It’s the end of the world as we know it, and Samuel L. Jackson feels fine.

Deadline reports the always-busy actor will co-star with John Cusack in the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s 2006 novel Cell.

The novel features a world where a huge portion of the population gets turned into ravenous monsters due to a corrupted cellular phone network. Cusack stars as Clay Riddell, a comic artist who teams up with Jackson’s engineer/veteran Tom McCourt and teenager Alice Maxwell to not only survive, but find Clay’s son Johnny.

Paranormal Activity 2 director Tod “Kip” Williams signed on to helm the picture based on a script co-written by King and Adam Alleca (Last House on the Left). The film does not yet have an announced release date at this point.

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  • JMoney

    The book was interesting enough, with a terrible ending (as usual in most SK books, he can’t put it together for us in the end), but this could be a good film if they don’t make a standard zombie-infestation style movie. Also, this was originally supposed to be directed by Eli Roth, I hope that doesn’t happen.

  • batGRRRl4ever

    So an “evil” sound signal on a freakin’ cell phone makes people into essentially zombies? That is definitely up there in terms of the stupid horror films that have centered on “beloved” technology turned against it’s fan(atics).