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James Gunn Teases Thanos’ Role in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

We saw Thanos’ devious grin at the end of The Avengers, but based on what we know, we won’t see the purple-hued villain in the upcoming Marvel sequel. Instead, our next taste of the Mad Titan comes in Guardians of the Galaxy, director James Gunn’s 2014 space adventure. He’s not the central villain, but it sounds like he plays a key role.

“Thanos is a character in our movie,” Gunn told Crave Online. “He works with Ronan. In my movie Ronan works for Thanos, and Ronan is the main bad guy in our film.”

We already know who is playing Ronan the Accuser: Lee Pace, late of Pushing Daisies, fixture in the Hobbit trilogy as Thranduil, and once a contender for the lead Guardians role of Star-Lord. As for Thanos? The question of who is playing the Mad Titan remains very much up in the air.

One would assume we’ll get an answer before too long, considering “Thanos is a character” in Guardians — but if he’s a non-speaking character, as he was in Avengers, it’s entirely possible that Gunn and Marvel will use a fill-in until the studio is ready to hire a big-name actor somewhere further down the line.

Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters on Aug. 1, 2014.

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  • Francisco A. Pizarro

    I think the main question is “How big the role of Thanos will be in GotG”. If he’s not a big time role, they can just use a voice actor and CGI Thanos, until we get the real villain Thanos, represed by a big-name actor.
    In the economic field, for marvel, it’s not conveining to pay a big-name actor for a lil’ role.

  • Sockin

    Benicio is Thanos. Thanos is posing as the Collector in the film.

  • JusticeBringer

    Where’d you get that from?

  • Morgan

    It’s Vin Diesel

  • John Harmon

    Thanos was a real actor in the end of Avengers. Clearly there was CGI as well, but it was a real dude in the makeup and everything.

  • Francisco A. Pizarro

    Thanks for clearing it up. But that actor wasn’t credited, and I think for a bigger role, they will re cast Thanos.

  • Francisco A. Pizarro

    He’d do a great Thanos. And btw, I’m dying to hear him say “I am Groot” xD

  • demoncat_4

    at least even if its a full glimpse and he does not talk fans finaly get thanos even if he is just in shadows making ronan do his job. for surely when marvel finaly hires the perfect actor for thanos the wait will pay off.

  • Trevor Goldwater

    Am I the only one who’s looking at that picture of Thanos up top and see no one else but Ron Pearlman?

  • Doug

    . . .with minimal make-up?

  • Tophman

    See “Thor: The Dark World”. The first bonus clip is essentially a teaser to what’s going to happen in “Guardians of the Galaxy”. Benicio del Toro appears as The Collector there and once you see what the mulligan is, it’ll be clear how Thanos is involved.

    As for Benicio being Thanos… pass. Ron Pearlman (as Trevor mentioned) would be a much better fit (unfortunately he’s already “Hellboy” and I for one want to see a Dark Horse-Marvel team up between him & the Hulk –wishful thinking, I know).

  • Tophman

    That would be awesome. Though Ron’s already “Hellboy” so how about Clancy Bown instead? Or Ving Rhames… as you may suspect, I’m picking actors based on their voices (since their faces are going to be covered mostly in prosthetics to create the iconic look for the Mad God).

    Needless to say, I can’t wait to see this film.

  • Trevor Goldwater

    Any three of them I think would be great. The big thing with Pearlman is that the only prosthetic you’d need is that chin and paint him purple.

    Either way, I think it’ll be cool. I just want to see some sweet Thanos murder action.

  • Michael Singer

    Keith David.

  • grandpa

    He looks exactly like Randy Couture

  • JMoney

    I hadn’t thought of that, but Pearlman would be awesome for that. They would probably have to change up his voice a bit to make him more menacing and less human sounding but that woudl be a great choice.

  • Geo

    Whoever they chose for Thanos it’s not gonna matter what he looks like. They need to be looking for “voice”. A voice like the late Michael Duncan Clarke or like James Earl Jones. Ving Rhames isn’t bad but he would have to step up a notch to play/voice this type of character. Same with Vin Diesel. Vin’s biggest problem would be not sounding like he’s on the street racing 10sec cars. I’m sure they are actors out there that fit the profile, they just need to have a deep, commanding and intelligible voice for a villain of this magnitude.

  • manaf82

    You know who would be perfect as Thanos besides Ron Pearlman…Mads Mikkelsen..

    He is a true revelation in Hannibal.
    He has the face,the sophisticated intelligence in his voice,the physicality and he would be perfect playing a cosmic psychopath.

    Now that i thought of it i can’t see anybody else there but him..

  • NickAdam33

    lmao no way. get your head outta your ass. This isn’t Iron Man 3.

  • NickAdam33

    this is kinda old. we ALL know Thanos is a character in the film. Fiege has stated we’ll get more than a smirk-and-shoulder from Thanos.. he said we’ll get much more than that from him.

  • bfg666

    Last I checked, Hellboy ain’t Marvel…

  • the great and powerful turtle

    Vin Diesel would be cheap though as he`s already in the film anyway

  • Jason Wells


  • Guest

    I’d like to see Ron Perlman as e Controller & Dolph Lundgren as Thanos but I’m pretty sure in is actually Thanos & Sean Gunn will be voicing Groot.

  • Jason Wells

    I’d like to see Ron Perlman as The Controller & Dolph Lundgren as Thanos but I’m pretty sure Vin D is actually Thanos & Sean Gunn will be voicing Groot.