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What to Expect From the Governor’s ‘Walking Dead’ Return

Warning: spoilers from the latest The Walking Dead are ahead. Turn back now or read on at your own peril.

The Governor’s return to the world of The Walking Dead was always a certainty, especially for folks familiar with the Walking Dead comics. But the exact specifics of the trigger-happy sociopath’s grand re-entrance were harder to pin down — until now.

David Morrissey made a brief, memorable return to The Walking Dead in Sunday’s episode, appearing in the very closing moments, peering out at the prison from an uncomfortably close distance. Fans can expect much more about the where, how and why’s of the Governor’s absence and return in the coming episode, titled “Live Bait,” and the episodes beyond.

“We will be really getting into who this guy is, to further define this guy,” showrunner Scott Gimple told Entertainment Weekly. “He did something very pronounced at the end of the season that defines him a certain way that affected him a great deal. That’s changed him a great deal. So we will see who this man is now.”

In a separate interview, Morrissey concurred with Gimple’s assessment, saying the Governor is viewing the prison as a possible prize.

“He’s looking for safety, and the main thing for the prison is it’s the safe place to be,” he said. “It’s the alternative of our world in the zombie apocalypse. The prison is a place of protection, not a place of incarceration, so that’s why he’s looking at it.”

“He’s looking at the building, I would suggest, rather than the people in it,” he added. “Although the people in it are an inconvenience, because they’re in his way of getting safety. But it’s more about the building than the people.”

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 a.m. ET/PT on AMC.


  • Kabuce

    um, not a big leap to guess the spoiler from the title.

  • GurgleGrind

    Bring in the tank!!!

  • Lee Keels

    So let’s stay unoriginal and go back to territory we’ve already traveled. This show is over.

  • Terry

    read the comic

  • Border

    Please enlighten the masses with your statement.

  • mel

    he attacks the prison with a tank

  • demoncat_4

    nice though kind of thought the governor would be saved till the season finale. but this means rick and crew vs the governor and maybe Michone gets another shot on him too

  • Teach

    I haven’t read the comics but even I know he is a main character, it isn’t a matter of going back. It would be dumb if he was just to vanish out of the story altogether. He is around and should be around for a while…while no doubt not all the story lines will be coming from the comic he is a main antagonist and is needed. Now that he is on the outer and doesn’t have an army with him I am looking forward to seeing what sort of nasty he will do now.

  • tomatopudding

    Oh. He HAS an army. But the next ep is his backstory. It was originally titled “Rise” as in “Rise of the Governor”. He likely won’t attack the prison until 12/1 which is the mid-season break.

    “Kill them all.”

  • Ruy Carvalho Tavares

    Cruelty,cruelty and cruelty.Its that i expect of him.

  • Michael Wilson

    that’s an ok unoriginal moment to have