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Wolverine’s Classic Costume Revealed in Deleted Scene

Fans who have wanted to see Hugh Jackman wearing something resembling a traditional comic-book costume almost got their wish in James Mangold’s The Wolverine.

As IGN shows in the video below, a multi-touch ebook promo for the Blu-ray release offers an extended look at the film’s final scene, revealing Wolverine’s classic brown-and-tan costume.

It was reported just last week that Mangold has begun negotiations with Fox to return for a sequel, with Jackman — despite all of his remarks to the contrary — expected to reprise his role as Logan.

The Wolverine arrives Dec. 3 on Blu-ray and DVD.


  • Will M.

    This was on bleeding cool a while back. From what I remember, the person who made the mask said that the whole thing was just a sculpture of the costume stored in that case, and would have been impossible to take out and wear.

  • yes, please

    i would die a happy fan if i ever see Wolverine wearing that costume in a movie

  • osarumen erhunmwunsee

    i would definitely love to see wolverine wear is classic costume in the next wolverine movie. they need to take that risk.

  • Jeff

    Needs to happen. Should end the Jackman run with him donning the costume. Bring in the next actor with the costume established.

  • PietroMaximoff

    that scene was pretty pointless without this deleted part…

  • Vincent Clarke

    Yeah, it looks like a sculpt and not a wearable mask. Cool, nonetheless.

  • Lyle

    I can’t help seeing this as further proof of Fox’s cowardice at wanting to just make the X-Men a superhero group. I recall the first movie, when they thought having the X-Men wear black leather was a great idea, and Cyclops made fun of Wolverine’s complain about the costume by asking if he would rather wear yellow spandex. It seemed like Fox’s way of yelling, “You see, fan boy? Everyone else in the theater thinks this is a bad idea, so shut up.” But, later superhero movies (especially movies by Marvel) showed the foolishness of making their heroes look like a motorcycle gang and let them wear at least variations of their colorful costumes. I can’t help thinking this was a missed opportunity by Fox. People are more accepting about trying to make the superheroes look like, well, superheroes, and they had an opportunity to get their heads out of the sand and didn’t take it.

  • JC

    I probably would have died of a nerd stroke if they used this in the actual movie, I’ve been saying they need to use this suit for years!

  • Johnny

    Wolverine’s “classic” costume would be the yellow & blue one, not the yellow & brown. And now you know I’m old.

  • Geo

    I’m all for the yellow and “blue” costume. It’s going on 8 appearances as wolverine and all we keep getting is a costume that looks like a reject from Police Academy’s “The Blue Oyster” bar. It might of looked cool in the first X men movie. But now it’s outdated and boring. Nobody wants black leather anymore. If you’re not convinced watch Hancock. They need to add some color in there. It’s obviously working for Marvel’s Avengers (Thor, Capt.A, Hulk & IM). So why not give him his classic costume. The real question is whether or not to put Hugh Jackman in it or his replacement. Hmmmm…

  • Mike James

    Very cool-especially being the brown & gold version I love so much. Probably better he didn’t wear it, honestly looks way cooler on its own than on a person I bet

  • Beth Logan

    they should have focused on giving a good story than the shit they fed us with this crap of a movie….

  • Joshua N

    Get that man in the freaking costume already!

  • Googlyeyes

    Haha, is the frown suppose to be a part of the mask?

  • ThomasNeidhart

    there’s nothing wrong with costumes from the Blue Oyster Bar, thank you very much! everyone loves a show!
    and I agree with what seems like everyone else here, they needed to put him in that costume, how sad they didn’t! :(

  • fantardo

    I see a few comments in here that I agree with competely.. A few ideas are great; like using the costume in the next Wolverine movie, and then letting that be the end of Jackman’s run.. Let someone else wear the costume. It’s totally working for the Avengers, it works for Spiderman, etc.. I too am sick and tired of black suits. Spice it up, add some color, some flave.. I would personally kill to see him in ANY of his classic suits. Bring it on!

  • Dallas Walsh

    At least somebody else knows this!

  • blippyboy

    Hope he wears the costume in the next one…would LOVE
    to see that!!!

  • harumph

    “…brown-and-tan costume…”

    I think you need to look at a color blindness chart and double check your yellows and golds.

  • KineticDealer

    I could really care less about this anymore. Fox had too many opportunities to pull it off & they held back. Buncha pansies. I finally got my wish from the super power beat down series via YouTube. They did justice to all the super heroes who have been made a mockery of, wolvie, deadpool, gambit, etc. Funny that a small production team can make something better than a multi-million production team. Sad really.

  • Larry Berry

    Well I agree that yellow spandex doesn’t transfer over to look cool (or tough) on film like in the comics. However as you say variations on the costumes, that aren’t spandex clearly does work, as evidenced by the Avengers (not to mention Superman and Batman, who would look silly on screen with their underwear outside their pants, but found good alternatives that looked good for film). I especially didn’t like it when the comics followed the movie example of black leather.

  • Jeff Rittenour

    I would be happy if this twat stopped ‘reporting’ in videos…

  • lanmanna

    Jeeze. What’s your problem. What did he do?

  • weaponprime

    a good explanation for the costume is if it was a samurai mask and samurai gear or weapon x gear

  • Weapon X

    I’m a Marvel fanboy, and although I have enjoyed all the movies over the years for what they were (good and bad. Mostly bad. But all fun), I’ve always thought it was a travesty that they never “suited up” Wolvie. He’s the most iconic of the X-men, and every other member of the team at least somewhat resembled their comic book counterparts, as far as costuming went in the movies. Maybe the blue and gold Wolvie wouldn’t have worked on screen, but the brown and gold, absolutely. It’s not like Jackman would have to wear the get up for the entire movies, he’d get enough facetime. It doesn’t appear as though he’ll be in any costume in DOFP, though we might be surprised, who knows?

    At the end of the day, though, I really wish movie producers didn’t mess with canonical story lines when it comes to superhero movies, just to make something that appeals to a broader audience. (Deadpool, WTF???) In the case of the Wolverine and X-Men movies, I think they missed the boat re: costumes. Having him in his comic book get ups would likely bring more people to see the movies than not. And imagine the marketing to kids. That’s what drew me to Wolverine in the first place, he looked bad-ass.

  • Marc ‘Sketch’ Blair

    I think they took it out deliberately to make the official debut of the costume for DOFP….Bryan Singer seems like he’s trying really hard to make this movie an apology for Ratnerr’s garbage by fixing that shitty storyline with time travel…I think he’s gonna introduce the suit as part of the fan service for this movie…he’s too much of a fanboy to not do it.

  • martymcfly160

    all im sayin is the mask of wolverine can work in a live action movie. . . in just saying
    and as seen here

  • Deadpool11805

    The brown and ornge was worn by daken now Logan sorry but you fucked up

  • snakedoc8621

    I think it’d fit his character more, if they dressed up for Halloween. Then he said something about it being stupid, and arguing about wanting to change, then rouge tells him it’s for the kids of the academy.

  • Indiana Bones

    The brown and tan is ‘classic’ to me. He wore it from the early eighties to about the early 90’s. Until some moron at Marvel decided he looked better as a clown