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Jason Statham Slices Into ‘Layer Cake’ Sequel


Jason Statham will be stepping into Daniel Craig’s shoes with a sequel to Layer Cake. Deadline reports Statham and his manager/production partner Steve Chasman have acquired the rights to adapt J.J. Connolly’s latest novel Viva La Madness, the sequel to Layer Cake.

Daniel Craig played the unnamed lead in the 2004 adaptation of Cake, Matthew Vaughn’s feature directorial debut. Connolly is again adapting his own novel, which this time finds the nameless gangster looking to retire on a beach, but instead getting wrapped up in some international dirty dealings.

Layer Cake was produced by the same people behind L4ock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch, Statham’s first two big-screen acting gigs. Statham can next be seen in Homefront which hits theaters on Nov. 27.



  • Mordalo


    Didn’t Daniel Craig’s character die at the end of Layer Cake?