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Kellan Lutz’s ‘Hercules” Will Beat Dwayne Johnson’s to Theaters


Which Hercules will reign supreme? That’s one of the big box-office questions for 2014. Next year will see the release of Renny Harlin’s Hercules: The Legend Begins as well as Brett Ratner’s Hercules: The Thracian War, starring Dwayne Johnson.

So who will win the clash of the Greek heroes? While Johnson’s action movies tend to be the cinematic equivalent of printing money, Harlin’s Kellan Lutz vehicle does have a couple of things going for it: the actor’s Twilight following, and its release date — a solid five months before its competitor.

According to Deadline, Summit Entertainment has acquired the Millennium Films feature, which will have a Feb. 7 release, up against The LEGO Movie and The Monuments Men.


  • Leon Bright

    Seriously? Have you seen the trailer for that Lutz’s Hercules? It looks like a big budget fan-film. Oh and no one’s heard of it. Everyone’s waiting on the The Rock’s movie, even if it is directed by Ratner.

  • joe35

    Have no interest in either one, but at least Dwayne Johnson actually looks like he could be Hercules.