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Hugh Jackman Talks Possible ‘Wolverine’ Sequel: ‘It Has to Be Great’


Reports last week that director James Mangold and star Hugh Jackman have begun negotiations to return for a sequel to The Wolverine came as a surprise, considering the actor had suggested repeatedly that X-Men: Days of Future Past might be his seventh and final appearance as the fan-favorite mutant. And while Jackman wouldn’t confirm his Wolverine plans to Entertainment Weekly, it’s clear he’d like to don those adamantium claws again.

“I was on the phone with Jim Mangold last night,” he said. “There are some really cool ideas that I’m dying to tell you, but that would be giving away a secret that is not even [fully] formed yet. […] “I do want to do it with Jim and with [producer] Lauren Shuler-Donner because we had such a great experience. I’m really proud of The Wolverine.”

Of course, there is a but. “I don’t want to dive into another one until we have a compelling reason to do another one,” Jackman added. “I love the character, he’s kind of like a best friend to me, and I don’t ever want to take [him] or the fans for granted. … I think we’ve got a great opportunity to make something really cool, but it has to be great. That’s what we’re all working toward.”

The Wolverine arrives on Blu-ray Dec. 3. Jackman will next be seen as the character in Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, which arrives May 23.


  • ScottS42444

    And that last part is why I love Hugh Jackman as “The Wolverine”. I know there are quite a few fanboy complaints. He is too tall/doesn’t fit the exact physical description of the comics. He is too much of the focus of the entire X-Men franchise. Origins played too loosely with all of the mutants’ backstories and it sucked. Well, none of that matters to me (except the last one, man I wish that movie was better and didn’t change so much about the ‘lore’ of the mutant universe). He is an A-list star (thanks in no small part to being cast as the Wolverine but mostly on his talent, see Tony Award) who is committed to what was a lesser known comic book character (by that I mean in regards to the general public, in comparison to Batman, Superman, Spiderman, etc.) for all the correct reasons. He commits 100%. He understands the passionate fanbase. He isn’t the type of actor who treats the “Comic Book Movie” as a lesser display of his talent in comparison to a Broadway musical. He is willing to go out on a limb and try something a little different with the character (having the most recent movie take place as a very secluded story in Japan, in the not too distant future). He will be the only character that I can accept as The Wolverine on the big screen no matter how good of a job a future actor might do in the role. Robert Downey Jr. and Hugh Jackman are the biggest reasons I want Marvel/Sony/Fox to come to an agreement ASAP on allowing their characters to share the screen. They will not continue in the role much longer and I would love to be able to link all of the worlds that the Marvel Comics have created together with the stars who helped to establish them.

  • Fero

    The only compelling secret is that he finally rocks the suit!

  • andrew11

    Hugh Jackman is a trooper and really carries the character. It’s so weird to see two solo films, one of which was dreadful and the other was just merely bad, and they have such a bright spot in Jackman’s performance. It’s weird because you’d expect him to phone it in with such lousy scripts, but no. He’s still great even when the movies aren’t.

  • PietroMaximoff

    everybody loves money!!

  • ProteusX

    If I was James Mangold or Hugh Jackman, I would ask Chris Claremont or John Byrne, what story or kind of story they would like to see! They are well placed to know of what they speak! And as long as they are there, the readers.That would avoid at least horrors as X-Men 3, the last stand!

  • 6olivia

    Jackman is 45 years old and should be back on Broadway or a musical motion picture. The way he trains for Wolverine is hard on his body. Let them find a young man who would be able to be Wolverine the rest of his life if they want to keep having Wolverine movies. I don’t read comic books and don’t see Wolverine movies. Jackman evidently enjoys making them, but he could have such a magnificent career on Broadway or making quality movies if he just would.