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‘Mission: Impossible 5′ Set For Christmas 2015

Ethan Hunt’s next mission will emphasize the word “impossible,” as he goes up against a more powerful foe than he’s ever faced before: the Star Wars franchise.

TheWrap reports Tom Cruise and producer J.J. Abrams’ next Mission: Impossible movie has landed a Christmas 2015 release date from Paramount Pictures. That puts the arrival of Mission: Impossible 5 just one week after the debut of Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII, the first installment in Disney’s new wave of films. Too much action-packed Abrams for one holiday season, or is there no such thing? Moviegoers will decide in just a little over two years from now.

Indeed, “crowded” is one way of looking at 2015, a year that already sees the release of comic book flicks The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Batman Vs. Superman and fellow blockbusters Jurassic World and a new Terminator in the summer season. Now, the holiday season of 2015 is just as packed, with Mission: Impossible now in the mix against Star Wars and other anticipated films such as Warcraft and Kung Fu Panda 3.


  • joe35

    After three increasingly-crappy sequels, I’m officially done with the M:I film franchise. A shame that such a fantastic first film couldn’t have any worthy sequels.

  • mel

    You must be on crack.

  • Poochy

    No, he’s just full of sh@t

  • John Wills

    Surprisingly part 4 kicked ass.