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Eight Villains That Have to Appear on Marvel’s Netflix Shows


With Netflix bringing four of Marvel’s cult favorite heroes to the small screen, there are possibly dozens of comic book bad guys waiting to make their Marvel Cinematic Universe debut. Even if Daredevil, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are four of the more street-level Marvel superheroes and could spend all of their televised exploits battling generic drug dealers and crime lords, they each have opponents that wouldn’t break any budgets and make for great television.

With that in mind, here are eight super villains that have to appear on the upcoming Netflix series – including the Defenders team-up mini-series.

BullseyeIt might be hard to erase Colin Farrell’s over-the-top performance as the master assassin in 2003’s live-action film from pop culture’s memory, but there’s no reason why Netflix’s Daredevil shouldn’t try. After all, Farrell’s goatee’d interpretation was so different from the darkly disturbing comic book character, it’s possible that a faithful portrayal of Lester wouldn’t even be recognizable as the same villain. Bullseye’s ability to never miss his mark is both deadly and cheaply accomplished, making him an ideal candidate for inclusion.

ElektraElektra Natchios needs redemption. That can be said for the love interest-turned-assassin herself as well as her general standing in the public consciousness. This great character has been sadly associated with two of Marvel’s least-respected films, and her film’s failure has been unfairly accused of keeping solo heroines off the big screen since 2005. If anyone needs redemption more than Daredevil, it’s Elektra – and here’s hoping that the Netflix series will give this character the showcase and development fit for one of Marvel’s most complicated anti-heroes.

Hardcore-squareLuke Cage needs a small-screen archenemy, and that archenemy could easily be Hardcore. This assassin tormented Cage during his short-lived ongoing series in the early ’90s before literally exploding into obscurity. While he may not have flashy powers, he does possess augmented hands that enable him to slice through steel and a kinetic Kevlar vest that allows him to withstand blows from the super strong Cage. If Marvel’s big screen endeavors are resurrecting forgotten characters like Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Collector, then there’s no reason why Hardcore couldn’t run amuck on Luke Cage.

KingpinWhereas Bullseye and Elektra might face a few obstacles on their way to the small screen, the Kingpin’s inclusion in Daredevil is pretty much a necessity. Considering newly appointed writer Drew Goddard’s affinity for Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli’s Kingpin-centric “Born Again” storyline, the larger-than-life crime boss seems like a no-brainer for inclusion. Unlike most of the other villains on this list, the Kingpin’s position as the figurehead of the New York underworld makes him important enough to possibly appear in multiple episodes as he slowly tries to destroy Matt Murdock’s life.

Purple Man
Purple-ManWhen Brian Michael Bendis introduced the Purple Man into Jessica Jones’ back story in the character’s ongoing series Alias, he reinvented a D-List Marvel villain into a credible threat. The mental manipulator has gone from a nobody to the Hannibal Lecter of the Marvel Universe – except he also has mental powers. While the character’s oddball skin tone might not work in live-action, his mental powers and unrelentingly creepy vibe will still make him stand out.

Steel Serpent
Steel-SerpentEvery hero needs a polar opposite, and the martial arts master Davos provided Iron Fist with just that. As the Steel Serpent, this native of the mystical city K’un-L’un has even been able to absorb Iron Fist’s power into his own body. Including the Steel Serpent in Iron Fist would both allow for a natural exploration of the history of K’un-L’un and lead to the elaborate martial arts melees that fans expect out of a series starring Danny Rand.

Warhawk-squareThis little-known villain cut a swath through the Marvel Universe in the ’70s and ’80s, taking on everyone from Luke Cage and Iron Fist to the X-Men. Protected by his steel hard omnium skin, this ex-soldier sold his abilities as a marksman and proficient hand-to-hand combatant to the highest bidder – bidders that usually wanted someone dead. With his strong comic book ties to both halves of the Heroes for Hire, he could be the one villain to tie the Luke Cage and Iron Fist series together.

Wrecking Crew
Wrecking CrewWhen all of these heroes come together in The Defenders, they’re going to need a threat worthy of their might. The Wrecking Crew can pose at least one threat during the course of the mini-series. The quartet of super-powered powerhouses debuted in a Defenders comic guest-starring Luke Cage, giving them solid ties to the Netflix franchise. The villains also derive power from Asgardian sorcery, meaning that their involvement could allow for a natural tie-in with the big-screen Thor franchise. Since all of their powers are crushingly physical, that also means they’re easy to translate to television. Let’s hope that The Defenders puts the Wrecking Crew to work.


  • Thanos

    Bring on Taskmaster! He needs to be on one of these or SHIELD season 2.

  • sladewilson

    Moses Magnum anyone? And bring the daughters of the dragon into the mix because Colleen Wing and Misty Knight need to be on TV plus Misty has ties to Cage, Fist and DD.

  • blkson

    Moses Magnum for Luke

  • Eddie S.

    I think I’d rather save Kingpin, Bullseye, and Elektra for future seasons of Daredevil. I think Mr. Fear would make a good Big Bad for the initial story arc.

  • Elias Algorithm

    There’s always The Owl.

    No, I didn’t write that with a straight face.

  • Pointy Ears

    The Kingpin needs his own series. A godfather like rise to power.

  • Richard Casey

    Elecktra, Kingpin and Bullseye are no brainers. I do hope that the Jessica Jones series is less of a super hero series and more of a film noiry, detective story type show set in the DCU.

  • TheTickSP

    The Wrecking Crew may very well be established in the next Agents of SHIELD

  • cKHAVIKk

    SHIELD season 2?
    As if that’s likely to happen!!

  • Ramsey Zeitouneh

    You mean Marvel U?

  • Killjoy

    It’s already been ordered

  • Kyle

    The Punisher. Sure he might not necessarily be a villain, but he is closer to one then he is a super hero, and he has always worked well as a foil for Daredevil. The two have diametrically opposing view points and Punisher as a “villain” in a season of DD tv show would be amazing, and set some ground work for some Punisher solo projects.

  • Alex W

    If Arrow can get a second season, SHIELD can definitely get a second season.

  • James Lewis

    I like the hardcore suggestion. I was a fan of his when he came out. Taskmaster has got to happen, he’s not powerful enough to be a big bad in the cinematic universe, but (as long as you ignore his extremely stupid origin story) he’s been a pretty great villain for a long period of time. I absolutely hope that these new Netflix titles are more along the lines of the cinematic universe than trying to be gritty/real life like Arrow.(mind you I like Arrow a lot, but I want comic book shows)

  • J.p. Ducey

    Really Good List Actually. Kingpin, Bullseye & Elektra absolutely need to be in the Daredevil Show. Purple man started out as a Daredevil villain, but is really the nemesis of Jessica Jones now. And of Course that makes him a Luke Cage foe as well. Luke Cage doesn’t have a great Rogue gallery but there’s potentially a few hidden gems in there. Warhawk is definitely one of them. Willis Stryker, Shades, Comanche, Coachroach Hamilton and Piranha Jones will also fit in well. Iron Fist is the most intriguing because we dont know how much the show will tie into Kun Lun. His Archenemy is Master Khan, and Harold Meachum was his father’s former partner/murderer.

  • Black Doug

    Any list that has both Hardcore AND Warhawk on it deserves major kudos. (I don’t think Hardcore even has an OHOTMU profile…)

    Another 80s/90s obscure baddie, Shotgun, should form a team with them.

  • Steve G.

    Apparently, Kingpin is still with Sony and was only on loan to Fox for the Daredevil movie and not back with Marvel. Not saying it couldn’t happen again with this, though.

    That said, I was always a big fan of the DD/Punisher dynamic. I’d like to see that played out at some point.

  • aries4875

    Let’s not forget that sabertooth started as a iron fist villian

  • DarthTigris

    Man … and I thought DD had a limited rogues gallery …

  • kalorama

    Hardcore? Never heard of him. And I think I preferred it that way.

  • cKHAVIKk

    Link me to where it says that.
    As far as I know, it’s only been picked up for the rest of this season.

  • Zarathos No Daimaōh

    ” forgotten characters like Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Collector”

    Really ? the guy was used like last year in an Avengers Assemble book . And in 2011 he was even in Astonishing Thor with a redesign of sort . And Before that he was in Hulk (when Red Hulk first appeared ) .

    Many characters wish they had been forgotten like that the past 3 years …

  • Zarathos No Daimaōh

    whatever we think of the serie , it’s bound to happen imo , even eventually on Netflix . It can literally serves as a free prologue tie-in to Avengers , on top of Thor 2 , GoG and Cap

  • Timmy

    ugh SHIELD is such a bad show. I’d rather get a colonoscopy than sit through an episode of SHIELD

  • Timmy

    Doctor Doom needs to be on this list. I loved when Luke Cage beat the stuffing out of him

  • GuardiansFan

    it hasn’t happened yet. The only thing thats been confirmed is they picked up a full season. I still think you might season a season 2 but it all depends how much further it dips.

  • Kyle Rayner

    As much as it would be awesome to see the Wrecking Crew, I really would rather them be in Thor 3 a long with the Enchantress and Scurge

  • J Schippnick

    Disney already ordered a Season 2. The show is ratings gangbusters. Like they would squash their own money maker. That’s laughable.

  • J Schippnick

    Have you not seen the last four episodes of SHIELD? They keep getting increasingly better.

  • J Schippnick

    You mean MCU?

  • J Schippnick

    Why would a character that is currently owned by Fox be in a Marvel Studios production? Unless the FF4 reboot doesn’t happen next March, we won’t be seeing Doom in a really long time.

  • J Schippnick

    Too many villain syndrome if that happens.

  • Dale C Twigg

    I would personally like to see Bushwacker. He would be great for DD. Shield is easy……HYDRA!!!! Baron Zemo. WTF give us villains already.

  • Dalarsco

    I’d like to see them introduce a few potential Thunderbolts. Songbird, Mach IV, Fixer, Zemo.

  • Chuck777

    Which is about as strange as Wolverine starting as a Hulk villain.

  • Chuck777

    Sony may have the rights to Kingpin in the big screen but that contract may not specify TV shows, let alone digitial-first shows.

    Wolverine pops up in Super hero Squad all the time. Plus, Sony doesn’t have the rights to Spider-Man on TV. So I think it is safe to assume that Disney can put Kingpin in the Netflix shows.

  • Chuck777

    Kingpin might serve as a great villain for the Defenders.

  • Chuck777

    Somebody hasn’t seen the last few episodes. Its getting better and better with each episode.

    Also, it will get renewed for another season because a) the show is a good entry point for non-nerds and b) can help promote all the other things that are going to be going on in the MCU. Plus, Coulson is awesome.

  • Dalarsco

    Yeah, Wrecking Crew has always been such a general MU villain group despite the Thor origins that it makes sense to use them for TV. They don’t bring enough to the Thor mythos to waste time on their inclusion. Plus, movie Thor is so high powered that they wouldn’t be a credible threat.

  • Kyle Rayner

    If done right, I think they would be able to avoid it. If they made it more like a gauntlet challenge throughout the movie, I think it could be done.

  • Alex H

    There are some solid choices on that list but I do find myself wanting to see some of Cage’s awful/amazing 70s rogues gallery like Cockroach Hamilton (a guy whose ‘power’ is owning a 6 barrelled.shotgun) and Mr Fish (a fishman mobster). I havd a strange feeling that I might be disappointed on that count.

  • Bonesrot

    I don’t like our chances of seeing Kingpin unfortunately. As a Spider-Man villain Marvel sold the rights to use him to Sony. He was only in the DD movie as part of a deal.

  • Leo F

    Yeah, Victoria Hand is in it now and I’m guessing she’ll be a recurring character.

  • Leo F

    Kingpin is big enough to provide the connective tissue between all four characters: they’re all investigating different mysteries and they all lead to Fisk. Punisher would also be an excellent anti-villain to use in any or all of the series.

  • Observer

    Seeing how Del Toro’s portraying him in GOTG, I’m starting to wish they would forget him for a little while. And he was the villain in the first comic I ever bought, a Marvel Team-up of Spider-Man and Alpha Flight. Just saying the characterization seems that off.

  • Observer

    They’re not really tied in enough to Ragnarok (if they used as rumored) to be a real part of Thor 3. That said, if they’ve already been introduced via Shield/Netflix by then, they would make a good opening melee, to establish Thor as spending more time as an Earth based hero, before getting called home again.

  • John

    I agree, Daredevil needs to be treated like Lost with a clear plan for each season. Season One needs to be the Origin, Karen Page, Battling Jack Murdoch, The Owl, Stilt Man, The Enforcers, etc. Season Two you bring in Kingpin, finale you do the first Bullseye appearance. Season Three you do Elektra, kill her at the end, Season Four you run the Born Again storyline Season Five you set up for your finale which you base on Kevin Smith’s Daredevil run.

    After that every season is a maybe
    Season Six – Bendis “Outing Murdoch”
    Season Seven – Brubaker “Prison”
    Season Eight – Mila, Mr Fear etc, The Hand
    Season Nine – Waid…just escapades type deal.

    The material is there to make Daredevil run for 10+ seasons no character in the Marvel universe is setup to run episodically and seasonally

  • McGygas

    TV Shows, no thanks

  • Steve G.

    True, but I believe Kevn Feige stated that they’re still with Sony and that it applied to live-action TV. Honestly, I have no clue. I hope I’m wrong for sure.

  • Axehorn99

    I think Kingpin should be the over arching villian of them, with each minor villian being approached by kingpin’s associates to build a team or something needing a hero team-up (since Kingpin fits into everyone’s storyline, at least for the background)

  • Chuck777

    Me too!

  • cKHAVIKk

    What about Hellcat, then?
    Black Cat?

    Where would it all end?!

  • cKHAVIKk

    And getting scrumped by Luke Cage.

  • percane

    i think it was a mistake to schedule it across from NCIS. i think they’ll try it on a new night before they go the cancellation route

  • Tal9922

    Arrow is significantly superior to SHIELD, so I don’t know that I’d use that comparison.

  • Alex W

    Please, do explain how Arrow is “significantly” superior? Are you just blown away by that amazing acting and soap opera scripting? Honestly, both shows are pretty equally bad. Right now I think SHIELD is getting worse response because it’d been built up so much.

  • Tal9922

    Arrow DOES have (mostly) consistently great acting, Oliver, Thea, Det. Lance, Felicity, Diggle, Merlyn (Sr. +Jr.), Moira, Roy and probably a few others are all characters I could imagine disliking but the actors managed to make them endearing and, more importantly, convincing. (The exception here is, obviously, Laurel.)

    As for the script, I would say season 1 is a fine example of expertly crafted, long term storytelling, with both the island and present storylines unfolding in unpredictable, yet ultimately logical and satisfying manners. (Killing off Tommy, Making the hero fail, etc.). Also, Arrow has motherfucking Slade Wilson.

    I do agree that SHIELD has been over-hyped, and that in time it may grow into something impressive. But when Arrow was at the point SHIELD is now, it was already considerably less messy.

  • TheRealTimewarp

    I’d like to see Mr.Negative make an appearance

  • Old Timer

    It will matter how dark the director wishes to go, which villains would prove the best to introduce into the series. The Owl works easily as a tenement owner seeking the best way to profit, and willing to use enforcers to get his money, hurt, or torching… the Gladiator offers a psycho macho fighter who pushes the death tally. Daredevil needs someone spooky and solid to show off his moves, and Gladiator is tough enough to take the shots… Between Mr Fear & Purple Man, which lends itself to more plots? People fleeing, or people under anothers control forced to do what they wouldn’t?… Warhawk, Constrictor & Sabretooth all matched up to Heroes for Hire as enforcers… Death Stalker as a ghost that kills by touch is terror in its fullest… One thing that separates Daredevil from most fighters is his ability to fight on rooftops, on fire escapes, on the ground, and in tight areas – a flyer like Vulture takes him upward. A Moon Knight-like acrobat with a glider cloak (made bad) or rebuilt Prowler is perfect for rooftops and side of buildings. Lizard offers terror in the sewers. The Cobra Mr Hyde team offers a wrecker that takes all his shots, mixed with a slippery flexable wallcrawler with poison darts who can be fought anywhere, and tries to escape… If the mood is lighter throw in Jester, Black Cat & Batroc… if the mood is darker, build up to Kingpin ruling over all with Electra, Bullseye, Typhoid Mary & Kirirgi… The Wrecking Crew is too one dimensional a threat that could take too much damage. Mix a strike team with Mr Hide, Cobra, a sniper, Sabretooth, a martial artist and Shrike and the Defenders are better tested.

  • shield10

    thats true. in the thor 2 tie in we get that rage stick of asgardian origin. sounds like someones certain crowbar anyone?

  • sladewilson

    Why Hellcat or Black Cat? Moses Magnum has history with Luke and the DotD have history with IF. Makes sense.

  • Rick McCallister


  • JML-g

    Made me laugh with this