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Adam Driver Denies Nightwing Rumors

Rumors persist that Batman’s first sidekick Dick Grayson is featured in director Zack Snyder’s upcoming Batman Vs. Superman, with Girls actor Adam Driver the frontrunner for the part. However, that’s news to the actor.

“Not that I know of, no,” Driver told Collider about playing Nightwing in the Man of Steel sequel. “If you find out, let me know, then I’ll know.”

“[It’s] intensely flattering as you can imagine,” he added. “I mean, it’s Batman and Superman. Who doesn’t want to be involved in something not only of that scale but of who those characters are? That’s an incredible world to be able to be in for a bit. Like, who wouldn’t want to do that?

Wants aside, it sounds like word of Driver’s trip to Gotham City was premature. Don’t cross his name off the list just yet, but we can downgrade the threat level a notch or two.

(via Dark Horizons)


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  • Nathan Daniels

    He’s not right for Nightwing. Jason Todd, perhaps. But not Dick Grayson.

  • Chuck777

    He’d be a good Jason but not Dick.

  • SJNeal

    He’s not even a good Jason. The Mad Hatter? That I could see…

  • Ryan

    Im thinking Clayface… little makeup would be needed – hes a mess…

  • ticklefist

    What is it about this guy that brings out the superficial gay dudes?

  • george bunbury

    To the batpoles, Dick – & bring the lube!