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Chris Pratt on the Humor of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

There’s a lot of talk about the tone of Guardians of the Galaxy, based on footage premiered at Comic-Con International and other conventions earlier this year. James Gunn’s space-spanning epic appears to be goofier than any of the Marvel Studios films released thus far, that’s for sure. But it also has Thanos as a key antagonist, and he’s no laughing matter — most of the time, anyway.

So, what’s the deal? Is Guardians a comedy, or a drama? The answer is a bit of both, according to Chris Pratt.

“I think it should be really fun,” the Star-Lord actor told The Huffintgon Post. “But, that being said, it takes the dramatic beats seriously. I men, it takes itself seriously when it needs to. Just as a whole it doesn’t take itself too seriously. But, it definitely takes it’s dramatic moments seriously. And the dramatic arcs and the bits of emotion that you’re supposed to feel something that you’re supposed to feel something that I think you really will. But, hopefully, it will be because it’s anchored to this comedy. Like, to the comedy that lives in it. If you tie comedy and drama together, than you don’t have to go as big to get laughs and you don’t have to go as big to get a real emotional response.”

Guardians of the Galaxy lands in theaters on Aug. 1, 2014.


  • dekko

    The comedy worked in “Avengers”, totally killed “Iron Man 3″ and undermines the drama in “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” (imo) I guess we’ll see where “GotG” fits into this.

  • Vizator

    Chris Pratt seems to be the male Rosario Dawson. He’s inexplicably popular and in demand but has no decernable talent.

  • JPaulBeaubier

    Comedy didn’t hurt “Thor: TDW” either.

  • LikeReally

    Whoever wrote this article did not reread or edit it before posting because there are major grammatical errors…seriously, spellcheck is your friend!!!

  • Nosferomas

    If the horrible Thor 2 after credit scene with Benicio Del Toro in Drag is any indication then i will wait for the dvd.

  • George Talbot

    Comic books are innately comedic. :)

  • George Mitchell

    I thought the humor was rather flat in “Avengers”, but was great in “Iron Man 3″… However, I’m still not sure what they’re doing with “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

  • Nosferomas

    Well, that’s just like your opinion man. For me, the humour ruined the movie. Gropping jokes in the middle of the climax ? are we serious ?

  • Steven Mckee

    I liked Avengers because the humour was used sparingly. Iron Man 3 and Thor it was just too much.

    They really need to tone it down. Less is sometimes more and in the Marvel films that in my opinion is what is needed.

  • jgraff

    Unfortunately, Marvel misread the general love for Downey Jr’s performance as “the audience wants quipping at all times.” There is so much emphasis put on comedy in IM3 and Thor2 that the funny bits are the only things worth watching. Imagine Dark World with the million jokes taken out – it would just be an episode of Stargate Atlantis.

  • Scott

    I wouldn’t have agreed until I saw Thor TDW. Comedy does a lot to endear people and gives people outside of the 18-49 male demo to come out and see it but it’s getting a bit extreme. It undermined the serious moments in Thor and I honestly came away thinking it was more of a comedy then anything else.

  • andrew11

    I feel… almost the exact opposite. I liked the humor of Iron Man 3, I thought the humor in The Avengers undermined the drama a little bit (particularly RDjr, who seems a little bored with the character), and I think that SHIELD needs more humor. Its drama undermines itself.. by being quite dull.

    Both Thor movies also had a welcome dose of humor.

  • Neil Kapit

    Someone needs to watch Parks and Recreation…

  • Leandro Moreira Duarte

    The humor was the only thing from Thor: TDW that worked for me (or most of it, anyway). I don`t think it undermined the serious moments at all. The major problem was how flat and undramatic those supposedly serious moments felt (except maybe for SPOILERS SPOILERS the death of Freya).

  • SprechenSieDouche

    green lantern was a huge hit, right?

  • philgreen

    The guy has comic timing. You can’t teach it, you either have it or you don’t and he has it.

  • Chuck777

    No but the farce that was Iron-Man 3 was a massive success.

  • Chuck777

    The problem was that the villain was a blank, emotionless slate. Its hard to be dramatic when fighting a plank of wood.

  • Chuck777

    Avengers was a comedy by comparison to IM1 and Thor 1, while Thor 2 and IM3 are comedies compared to Avengers.

  • Panji

    Chris Pratt needs to read the Annihilation Conquest: Star-Lord miniseries. If he can be channel THAT Peter Quill Into his character in the movie, it should be great. And yes, Thor: The Dark World had way too many unnecessary comedic moments (especially the ones including Ian and Darcy; Thor being “jealous” just moments after Loki’s sacrifice also killed the significance of said sacrifice, for me).

  • JPaulBeaubier

    Plurality of ideas and opinions: I support.