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Keanu Reeves ‘Would Like to Have Played John Constantine Again’


David S. Goyer, maybe you should give Keanu Reeves a call.

As we reported in September, the Man of Steel screenwriter is teaming with The Mentalist’s Daniel Cerone for Constantine, an NBC pilot based on DC Comics’ cynical occult detective. It’s a role infamously portrayed by Reeves in the 2005 Warner Bros. supernatural thriller that took a few liberties with the Alan Moore creation, most notably changing John Constantine from a Brit to an American.

It’s also the one role the actor turned director says he would have enjoyed reprising.

“I would like to have played John Constantine again,” Reeves told Vanity Fair. “I liked playing that character and there seemed to be a way to continue that. That’s the only one that comes to mind.”

His fondness for the character probably shouldn’t come as a surprise, as he said even before the film’s release that he’d consider a sequel.

“You know, my contract didn’t have a second film, but myself and some of the producers and Francis Lawrence, the director, and I certainly would … because we fell in love with the guy. I fell in love with the guy,” Reeves told ComingSoon in 2005. “I had one of the best times I’d ever had working on a film working on this particular project.”

Of course, comic-book fans are probably as excited for Reeves to play Constantine again as the actor is to return to television (hey, he provided the voice of Ted “Theodore” Logan during the first season of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures). But there’s always Guillermo del Toro’s Dark Universe project …

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  • Nate

    There have been less than five movies that I’ve ever turned off before finishing, but that Constantine movie was one of them. Just an awful, awful movie with terrible pacing and horrible characterization.

    You may want to play the character again, Keanu, but no fan of the character wants you to.

  • Nosferomas

    I am a huge Hellblazer fan, he is my no 1 favourite comic book character and although the movie took a few liberties too many i really liked it. I like both Francis Lawrence’s work and Keanu Reeves and a sequel wouldn’t hurt BUT !!!! now we have a chance of getting the real John Constantine(TAINE !!) so please step aside.

  • Kenny Pick


  • Timmy

    Really enjoyed Constantine. One of those gems that comes around every few years. Good cast, acting and plot. One of those underrated movies that deserves a sequel.

  • Josh Parra

    Not true. He wasn’t the Constantine we know and love, but I enjoyed the guy and would have liked to see him again.

  • The Troll Hunter

    Tim Roth did TV a little while ago on Lie To Me. I hope that he gets considered for the TV characterization!

  • Laura

    I just hope Zatanna shows up!!

  • Michael Busuttil

    Constantine is one of those movies that’s surprisingly good – provided you ignore the fact that it’s named after a piece of source material that’s completely different to it. If it had had a different name on it, I suspect it would have been pretty decently received by the geek crowd. (See also: I, Robot.) Of course, if it had had a different name, it probably wouldn’t have been made, so…

  • Panji

    Keanu, you can’t even fake an English accent (Much Ado About Nothing), much less actually being English. For me, the character of John Constantine (and his supporting cast, like Chas) should use a similar template as James Bond & Sherlock Holmes: All English/British, all London, all the way. Hellblazer has the opportunity to be an iconic franchise, be it cinema or TV series. Just stay true to the source. Not rocket science. So, no, Keanu…Just…no.

  • sam

    It’s funny but that’s the same way I feel about the Total Recall remake(director’s cut). Other than the idea of fake memories and a few other things that movie has nothing to do with the original movie. It’s a pretty cool movie if it was named anything else.