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Five Spider-Man Spin-Offs Sony Has to Make


After Marvel Studios’ success with last year’s Avengers extravaganza, every film studio with a superhero in their stable has upped their game. Warner Bros. tossed Batfleck into the Man of Steel sequel, Fox put pretty much every actor who’s ever been an X-Man into X-Men: Days of Future Past, and now it looks like Sony is dead set on building a cinematic universe around the one big name on its roster: Spider-Man.

“We are going to access Marvel’s full world of Spider-Man characters,” said Sony Pictures Entertainment Co-Chairman Amy Pascal at an investor presentation, “so be on the lookout for new heroes and villains.” This makes sense considering Amazing Spider-Man 2 director Marc Webb’s admission that the yes-it’s-already-been-announced “Amazing Spider-Man 4might not just be a Spider-Man movie.”

If Sony’s looking to expand the wall-crawler’s universe, here are five characters and concepts ready to headline their own film.

Black Cat
Black-Cat-160It’s time for Marvel to show the world that DC isn’t the only comic book publisher with a feline femme fatale. Unlike Catwoman’s most recent big screen interpretations, a Felicia Hardy film could make a name for itself by highlighting the character’s feisty attitude and knack for getting herself into absolutely bonkers heist situations. There may even be a precedent for this being set in next summer’s Amazing Spider-Man 2: Subtitle TBD. It’s been rumored that actress Felicity Jones has been fitted for a metaphorical cat suit, meaning that this spin-off could happen sooner rather than later.

Venom-160Of Spider-Man’s entire supporting cast, only one character has near-universal name recognition – and that character is Venom. Since the Eddie Brock iteration of the symbiote-powered antihero made his unceremonious debut in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3, the rebooted Spidey-verse would be wise to bring the modern comic book Venom to the big screen. Flash Thompson, after losing both of his legs while on a tour of duty, becomes exposed to the Venom symbiote and transforms into a super-powered government agent. The partnership’s an uneasy one – imagine if the Colonial Marines from Aliens were bonded with the vicious xenomorphs – and it would make for an incredibly thrilling action movie, unlike any comic book movie we’ve seen before.

Silver Sable
Silver-Sable-160If Marvel’s not going to make a Black Widow movie, then maybe Sony can beat them to the punch with Silver Sable. While the mercenary might not care as much about the red in her ledger as long as she’s getting real paid, a movie starring Silver Sable would definitely feature its fair share of gun-slinging swagger and hand-to-hand mercilessness. Her position as a diplomat from the State of Symkaria and the CEO of Silver Sable International would also give the shoot’em up film a decidedly diverse tone, hopefully giving us the “Rambo-esque character navigates boardroom politics” scene we’ve waited decades for.

Superior Foes of Spider-Man
Superior-Foes-160This ludicrous series by Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber is consistently the funniest comic book on the stands, meaning that it should be adapted into an equally ludicrous spin-off. The series, which follows eternally C-list bad guy Boomerang as he tries against all odds to form a new Sinister Six, shoots brilliantly crass jokes out of the mouths of lowlife losers, meaning that its alternate title could easily be It’s Always Sunny In Marvel’s New York City. In fact, Sony should just give the film over to the Paddy’s Pub creators and cast and let them work their drunken, dirty magic.

Morbius-160It’s time to face facts: pop culture vampires aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Luckily Sony just so happens to have the rights to Marvel’s foremost bloodsucker – Morbius, the Living Vampire. “The Living Vampire”? If that doesn’t make for an eye-catching subtitle, then nothing does. The character definitely has an iconic look, with his white skin, fangs, disheveled black hair, and leather, pseudo-straight jacket costume. His unique origin would also allow for Sony to put a new spin on the vampire setup, should its popularity start to wane; Morbius is a chemically transformed pseudo vampire with all of the perks of being a creature of the night and none of the drawbacks. Plus, a film about Dr. Michael Morbius would be the first comic book film to star a Nobel laureate!


  • Matt Vermillion

    Um…Carnage? Maybe not as a lead but he’d make a VERY intense and interesting villain. How about Kraven the Hunter? Same deal but still. On another thread…am I the only one who thinks Dwayne Johnson would be AWESOME in either role? *plink, plink*

  • RY33

    Morbius. Yeah. I can see that one. But you know he wouldn’t end up anything like the character in the comic. Silver Sable would probably be a better TV show. Black Cat? Are you kidding me? Not only is she a clone of Catwoman but there is already a Catwoman movie with a fair amount of stink tied to it. There’s no way. Venom? I guess I’m one of the few people on Earth who doesn’t give a crap about Venom.

  • Thomas Kelley

    silver sable could easily be a tv show like 24 agent venom could be a movie but i think it works better as a tv show also maybe black cat could world work but idk

  • Ben

    Modern Catwoman is a clone of Black Cat. Catwoman was still wearing a purple dress and pulling cat-theme capers when Black Cat debuted.

  • Statham

    No, she’s really not. Cooke redesigned Catwoman to have a catsuit like the kind Diana Rigg would have worn in the Avengers, years ago, That’s entirely different than the fur-rimmed boob-exposing thing with an utterly useless domino mask that Felicia wears. No way in Hell does Black Cat ever get to play the ‘progenitor’ card ahead of Catwoman.

  • Richard Casey

    I don’t know whether most of these would count. Venom, sure, Black Cat, I imagine so. But Silver Sable? Superior Foes? I know they exist within the realm of Spiderman, but I can’t imagine Marvel would have given away those characters with Spidey. Morbius would be interesting, kinda feel like that character is his own thing, but maybe he’s one of theirs.

    But what about a Daily Bugle/Frontline flick? Make it a Pelican Brief thriller set in the Marvel U with Ben Ulrich as it’s lead.
    It’d be REALLY cool if they borrowed from The Clone Saga, introduced a version of Ben Reily and then spin him off as Scarlet Spider or maybe have him REPLACE Spiderman instead of recasting when Andrew Garfield eventually moves on.

  • lewis4510

    Of the above I’d say the front runners would be Venom, and Morbius. I just don’t think Black Cat would work as a solo film. She would work best as a sometime ally, sometime adversary of Spiderman just like she is in the comics.


    Dont forget THE PROWLER

  • Guest

    Slingers seems like an idea that could be exploited.

  • Mecha_the_Hedgehog

    Spider-Man 2099 that movie would be awesome I think future version of heroes can work Batman Beyond is proof of that. Also While i want a Venom movie the Flash version to me is to boring its just X-Force version of Spidey. The monster version done right would be so awesome to see on screen.

  • Mike James

    Look, I’m still dying to see the Brock Venom done right on screen, but I do agree the Flash version would make for an amazing movie; a black ops/war thriller meets superhero flick; but here’s how to do both: Introduce the villian/Brock version in a Spidey film, then after his defeat the govt seizes the symbiote, setting up Agent Venom for his own movie.

  • Mike James

    And yeah Superior Foes would be a hilarious and different comic movie but its too young & obscure/filled with characters the casual public doesn’t know, so I don’t see Sony risking the big bucks on a film like that.

  • Mike James

    Dwayne as Carnage? No way. Cletus Kassidy is a small, weasily psychopath (not to mention his trademark fire red hair)-
    As Kraven? It could work but I still don’t see it.

  • dekko

    – “Daily Bugle” as the tv show, if they go that way.
    — YES to Invitado for thinking of the Prowler – one of my first thoughts as well.(though admittedly a long shot)
    — I think Slingers would need way too much backstory before it could be launched.
    — YES to Spider-Man 2099. It has the name “Spider-Man.” which goes a long way and the 2099 environment offers a lot of potential. (as well as a reason why Peter Parker would not be involved)
    — It wouldn’t surprise me if they make Harry (who they already plan to introduce) into some iteration of Venom. It’s just plain cooler than any Goblin identity as the main character of a feature film and Harry has a closer connection to Peter than Flash.
    — LONG, long shots that I wouldn’t mind seeing: Puma, Tarantula, a quiz show hosted by The Answer…

  • CudaBiro

    Ha! These were actually my top 5 choices.

  • PietroMaximoff

    how about a Miles Morales film??
    that would be nice.
    and Silver Sable?? boooring!

  • Happily LS

    I’d rather Sony made no more movies so that the rights reverted to Marvel.

  • GP

    Black Cat – nope, never saw her as more than a comedy sidekick

    Venom – maybe, newest version more likely than previous teeth monster versions

    Silver Sable – with a name change maybe

    Superior Foes – nope, TV series at best

    Morbius – “Marvel’s foremost bloodsucker”, you do know they use Dracula as a character right?

  • Drew_Melbourne

    The problem with Morbius is that the premise is basically “Ugly Twilight.”

  • cameron

    Correct. I hate when people say that Black Cat is a rip-off of Catwoman. Not only did Black Cat debut with the look first (Catwoman came first,but not in what she was wearing today),but she also had the iconic kitty-personality as well. But I like Catwoman more.

    I absolutely LOVE when people say that Black Cat is a rip-off of her. It’s like saying that Hawkeye is a rip-off of Green Arrow,even though the two have absolutely NOTHING in common other than using f*cking bows. If people think that one is a rip-off of the other,then they are f*cking idiots and should read comics instead of making such superficial,weak links between two completely different characters.

  • Eno Har

    All these suggestions could work in there own ways, if they were handled correctly. Superior Foes would be a fun show. Silver Sable and the Wild pack can act like Sony’s mini version of Shield. Sable recruits Agent venom to hunt Carnage post symbiote arc involving Parker and Brock. They would have to re-invent Black cat to make her into a relevant solo act. Morbius really is better suited in a Blade movie though. Marvel could really do with him if the kick off there supernatural phase. Dr Strange, Ghost Rider, Blade etc

  • mel

    Thanos is a ripoff of Darkseid.

  • serenityq2

    YES! to black cat. been saying it for years. just do it sony. forgot all about silver sable. just who is part of the spider-man deal? I’ve heard some fans talk about cloak and dagger but I never heard any official information. if they are all part of the deal then slowly introduce them into the spidey movies (small parts like nick fury and black widow had before avengers) then when we do solo films and a sinister six film where spidey calls his amazing friends in to help take them down

  • serenityq2

    I find it FUNNY that people cant admit they love something/someone who isn’t original. its ok, it doesn’t make them any less awesome if they aren’t original. I absolutely LOVE catwoman, have every comic she ever appeared in but im not going to lie and say she is original. she is a ripoff of the pulp hero miss fury, everyone who is comic historian buff knows that. and black cat is ripoff of catwoman, maxima of jean grey, and so on and so on.

  • serenityq2

    morbius isn’t supernatural, he’s a man made vampire not a traditional mystically based creature. if they avoid doing his origin in the spidey films it could be a cool franchise. him dealing with his new nature, trying to build a life for himself. like a beauty and beast or phantom of the opera kinda thing. throw in liz allen as a love interest and some low rent villains like the rose or the owl and its comics at its best

  • LordAlaster

    the guy that played rorshach (sp?) would make a great cletus kassidy.

  • Kwai

    What I want to see, but I damn well know I never will is Spider Girl, and like what is said above Spiderman 2099. I absolutely loved both of them. Can’t stand normal spiderman, but LOVE the alternates