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J.J. Abrams Happy With New ‘Star Wars’ Release Date

jj abrams

Even without any official casting announcements, we now know exactly when to expect Star Wars: Episode VII. The first film of the Disney-owned Star Wars era arrives on Dec. 18, 2015, just a little more than two years away. In a new interview, director J.J. Abrams explained why the holiday release date is much better and more realistic than initial reports of a summer 2015 release.

“Before I even came onto the project they were talking about 2015 and they made this announcement very early on — which I understand, and I understand why they would want that, but it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the reality of where anyone was creatively, so I think it’s a hugely important thing that [the creative aspect] comes first,” Abrams told MTV. “A release date’s great, but you have to release something great. To me, the new release date is a huge improvement.”

Elsewhere, Abrams spoke with Total Film about shooting the Star Wars sequel in London — an exciting, yet daunting prospect for the director.

“I’m torn because I have done everything I can to keep the production of my projects in Los Angeles,” he said. “Yet the opportunity to work with U.K. crews is something that has always been a dream of mine. Of course, that dream existed prior to me being married and having a family, so the reality of making a movie like that for any period of time becomes much more difficult when there are other people that you desperately love and care for involved.”

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  • Jeff

    Dudes wife is Katie McGrath…model/actress….JJ…go make the money….you need to….your family can wait….and they will…..if you go make the money.

  • BarryTheMuslim

    Why put Americans to work when you can help fund the UK?

  • Thawed

    Overtaxation and regulation on the film industry in California are why places like Georgia are boom states for the entertainment industry. I would love for them film just once scene here.

    They do put Americans to work- they travel to the remote locations and studios.

    Movies also are not a national product. Films depend on worldwide sales.

    Star Wars has been filming in London since A New Hope. Not really getting your point.

  • Chuck777

    Because California is being short sighted. The film industry (both Movies and TV) are all moving out of Hollywood and into places like NYC, Vancouver and, apparently, Georgia(?) as well as places farther afield because their governments incentivize film companies with tax breaks and other promotions.

  • Chuck777

    Dear Mr. Abrams,

    Please don’t ruin Star Wars the way you bastardized Star Trek.


    A devoted Trekker and a Warsie.