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‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Upsets Hindu Group

agents of shield-the well

A Hindu group has called on ABC to apologize following an episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. that suggested the god Vishnu, like the hero Thor, might be an alien.

In the Nov. 19 episode, which tied into the events of Thor: The Dark World, Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) and hacker Skye (Chloe Bennett) have an exchange designed to deliver exposition about the Asgardians, who in the Marvel Universe are ancient aliens who were mistaken for gods when they visited Earth thousands of years ago. “Do you think other deities are aliens, too?” Skye asks. “Vishnu for sure, right?”

Rajan Zed, president of the Universal Society of Hinduism, thinks those lines are “inappropriate,” as they “unnecessarily drag a highly revered Hindu deity in a television episode and then create misinformation about the oldest and third largest religion among a large audience.”

In a statement, the organization stressed that Hindus support free speech, “But faith was something sacred and attempts at debasing it hurt the adherents. Television and Hollywood should be more conscious while handling faith related subjects, as television and cinema were very mighty mediums and these could create stereotypes in the minds of some audiences.”

Zed is calling on ABC and Marvel to apologize, and, in an effort to correct the “misinformation/misrepresentation,” “post information about Lord Vishnu and Hinduism on their respective websites.”

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  • Richard Casey

    Ugh… If they apologise for this, I’ll loose some serious respect for all involved. People need to stop pulling shit like this, and it’ll only happen when companies and such grow some backbone and not apologise to everyone who’s offended by something as trivial as a throw away line in a fucking tv show.

  • Chuck777


    She could have said anything from Ra, to Osiris, to Zeus to Mercury, to Baal. It is not like Vishnu poped up in spandex and saved the world. It was a lame joke.

    Did this organization complain when Stargate SG-1 actually used aliens posing as Nirrti and Kali? No. Then move on with your life.

  • Michael

    Sure… they’re fine with the Norse gods being aliens, but as soon as it’s one of their own deities, they get upset.

    With all due respect for their religion, it’s not like they actually had an actor playing Vishnu as an alien in the episode. People are too easily offended by little things.

  • PietroMaximoff

    do they even know the meaning of “fiction”?
    come on, it’s a tv show….

  • Charles J. Baserap

    Wow, another day ending with “y;” must be time for someone to be offended for absolutely no good reason and then for a company to needlessly apologize, thus de facto justifying the idiocy that people like this are.

  • Sibi

    I’m Hindu and I don’t see the big deal. This guy doesn’t really
    represent the views of most Hindus, he’s just an attention seeker.

  • Valeria Kementari

    I am disgusted by this. How can a show say that Thor is an alien? He’s clearly a God I gladly worship every time he’s shirtless on screen

  • Caio Ribeiro

    When we see Christ in the same situation?

    I think the reaction would be the same as that of a Hindu, If a Christian saw this situation.

  • volumedealer

    This is hilarious. “Didhejussay?”

  • Lyle

    Wow, its like people are just looking for something to be offended by.

  • Oculus Orbus

    Rajan Zed, Agent of V.I.S.H.N.U.

  • Ritik

    Wow! I’m Hindu myself and I’m seriously embarrassed by the actions of a select few misfits who can’t take anything with a pinch of salt. I wonder where these guys where when Supernatural hinted at a romantic past between the archangel Gabriel and the Hindu Goddess Kali….

  • Alex H

    I have to disagree with the general pattern of these – people have the right to be offended about things and voice their complaints – for it to be otherwise would be going down a very dubious road. The question is whether people should do anything about it – in this case I say no, it was a throwaway question by a character, not a stated fact of that universe, but compare to the fiasco around the game SMITE for example, where there were complaints about it being a game where you can control a “sexy” Kali in fights against other pantheon deities, I feel that was a valid complaint. If we want our culture and beliefs (whatever those might be) to be respected, that means showing respect to other people’s culture and beliefs.


    Why don’t I ever see any news stories about how offended I get at how easily offended religious people are?

  • MarvelKnowItAll

    You’re wrong. It was a marvel comics refrence. Vishnu IS a Odin-like being. Vishnu is a real character in the marvel universe. It was expanding the universe slowly as happens every ten seconds of the show. Ra and Osiris aren’t characters. Zeus could be.

  • MarvelKnowItAll

    Vishnu is a character. In the marvel universe he is a skyfather alongside Odin and Zeus each heading off their own pantheon.

  • Thanos
  • Jay

    Ritik’s mention of Supernatural is a very good point. Heck they had an episode where they had Satan wiping out a whole swath of deities from various religions. Compared to that, a throw away line in Agents of SHIELD is nothing really. People need to get a grip..

  • Chuck777

    My point wasn’t if he is or is not a character. My point was that they could have spouted off any old gods name and gotten the same chuckles. Vishnu did not appear, thus it was just a lame joke. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • LorrieKR

    We all know there would be a huge uproar if the program had suggested that Jesus was an alien, so why act like this particular group is being ridiculous?

    I don’t understand why Thor and the other Norse gods couldn’t just be gods in the MCU, just like they are in the comics. Are they not planning to feature any of the mystical characters, like Strange? And I suppose Hercules would just be another “alien”?

  • Amit

    Uh. As a Hindu myself, and I’m not the least bit offended by it. I mean, it’s a show based on a comic book universe. It’s not like the writers are setting out to prove the beliefs of Hindus wrong or are actually attacking us in any real way.

  • AJ

    Looking forward to your applause when next week’s episode features the line, “I used to know a Richard Casey. He was a fucking turd.”

  • Valeria Kementari

    Haven’t you seen Thor 2? Having them as aliens works two ways, one for establishing the Cosmic MU as being “closer” to Earth and easier to access and second to stop certain lunatics from saying there’s supposed to be only one god. Not that it helped with this lunatic who thinks his god was offended to be referred to as an alien

  • David99

    They should have said Jesus instead. It’d give them a nice ratings boost!
    BTW anyone offended so easily might want to either stay away from all forms of media or, you know, just lighten up.

  • Nissus
  • Alex Evans

    “we totally respect freedom of speech unless said speech refers to X, Y, or Z”

  • Gregory N. Baker

    I took it as ignorance from the character, not the show. Since when is Skye a theologian? She probably is reacting to the “alien” nature of a four-armed, occasionally blue skinned figure. That is the stereotypical view of Vishnu in the West, not as the supreme Bhagavan of the universe. Then again, I am a Christian, so my sensitivity may be off. I know I was mildly annoyed when Jesus was listed among the “fictional characters” in the Imaginationland episodes of South Park.

  • LightningBug

    Plenty of religious figures are constantly fictionalized and referenced in pop culture. If this had been a reference to my religion I wouldn’t have cared at all, which I know from all of the previous times figures from my religion have been fictionalized and and referenced in pop culture. ABC/Marvel: don’t apologize. The joke wasn’t offensive enough to warrant dignifying this attention seeker with a response.

  • Robert Rinehart

    I am tempted not to respond to such obvious attention-seeking, but why is it even offensive to say Vishnu (or any other godlike religious figure) is a being from beyond earth? Wouldn’t most of them need to be, by their very nature?
    More to the point, this is such a common theme in science fiction that pointing out an instance of it as being worthy of comment is meaningless.

  • MCharacter

    Yeah. Why didn’t they just say Jesus? In the comics and on TV writers always tread cautiously when it comes to the Christian God. In the Marvel and DCU heaven and hell exist, but do we ever actually see this god. Rarely. They have to be careful not to offend the majority.

  • AJ is a fucking turd

    Why? They didn’t call people who believe in Vishnu fucking turds. If they call Richard Casey an alien, I’m sure he’d be psyched, it would be a cool shout out.

  • Captain Zimbabwe

    Obviously they don’t know the meaning of “fiction,” they’re a religious group.

  • Guest

    Yeah, and they’d be wrong, too, but Marvel is afraid to upset them because that would impact their bottom line.

  • Jimmy Olsen Sr

    Nobody watches Supernatural or the CW. That’s why Smallville could stay on the air for 10 years.

  • twincast

    Oh for Vishnu’s sake! I can’t physically facepalm as much as I want to at that.

  • Fred

    Not to seem insensitive but people realize that agents of shield and the marvel universe is in no way real right? Really i think we might need to unplug as a society and get some perspective here. We might be loosing our grip a bit. And its not a complete shaming of your religion if some terrible show claims that your chosen deity is an alien is it? this is weird to me.

  • Bill T.

    “Everybody wants to get in on the act.” — Jimmy Durante.

  • rigmutton

    I guess that’s a Hin-don’t…

  • rigmutton

    By the way, laughed ruefully at:

    the organization stressed that Hindus support free speech, “But

  • Josh Brodriguez

    Oh my god, imagine they make Atlus apologize after calling all these Gods DEMONS in their SMT series.

  • kram

    I think it’s fair to call them out on this because Hinduism is as much on the same level as Christianity and Islam and some how I can’t imagine a Abc show saying Jesus or Muhammad are aliens.

  • Jin Hush

    Zeus more than likely is since many other Greek gods are.

  • boomer

    I’m pretty sure the line doesn’t say or even imply that Vishnu IS an alien, but simply Skye making a guess that it might be so… which also means that it might not be so. It’s the same as any other person in reality speculating about whether other gods are alien beings or not.
    This is why we have shows like Ancient Aliens on TV.

  • Antvasima

    I hope that the group does not read ‘:”God Is Dead”. In it the Hindu gods are belittled and slaughtered.

  • bart007

    Do you realize how many shows make fun of Christianity on a weekly basis just for laughs. Last week it was featured prominently in the CBS comedy Mom not to mention Two Broke Girls and I’m sure that Family Guy and Dads made some comment about Christianity or Judaism. Yet, I don’t see these groups calling for an apology from the networks when their religion is disparaged on a weekly basis.

  • bart007

    Do you watch TV and see how many shows ridicule Christianity and Jesus on a weekly basis and rarely a word is heard from any Christian on the subject and I don’t believe any network has ever apologized for the crassness of the subject matter towards Christianity or Judaism.

  • Kevin Crocker

    I fully agree with you Casey. The USA has turned into a nation of weak, spineless pussies. Everyone HAS to be offended by something.

  • Robyn

    Just like every major religion, there is a lunatic fringe that endlessly spends their days searching for imagined slights at which they can take feigned umbrage. The best thing to do for these gasbags is to simply let them spout until they get it out of their system and they move on to their next target of faked outrage.

    They are piffle and nothing more.

  • Kelly

    SHIELD should only have to apologize for stealing from Stargate SG-1.

  • Silk

    This is not the fire time a Hindu group has demanded an apology for a tv show’s so called “misrepresentation” of their gods.Xena the Warrior Princess aired an episode called “The Way” back in February 99 about Krishna (an avatar of Vishnu).

  • Silk

    Oops. “First” not Fire.

  • JozefAL

    At the same time, however, the story treats them AS gods–not mere aliens.

  • JozefAL

    Bart, you’re obviously not paying close enough attention. There is a LOT of criticism from “Christian” groups about the “ridicule” of Christianity and Jesus. (Don’t get me started on Fox “News”s annual “War on Christmas” garbage. A school decides to focus on more secular Christmas carols at the expense of sacred carols, and Fox “News” gets up in arms and publicizes the home addresses of school board members and school administrators so that the Fox “News” viewers can send “letters of concern” to them.)

    Of course, most people don’t really pay these groups that much attention because Christianity just happens to be the MAJORITY religion in this country. And let’s face it–Christianity got a major free ride from network television for the better part of 30 years while Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc, got bupkis. (And you still don’t see too many shows celebrating Hanukkah or Eid al-Fitr or Diwali or other NON-Christian holidays/festivities in comparison to “Christmas specials” and “Christmas special episodes.”)

  • Mieli

    If Marvel has the balls to suggest Muhammed was tripping balls in a cave I’ll say they don’t need to apologize to Hindus for the remark .

    No one wants offend the religion where so many adherents blow crap up though.

    Heck, just have someone ask a Muslim or Christian on the show what happened to all the Jews who died in the Holocaust. Damned for not believing in the Koran or Jesus respectively.

  • Mieli

    People do worship Thor in real life. They would never suggest Muhammed was visited by aliens as the origin for the Koran though.

  • Mieli

    Marvel is spineless, otherwise they’d suggest Islam was started by aliens.

  • Mieli

    Why not pick Ra or some other god less likely to offend? Though I’d only defend Marvel if they had the balls to say Islam is started by aliens.

    Heck, might explain all the terrorism – softening humanity up for invasion.

  • Mieli

    People love to make jokes about religion but no one touches precious Islam. Marvel is making a book sucking up to them with Ms. Marvel.

    I think only South Park’s creators had the courage to risk getting blown up.

  • Wayne

    Apparently dude needs to go check out and look up the stats and appearances of Vishu in the MU already. Also according them, so many Hindu readers were ticked off that Shiva could be defeated by Thor that they retconned it into Indra. I guess it’s OK to bag on poor old Indra, then.

  • Mieli

    Why? They didn’t say it should be illegal, they just asked for the respect Marvel is giving to Islam. Maybe if Hindus pull a 9/11 they’ll get a Ms. Marvel book?

  • bart007

    Really? Fox News that is like using MSNBC or CNN in defense of a liberal debate. My point being is that these groups may be complaining but they aren’t petitioning the networks to take the shows off the air or asking for apologies with information posted on their web sites about religion. I’m not taking a side in the argument whether Christianity gets more time or publicity it was whether the religious groups petition the networks that distribute this “religiously offensive” material for an apology my point being is that you have given one news network in defense of Christianity while the same networks with “Christmas specials” will show episodes that deride Christians and Jews without so much as a peep from the religious community asking for an apology.

  • karelbilek

    Was Jesus an alien, too?

  • Sentry616

    Adults with invisible friends are stupid.

  • JasonMBryant

    If a Hindu character made a joke about Jesus being an alien, I think that would be totally fair.

  • JasonMBryant

    Here’s why this conversation is silly. The character isn’t Hindu. They haven’t outright said that, but it’s a pretty safe assumption.

    If they *did* say that she’s not Hindu, nobody would have a problem with it. So that means that it is perfectly okay for the character to say, “I don’t believe the the Hindu gods were real.” Just like it is okay for someone who isn’t a Christian to say, “I don’t believe in the Christian god.”

    So if everyone agrees that the character doesn’t believe in the Hindu gods, then why is it a problem for her to say that she doesn’t believe in the Hindu gods?

    The people complaining haven’t thought this through. That’s not uncommon, the complaint would be just as unreasonable if it were coming from a Christian group.

  • The Cuban Linx

    Don’t apologize Marvel. This is just bullshit. The guy wants publicly for the Hindu religion, simple as! But really, aren’t gods described as some race of beings of a superhuman/supernatural origin that reside from another world/dimension? What’s his problem?

  • dswynne

    Wasn’t this the same group that complained about the Hindus gods being in “Xena: Warrior Princess” a while back?

    As person of faith, I could care less about what other people think or believe. However, I do think that there should be a balance of sorts on how myth, lore, fables and, yes, religion is depicted in film (movies or television). So, while I don’t mind, for example, Jesus being depicted as an alien (see: John Carpenter’s “Prince of Darkness”), I would definitely mind if he is mocked and denigrated as being “worthless” for his teachings. Same goes with any other ancient figure, whether or not he or she is actively worshiped today. In fact, we should all turn to “South Park” on how to depict religious historical figures, ala the episode “Super Best Friends”, as a means on hoe to approach religion in the Marvel Universe.

    As for this case: as established, gods and religious figures are “real” in the Marvel Universe, but are depicted as aliens who inspired humankind in one form or another. Marvel should just go with that, and flat out say that ALL worshiped beings and persons of the past were aliens, had inspired and interacted with humanity, and be done with it. And if the complaints continue after that, Marvel should put out a statement saying the Marvel Cinema World is not the real world. I would add that only opportunists would think otherwise, but that’s just me.

  • todd

    South Park and Family Guy make fun of religion and most people who disagree have learned to just accept it. This group wants attention plain and simple. What kind of person gets that upset over something like this?

  • Shaun

    Have you heard of Larry Fischer, Focus on The Family, One Million Moms, et al?

  • Shaun

    one. million. moms.

  • Tommy Rankin

    People and their religions… I wish some story dealt with all religions and gods as aliens. Think about the possibilities of a story where christian god/allah was some alien force like Phoenix or Galactus and angels were some alien heralds and satan could be leader of some opposing alien race. And Jesus, Mohammed and all prophets were some human alien hybrids! And then have them go to a war with other deities like those of hinduism and greco-roman and norse mythologies!
    Oh and for anyone who likes that idea check out a comic called Godysseus if you can, I’m not sure how easy it is to get and it is a crappy 90’s comic but has an awesome beginning with Jesus fighting Zeus and other greek gods after jumping off of cross

  • Tommy Rankin

    Well neither are gods but people still go on and on about them…

  • Tommy Rankin

    Well that is unfortunately true

  • Tommy Rankin

    People and their religions… I wish some story dealt with all religions and gods as aliens. Think about the possibilities of a story where christian god/allah was some alien force like Phoenix or Galactus and angels were some alien heralds and satan could be leader of some opposing alien race. And Jesus, Mohammed and all prophets were some human alien hybrids! And then have them go to a war with other deities like those of hinduism and greco-roman and norse mythologies!

    And besides, what do we think when we think of Aliens? We think of extra-terrestrial lifeforms, lifeforms who don’t live on earth so basically any and all gods are extra-terrestrials since they don’t live on earth obviously!

    Oh and for anyone who likes that idea check out a comic called Godysseus if you can, I’m not sure how easy it is to get and it is a crappy 90’s comic but has an awesome beginning with Jesus fighting Zeus and other greek gods after jumping off of cross

  • Morrison2525

    As much as I support freedom of expression, I can understand why some practitioners of religions want to protect their brands. To them, it may seem that their belief system is just one Letterman Top 10 list away from permanently losing its current share of the target market. I apologize to everyone who the preceding statements may have offended as well as to those who actually are offended and those who are not offended now but, after further consideration, may later be offended.

  • Tommy Rankin

    Yeah, people and their religions… I wish some story dealt with all religions and gods as aliens. Think about the possibilities of a story where christian god/allah was some alien force like Phoenix or Galactus and angels were some alien heralds and satan could be leader of some opposing alien race. And Jesus, Mohammed and all prophets were some human alien hybrids! And then have them go to a war with other deities like those of hinduism and greco-roman and norse mythologies!

    And besides, what do we think when we think of Aliens? We think of extra-terrestrial lifeforms, lifeforms who don’t live on earth so basically any and all gods are extra-terrestrials since they don’t live on earth obviously!

    Oh and for anyone who likes that idea check out a comic called Godysseus if you can, I’m not sure how easy it is to get and it is a crappy 90’s comic but has an awesome beginning with Jesus fighting Zeus and other greek gods after jumping off of cross

  • Dan

    Give me a fucking break and grow the hell up !

  • AjaxAscendant

    Dude, I’m Hindu from India, and I think our gods may have had some kind of extraterrestrial origin :p Epic fail, non-resident Indian defenders of Hinduism.

  • JasonMBryant

    The Ms. Marvel book isn’t sucking up. It’s a book about a Muslim girl written by a Muslim woman. That’s just as acceptable as a book about a Christian boy written by a Christian man. If the book is good, I’ll read it, if not I won’t. That’s all that matters.

  • Kano

    But the line is taken horribly out of context, Skye comes from a place of not having much knowledge about the deeper Marvel Universe and whatever deities may reside within it so they aren’t really creating misinformation by saying “Yeah Vishnu is an alien like Thor”. Had maybe Coulson said the line then that would have changed matters. At best it is a throwaway line.

    But of course It does seem inappropriate that to sidestep any backlash (especially from the Christian Belt) that Disney would say Vishnu and not say Jesus or a religion still in practice by the majority of AoS’s viewership and hence the feel offended in that it trivializes THEIR religion. Vishnu may have been incorporated very obscurely in a comic but this was clearly not an allusion to that. Either way all parties concerned should just chill.

  • digimuk

    Yea I find it weird they called Vishnu an alien, but not Jesus. Show equality

  • the_Hold_Steady

    I’ve heard of all of those groups and, yet, Two Broke Girls, Family Guy, South Park and all the other shows that poke fun at Jesus seem to stay on the air (which is not to imply that those are correct, just that they obviously don’t have as mush power as people want to think).

  • glacia

    As alien as any other deity.

  • glacia

    Religion is sadly one area where way too many people become not just thin skinned but skinless.

  • budman2008

    And if they had balls they’d imply Jesus was an alien.

  • Eddie S.

    This same episode also had a climactic battle in a church and claimed that one of the Saints is really just a horny Asgardian. The writers were obviously not singling out Hinduism.

  • Bobby Hiatt

    This is a PR tactic by small organizations to get their name out. Mr. Zed surely isn’t concerned about “misinformation” about a Hindu deity. I.e., this is a 4,000 year-old religion; that’s a pretty good head start against Marvel promulgating the suggestion that Vishnu is an alien. Just another group of whiners.

  • Saint_Jimmy

    People make jokes about Jesus all the time. Soutpark suggested Jesus was imaginary and spoofed him in multiple episodes and no one cares jackass. You wanna see some blood flow, make a comment about Mohammed. That would take real balls.

    This Hindu group needs to take a chill pill.

  • budman2008

    Yes, comedic cartoons often make fun of Jesus but no sci-fi show like SHIELD (or for a more apt comparison the Stargate shows) have had the balls to say “Jesus was an alien.” It’s quite a different thing in the context of a dramatic sci-fi show than it is in the context of an animated sitcom.

  • tapwaterisbetter

    I think you’re wrong, imagine the uproar if someone called Jesus an alien. We have to be fair about these things. Personally, I don’t care, but I think Marvel is right and being respectful to apologize for offending.

  • tapwaterisbetter

    When is Jesus imaginary in South Park. It seems that he is the son of god in South Park. You’re crazy to even suggest that, seriously I don’t know what is going through your head to antagonize extremist.

  • tapwaterisbetter

    THAT SOUNDS awesome. But, would cause too much of an uproar.

  • MyScienceCanBeatUpYourGod

    Whoa, really?

    I’m all down for subversive criticisms of religion, but for corporate-produced, globally marketed entertainment, basing fictional characters on contemporary religious figures doesn’t sound like the smartest idea. I figured there was very obvious strategy to have all the religiously inspired Marvel characters all draw from dead religions. If Vishnu were to appear in (what – the Dr Strange movie?) you could lose a good portion of potential audience among the world’s third largest religion.

    Imagine the sh*tstorm if there were a Marvel Superhero based on Mohammed…

  • MyScienceCanBeatUpYourGod

    Are there any Marvel characters based on Biblical/Abrahamic figures?

  • SageShinigami

    *reaches into his pockets, pulls out nothing but empty hands* Nope. Can’t seem to find a fuck to give.

    Call me when you’re mocked in pop culture as much as Christians, or used as terrorists as much as Muslims.

  • Saint_Jimmy

    Season 11, 3 episodes involving imagination land that showed Jesus as a resident, thus suggesting he’s imaginary. Which is totally fine since I think people should be able to joke about or write about anything. Freedom of expression and speech is important, and nothing should be barred. If people are offended then don’t watch. My point was that it doesn’t take balls to joke or suggest anything about Jesus b/c there’s no physical backlash from Christians. But it does take balls to do it about Islam b/c of the hoards of extremist followers that exist within that religion.

  • Saurav Mohapatra

    Hmmm, I wonder if Rajan Zed has ever read Lord of Light by Roger Zelzany? I actually found that joke pretty funny :) more power to Agents of SHIELD!

  • Voice of Reason

    Yup. Considering HERCULES and ARES have been members of the Avengers, i’d call that a certainty.

  • Hindu Fanatic

    I am hindu. You have full permission to say whatever you want about my Gods. My faith is sacred and my Gods have a sense of humour by protesting such trivial comments Rajan Zed, president of the Universal Society of Hinduism has debased it. He needs to apologize to all hindus for being an intolerant zealot which real hindus are not.

  • Joe

    This is silly, it just opens up the door to cinema, everyone knows Vishnu now.

  • Brian Thompson

    I think the line would more appropriately say, “I used to know a Richard Casey. He had the habit of saying things everyone else is thinking. Then again, there this AJ guy; He was offended by everything and lived in a closet. He called everyone Fucking turds because he couldn’t see beyond his tiny little mind… I think he sat to pee too.”

  • Brian Thompson

    Considering Vishnu is a Marvel Character, They don’t have to appologize for any of it. Further considering the their Vishnu is a blue alien, I would think Rajan Zed would actually put two words together in a google search to see if there was another meaning “Marvel’s Vishnu” That search returns about 261,000 results so it’s not like Marvel specifically put that out there to insult Hinduism.

    It’s a TV show that deals with all kinds of Science and Fantasy FICTION.

    Should I be deeply offended that they represent Thor as an alien, though he has God-like attributes? No.

    Chances are, they’re all aliens; Hell, WE’RE all aliens!

  • Josh

    Freedom of speech. This is America after all

  • tigerianwinter

    I don’t think they need to apologize, but I do think the line was unnecessary. It was also a sad attempt at humor as most people don’t even know who Vishnu is. Overall, a weak attempt to make a somewhat politically charged joke for very little gain since it wasn’t all that funny.

  • The Walking Cuban

    Nothing wrong with being offended. Freedom of speech protects offensive speech.
    As for the Hindu, Muslim, Christian, South Park (that’s a religion, right?) argument, I seem to recall a baptist in Florida burning a Koran, followed by Scandinavian (correct me if I’m wrong) tourists being beheaded by Muslims. You can use the qualifier “extremist” if you like, or “hard line” or “whacked out”. It certainly wasn’t the entire population, and I am not suggesting that.

    As for South Park, their depictions of Jesus are condemned by Christians, but they did in fact show Mohammed once. In a bear costume. With his mouth censored and nice “can we get along” speech censored. Followed by death threats to Matt stone and trey Parker.

    So let the Hindus complain.

  • Itellfunnyjoke

    “The irony was that AJ…well, AJ was the fucking turd all along…like an M. Night Shyamalan flick….

  • Christobel

    I don’t think they suggested Vishnu was an alien. I think they suggested that Skye thought that with the discovery of Gods as aliens she thought Vishnu would have to be one because of the look of the God. Its not like Coulson confirmed it. That’d be like a character saying “I think Jesus had to have been an Asgardian” and someone thinking they suggest that the show is saying that he is. People get butthurt too easy. It was an offhanded remark by a character that has no bearing on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If they bring Vishnu into the story as an Alien then they can get upset.

  • Jeff

    It was part of the backstory to “Prometheus”. Movie, not show, but it’s been done before at any rate.

  • Jeff

    Isn’t that sort of what the uproar about The Golden Compass was? God = malicious alien? (Haven’t read the books.)

  • Keltari

    I think CBS should apologize for Agents of SHIELD. What a boring show.

  • Timmy

    this is a joke because it’s on ABC right?..RIGHT?

  • John C. Baker

    Moses appeared in an early 200s issue of Fantastic Four (he was instrumental in Sphinx’s origin).

  • Julian Dominquez

    just got around to watching this episode on the ABC website … the “offending” remarks were cut out of the show

  • ashleyofcourse

    actually we do care. yeah we dont make a huge show of it like the hindus [[and i understand why they do]] but it doesnt mean we’re not offended. but in america there is freedom of speech so there is not much we can do. so yeah we keep quiet. but i used to think that maybe people would be respectful enough to just lay off religion in the first place. i get it, youre probably not religious or hold it as importantly as others, but at the end of the day its always wisest to be mature and realize that others do. My God is my everything, call me stupid and uneducated for that if you want but i dont for like Him to be ridiculed. if there was something i knew you held dear to you, id be respectful. i can only ask that you do the same.

  • Rusty Elbows

    “unnecessarily drag a highly revered Hindu deity in a television episode
    and then create misinformation about the oldest and third largest
    religion among a large audience.”

    They do realize that Agents of SHIELD is fictional right? Who turns on Agents of SHIELD looking for historical and religious accuracy? Aliens never attacked New York and the Hulk doesn’t exist btw.

    I mean this is merely an offhand comment. A joke on the show. How can Hindus say they are for free-speech but not when you talk about them?

  • Rusty Elbows

    Were the creators behind Monty Python picketed and asked to apologize for ‘Life of Brian’ and ‘Holy Grail’ or were people smart enough to see it as satire not an attempt to rewrite The Bible?

    In a statement, the organization stressed that Hindus support free
    speech, “But faith was something sacred and attempts at debasing it hurt
    the adherents.

    Grow up. Another person’s opinions or even satire about your religion should have ZERO affect on your faith because faith is something personal to YOU and should not be affected by some strangers positions on your religion. People aren’t obligated to respect your religious views, you shouldn’t expect them to, and it shouldn’t matter one bit to you and your God(s).

    If all it takes is one small joke to hurt your religious sensibilities I’d say they aren’t very strong to begin with.

    I personally would care less how you or anyone else felt about the God I believed in. It wouldn’t shake my relationship at all. That’s just me though.

  • Valeria Kementari

    I think people worshipping imaginary creatures is idiotic, there are no gods, no fairys, no prophets. People should wise up and stop being scammed by moneyhungry predators of the different “religions” out there. But then again, the world is full of idiots..

  • disqus_NFO2UbQF1C

    Exactly my beliefs, i just couldn’t express it in words myself. I’m an atheist and I think there is a fine line between a throwaway reference and something that people have a right to be offended by.

  • Redkumar

    to all the people here who are taking the stance “get over it” or “have a backbone” if the line was “do you think their were others? jesus was for sure” you would not stand for it. but your copy and paste religion teaches you nothing but hate and hubris so what can you do? smh

  • WDR

    Well said, bro (or girl, if you’re a girl)! The core beliefs of Hinduism deals more with the humanity of a person rather than the worshiping of gods. It is not actually a religion in the general definition but more like a set of rules that govern the actions of human beings. Hence, it can be defined as a way of life. That is why, by following the way of life defined by Hinduism, one can be a Hindu and still follow other religions and worship other gods as they please. Coming to the worshiping of gods, Hindus themselves have different views on the matter. Some of them are polytheistic, some are monotheistic. There are so many different subgroups, some even following ideals far from the intended. The group ‘Universal Society of Hinduism’ is just one group with a misleading name and its views DO NOT represent the views of the entire Hindu Society. The Hindus embrace all possibilities.

    P. S. Yeah, I was born in a Hindu family. And yes, I think it would be frickin’ awesome if any Hindu gods make appearances as aliens. Also, FYI, there is also a Hindu subgroup that does believe that the gods were superior aliens. What do you say to that, USoH?

  • Guy Ritchie

    f*** off ch*********