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Is a ‘Sin City’ TV Series on the Way?

The Weinstein Company wants to take viewers to Sin City on a weekly basis.

A New York Times profile of the company founded by Bob and Harvey Weinstein states that a Sin City television series could be in the works. The Weinsteins are reportedly hoping to follow up next summer’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For with a TV show helmed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez, directors of the Sin City films. A Dame to Kill For, starring Josh Brolin and Eva Green, among others, hits theaters on Aug. 22, 2014.

Additionally, The Weinstein Company is eyeing a 10-part TV series based on The Mist, the Stephen King novel that yielded a Frank Darabont film in 2007. Darabont is said to be involved in the project’s development.


  • David Grant Lloyd

    It could work … even tho they’re nearly out of original source material. I would’ve thought they’d go for the film trilogy instead (the third being ‘Hell and Back’)