Five Movie-Ready Looks for ‘The Wolverine’ Sequel


As I’ve said before, Wolverine needs a mask, especially if Hugh Jackman’s hirsute hero still has ninjas to fight and evil mutants to slice. But director James Mangold recently revealed in an interview that dressing Logan up in a costume is a bit hard to justify.

“Finding the rationale for a uniform when the character disdains self promotion, why he would put on some outfit that promotes himself as some kind of hero?” Mangold told The Wall Street Journal. “It’s like Dirty Harry didn’t walk around with special outfit. There’s a difficult line to walk. He’s not a showoff, he’s the last one to put on a team jersey. The flesh and blood character is very loyal to that iconoclastic rebel who doesn’t seem to be the first to don spandex.”

With Mangold so hesitant to bust out Wolverine’s iconic tights, we thought it’d be wise to offer up five looks pulled directly from the comics that could justifiably make their way to the big screen.

Weapon X
Weapon XYes, 2009′s X-Men Origins: Wolverine has already covered our hero’s experiences with the Weapon X program to…less than stellar results, but there’s no logical reason why director James Mangold can’t revisit this part of Wolverine’s past. Fans that were put off by Origins‘ more cartoonish nature would definitely be on board for seeing Mangold’s more realistic take on Logan’s tortured origin, and he could even include a version of Weapon X’s signature helmet.

Tiger Stripe
Tiger StripeWolverine’s most iconic look just so happens to be his least translatable one. After all, Wolverine did make a joke about wearing yellow spandex in 2000′s X-Men. But what if James Mangold wanted to reveal that Wolverine worked as a member of the Canadian government super team Alpha Flight in between the events of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine prequel and his first encounter with Charles Xavier? One could justify this costume – or even the toned-down John Cassaday version Logan wore in Astonishing X-Men – by saying that the government required him to wear it. Plus, this flashback would have to be set in the ’80s or early ’90s, a time period defined by macho men in neon tights.

Tan & Brown
Tan BrownJames Mangold has already created an explanation for this costume, he just left it on The Wolverine‘s cutting room floor. In a deleted scene, Wolverine opens a parting gift from Mariko Yashida, revealing a modified version of the hero’s tan and brown mask and gloves. If the next film takes place in the two year gap in between the events of The Wolverine and X-Men: Days of Future Past, then it would make sense to show the character wearing the uniform on at least one mission. After all, the costume’s a gift from his girlfriend. He’s obligated to wear it at least once!

PatchWhile more of an accessory than a uniform, this has to be the most easily justifiable costume in Wolverine’s closet. During his time on the Southeast Asian island Madripoor, Logan adopted an eye patch and tuxedo as he stuck it to numerous crime lords. We’ve yet to see Madripoor on film, and it would be the perfect setting for the further adventures of Wolverine and Yukio. Plus, The Wolverine got a lot of fan-swooning-mileage out of those pics of Hugh Jackman in an all-black suit – just think of how Hugh Jackman fans would react to seeing a red-carpet-ready Wolverine.

X-ForceIf Logan likes the idea behind Mariko’s gift but isn’t too keen on the coloration, he could easily sport a modified version of his brown and tan look, complete with a mask. After all, following the events of The Wolverine, Logan does have loved ones again, people that could be put in harm’s way should his enemies learn his true identity. This costume could even be justified as the character paying a bit of respect to the black leather getup his old mentor Charles Xavier put him in. No matter what, it gets him in that mask – and at this point that’s all we care about!

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  • lordoracle

    One problem I’d have with the Alpha Flight idea is that they could not use James MacDonald Hudson (Weapon Alpha/Vindicator/Guardian) or Heather because they KILLED THEM as an old couple in the Origin movie. Really hated that because Alpha Flight is one of my favorite titles.

  • Bl00dwerK

    FOX doesn’t care. They’d just change whatever suited them to change…

  • Bl00dwerK

    As long as they’re following the original X-Men movies I don’t think there will be a costume, a legit costume, for Wolverine. They’re sticking to that Matrix look. I hope I’m wrong but, at this point, they seem hell-bent on maintaining it…

  • Dalton Munnal

    The comics have justified his use of costumes for decades. Damn, I thought The Wolverine was really good, but if this director isn’t clever enough to get him into a costume, I fear for the future of the solo franchise. Guess it’s up to Singer to do something creative with him.

  • Fury

    i really don’t get why everyone’s got such a hard-on for putting him in costume. him wearing civvies has worked in the majority of the five films so far, why change it now?

  • Škorpijon Luna

    I’d love to see Patch, mostly because the Madripoor location is so tied to the character, it’s more unique. I don’t get the mask logic though, as soon as he pops his claws any supposed chance of a secret identity goes right out the window.

  • Elias Algorithm

    Maybe it’s just because I still haven’t seen The Wolverine (hey, I only just got around to Man of Steel), but couldn’t you easily justify the mask in the same way samurai would wear masks?

  • Nom de Plume

    They dont need to use leather. Those flight suits in first class had yellow and they were quite cool.

  • Nom de Plume

    Blergh singer

  • MegaGearMax

    The black leather costumes were when superhero movies were afraid to make characters wear colorful costumes. Now with the Avengers and the other Marvel movies making serious money, it shows that costumes CAN work. At least well-designed costumes.

  • Dalarsco

    I don’t understand why you are so obsessed with getting a Wolverine costume on screen. You keep making these blog posts about it. The costume will not translate well on the screen, and Mangold has a perfectly good character based reason to not. Wolverine as depicted wouldn’t wear the yellow and blue for some government team. I’d love a scene of them bringing it out and him telling them in no uncertain terms that there is no way he’ll actually wear it. The X-Force one would probably be all right, but you’ve never said why you think it’s so necessary to have some sort of costume. The only one I agree with here is the Patch outfit. I’d love to see a Madripoor based film with him wearing it for a while. But I don’t think of it as a costume the same way the others are.

  • Guest

    I’ll never accept the yellow costume. It just makes no sense for the character.

    I think to get the brown & tan costume to work they’d have to play with unexpected textures and material. I also say that Wolverine’s mask should be shortened, and not made into huge Batman-like protrusions.

    The X-Force one makes the most sense— it goes well with his X-Men costume…meaning a mask can simply be added for special ops.

  • Dalarsco

    Yes, for characters who have a reason to wear them. Spider-Man has a secret identity, The FF need special outfits to work with their powers, Daredevil is supposed to stand out to scare criminals, Thor’s clothes are perfectly normal in Asgard, and Captain America is a symbol. Wolverine in anything “iconic” just doesn’t make sense. It’s a surreality of the comics that we ignore while reading but would become obvious on screen.

  • Otis

    Wolverine didn’t make a joke about yellow spandex; Cyclops made that joke. Wolverine made a similar remark (concerning not looking like an idiot in broad daylight) in the first issue of Grant Morrison’s drab X-Men run.

  • The German

    Tan & Brown would be good, anyway Hugh is bigger than the comic Wolverine (…or is taller or higher better in english??)

  • Dalarsco

    Yeah, that same movie also had Emma Frost and Cyclops long before Cyclops would be born.

  • demoncat_4

    the only way alpha flight would work is marvel would have to be willing to establish and introduce them in the film universe like a solo film. for after all just like the first xmen film suits. certain things may not translate on film without looking cheesy wolverines costumes other then maybe his xforce one or his black and brown one would suck on film. though would not mind seeing what hugh looks like wearing wolverines head gear for once

  • Dave

    I don’t understand why people are so against the iconic characters they’ve known their entire lives, actually showing up on screen looking like the things they remember.

    Turns out, they didn’t do much messing around with Captain America, Iron Man and Thor and their movies did pretty great. Costumes and all.

    Meanwhile, The X-Men can’t be bothered to do anything but wear things you’ve never seen in the comics and every single one of those movies has been a trainwreck except First Class. First Class at least came close with the blue and yellow suits, which gives me hope that we can see a movie where the people making at least act like they’ve read a comic book once in their lives.

    Marvel gets it. They make movies for fans and let everyone else come along for the ride.

    Fox doesn’t get it and makes movies for the cool people who are confused by people wearing costumes and just hope the nerds show up anyway. That’s why most of the X-Movies have sucked, and the Marvel movies have been overwhelmingly great.

  • Dave

    Has it worked?

    All the movies have been terrible to some degree. Did people honestly like The Wolverine or any of the other Fox X-Movies?

    I sure didn’t. Huge problems with all of them, the least of which is that they just don’t make me feel like they’re the characters I remember. l

  • EndMisinformation

    Bigger is fine, taller works, too. Both decent translations for größer. =)

  • Kaine Morrison

    Costumes counldn’t hurt then…

  • Kaine Morrison

    It looked great in the Extended Ending scene of The Wolverine.
    It was a very subdued yellow and a dark brown that was almost black.

  • melkore

    How about the feral bandana look in the 90s if he needs a quick mask. It goes along with his training in Japan if he wants to be stealthy.

  • Alex W

    Lets not also forget Hank McCoy showing up on tv in X2 without fur, but getting fur in First Class.

  • William Rex

    A costume or mask just wouldn’t work on screen with live actors. It’s absurd. What’s great in a comic book is sometimes horrible for a movie.

  • Anon Nymous

    NO. Wolverine did NOT get famous because of his personality trait. He got famous because of how awesome he looked in HIS COSTUME. His personality traits came second. I find it sooo fcking frustrating as a creative mind that not one director could think of ANY clever way to put him in a f-cking suit! I CAME UP WITH A FEW GOOD IDEAS. Surely one of these clowns can come up with a good way to keep him in a killer looking suit. I am SICK and tired of the non imaginative wife beater and jeans motif. IT’S BORING. IT’S OLD. GIVE ME COSTUME! NOW!

  • Anon Nymous

    It drives me bananas how some of these directors can be clever and have 0% imagination at the same time. It’s like wow… you really can’t break out of the box and see the endless opportunities to put Logan in a suit?! Can’t find a damn reason?? Really? For the first X-Men movie, if I were sitting next to Singer, I would have told him “Put him in a suit, Bryan…at least for a few shots” and Singer would then say “Nah…it wouldn’t work..It would look silly”. Then I’d say “you lack creative imagination. That’s your fault, not the character on the screen. Here, allow me help you out with your boxed imagination. How about we throw in a flash back, one of those repetitive intense ones you keep flashing through the movie where we see logan running furiously from a far distance through a crazy blizzard with his mask and costume on as he’s trying to rip it off him like it’s a disease..” Singer would say “Okae..but people are going to think it still looks silly even from afar because yellow spandex isn’t cool” then I’d sigh.. and say ” Sweet Jesus Singer…really? Ok, since you lack the imagination, first of all, no one ever said yellow fucking spandex. Could you not think of something else? How about some type of dirty leathery brown and a dirty leathery tan with straps all over him, sort of representing captivity or ownership to a mystery character..cough*William Stryker*cough….??? You know, Maybe he was caught and put under and oh I dunno… maybe Stryker had Lady Death *before she became laced in adamantium* put the suit on Logan while he was out. Then when Logan came through, he freaked out, broke loose and ran off with the suit on? Hey, I know that’s not how the original story was told in the comics, but if you can’t make the costume work via original source material, you sure as hell can figure out a way to make it work while keeping elements of the source material intact. It’s not like we’re changing a very important part of his legend. He’s still Logan code named Wolverine, he still has his claws and they are still made of adamantium *fictional* metal. Just a few fucking seconds of this and I assure you, the fans will LOVE IT. And HEY! MAYBE… We can have Logan run into Sabretooth as he is also running towards Logan from the opposite direction through that nasty blizzard! Can you imagine! GRRAAWLLL.. omg that would have been epic. But you gotta use your imagine man! USE IT. Visualize!!! VISUALIZE!!! It can totally work. With the right camera angles, the right filters, the right intensity…IT CAN FUCKING WORK. SO MAKE IT WORK MR. DIRECTOR.

  • Mr_Wayne

    You’re over thinking the $#!+ out of this. It doesn’t have to make sense. Just put him in a costume because, costume.

  • Anon Nymous

    I disagree with you. You lack imagination. That’s your fault. Not the characters in the comics. It can always work. You just don’t have the mental capacity to think of a clever way to make work and make it look good. Period.

  • Anon Nymous

    That was a TERRIBLE look for him, imho.

  • Anon Nymous

    I agree with you. Brown and tan would totally work. Bright yellow and blue? NO.

  • Anon Nymous

    What gets me is that they keep harping on the bright yellow and blue color scheme, which is YUCK in my opinion. What about the much better looking (and more appropriate) brown and tan suit!? That can totally work

  • Dennis Salvatier

    Just one little problem. How may 6’3″ guys with claws are out there? As soon as he pops those claws, people will know who he is.

  • Anon Nymous

    Again, they keep harping on the bright yellow and blue scheme. Brown and Tan. Brown and TAN! That’s the scheme to go with.

  • Anon Nymous

    SPOKEN LIKE A TRUE COMIC ACE, DAVE! Agreed 10000000000000000% with you.

  • Anon Nymous

    Dalarsco…. One of the main and probably first attractive aspects of comic book super heroes, are their costumes. It’s what brought most of us into them since the early years. It only makes sense to keep them as they are and create a movie around it and not the opposite way. I don’t understand why you can’t dig into your mind and come up with a great way to introduce a costume without cringing. Your mind is trapped in a box you call reality which is probably full of boring material. If you can only break free from this, I assure you, you will find more than one way to make something work and make sense according to the vibe of the film in the first place. These films are about make believe characters with super powers and face situations that are out of this world to boot. All it takes is great imagination and I guess that doesn’t come around too much. Only a few people on this planet have that touch. But just because you don’t doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Some of us can totally see it happen in such a way that doesn’t look retarded and helps add more comic book flair to the film.

  • Anon Nymous

    That’s a good way to do it. Yes. But they still had a stick up their butts about it. The problem is, these directors are trying to direct a real world Dirty Harry of sorts, only with claws and healing powers. If they can just break way from that and tell a story that is more closer to the source material, they wouldn’t have these issues.

  • Anon Nymous

    What is your point here though? Are you for a costume or against it? If you’re against it and are saying that he doesn’t need one because all he has to do is pop his claws for everyone to know he’s Wolverine, then it’s invalid because it’s not so much about pointing him out in a crowd. It’s about putting on what made him famous in the comics in the first place. No one really cared for Wolverine up until he started to look like a pseudo Batman like character with a raging personality. And lets face it, John Byrne’s brown and tan interpretation of Wolverine was a perfect look that should have permanently eliminated the ugly bright neon yellow and blue motif. There’s a child in many of us who want to see him in his suit. And for any who say it can’t work or it would look absurd, simply do not have the imagination necessary to make it work without looking stupid.

  • BeastieRunner

    He was fury in the Last Stand, too.

  • Dalarsco

    The Marvel movies haven’t been better than the Fox movies because of costumes. (Hell, the least popular with comics fans Fox movies are the FF and Daredevil films, and those had more traditional costumes than the X-Franchise.) They have been better because they are written with a focus on the emotional resonance of the characters. Because each hero and villain and supporting cast member feels like a fully formed person. Whether or not the characters are wearing specific costumes from the comics is irrelevant to that. I want a good movie where the characters look and act in a way that makes sense. Wolverine wearing tights just doesn’t.

  • Dalarsco

    You are ignoring both the differences in the mediums and between Wolverine and other characters, as well as overestimating the importance of costumes to all fans and frankly personally insulting me to do it.

    No great adaptation slavishly follows the original in every way. Great adaptations are all about using the strengths of one medium to portray the same themes and emotions of the source material. And brighter colours don’t usually work in film, in particular the kind of film that makes sense for Wolverine. Such costumes are a convention in comics, but don’t make sense in every context. Even Spider-Man, The Hulk, and Captain America have more muted tones, and they are all more fantastical than Wolverine.
    Taking out the ideas of tradition, why should Wolverine wear a costume? I have never seen anyone explain why Wolverine in a costume is a good thing other than to evoke nostalgia at the images of their youth. I’ve given reasons other characters with more traditional costumes have them. I’d even support other X-Men having more traditional costumes using the logic Cyclops uses in Astonishing X-Men #1 that they are trying to evoke the other heroes. But why would Wolverine, so reluctant to wear even a leather uniform, wear a costume? Even the brown and tan doesn’t seem like it makes much sense for the character. Maybe the X-Force suit for stealth, but for day to day street clothes just fit who he is. He’s a brawler and a warrior, and doesn’t style himself as a hero. He becomes one because one is necessary. He seeks to save, not inspire, and has no secret identity. The fights come to him, he doesn’t dress up to find them. So why would he need a special outfit of any sort?
    Further, not all fans or people of imagination see costumes as that important. Growing up the X-Man I thought had the coolest look was Gambit, and he was the least costumy. My love of sci-fi and fantasy comes from seeing realistic people in amazing situations. Reactions need to make sense. So again, give me a character driven story based reason for Wolverine to dress up in a tight brown and tan outfit with giant ears.

  • Rican Rann

    reboot the series already please. stop beating at this dead horse that aint goin’ nowhere

  • Nobody

    They just have to make the wolverine mean, like really mean. Going to the roots of the character would be splendid.

  • beurbs

    Jackman would look bad@$$ in the tan & brown costume

  • John Simons

    I would love the tiger striped costume! Just the wolverine I admired when I was younger. But for obvious reasons they wont go for it;

  • Anon Nymous

    See….that’s exactly what I’m talking about Dalarsco. You lack the imagination to tackle this. If that insults you, I am sorry. It isn’t my intention but feel my passion here pal. Let me explain. You immediately jumped the edge when you said “brighter colors don’t usually work in film” …. WHO SAID ANYTHING about brighter colors? See… you need to use your imagination and ask yourself… what alternative can we take to make his colors work on film? Obviously neon bright yellow is out of the question. So why not a very subdued, dirty bronze-ish yellow or hey! Maybe that brown leathery look with the tan trimmings? Maybe that will work? I can actually see it in my imagination and it looks BAD ASS. Granted the movie would be totally different than what was presented but that’s the beauty of it!

    Why should Wolverine wear a costume? He wore the suit for the same reasons a big portion of comic book characters do. Either as means to create a symbol of themselves (captain america) and a form of identity concealment (spider-man). Wolverine’s suit was a mix of both.
    If you can’t dig a good reason to give Wolverine a suit and cowl… that’s your problem. I mean, I’m sorry.

    Wolverine was NEVER reluctant to wear his costume. You’re only talking about Brian Singer’s interpretation of Wolverine. They made him not like costumes as means to squander any idea of tackling a good looking suit for him that would match the style of his vision of the X-MEN. I have plenty of Wolverine comics and let me tell you..he was never shy of sporting his suit. (late 80s comics) You may even say, he had a special fondness to it. In some issues, his suit was a symbol to him. It carried a lot of experience with him. Especially the brown and tan era.
    Your last line is all I need to prove my point that’re locked in a box. Giant ears… why can’t they be slightly smaller? Do you understand what I mean? I’m not asking for a literal translation of his suit from comic to film. Just something more than a damn wife beater or a typically boring black leather suit that has been overly used in soooo many movies already, starting with The Matrix and progressing with the latest Robocop remake..

    Need a good reason for Wolverine to sport a suit? OMG, I’ve had ideas brewing for years that could have easily worked on film. I’ve stated one of them being related to Striker having forced it on him during his Weapon-X experiment. Even if just for a few moments, Logan could have been seen with it on before ripping it off as he runs out into the snow, or maybe still having it on while running through the blizzard and into an epic fight with Sabretooth. So it’s not 100% comic book cannon… Nothing on film really ever is…so why not take certain course of action to make it happen? There’s more ways to make it happen that can very well be valid. But first, you have to stop thinking in literal terms and try bending your thoughts to get a better picture in your head and just think of something. It takes work, it may take time, but that’s why these people are making millions right? lol… Hey, maybe we won’t agree with one another. But it’s good to share our thoughts.