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Amy Adams Wants a Wonder Woman Team-Up

The cast for director Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel sequel, unofficially referred to as Batman Vs. Superman, is starting to take shape, with Ben Affleck on board as the Caped Crusader and Fast & Furious actress Gal Gadot now signed to play Wonder Woman.

It’s unclear how Wonder Woman will factor into a film that some already feel is overcrowded, particularly given the DC Comics icon’s past and present connections to Superman on the paneled page. Will Princess Diana be an ally of Superman’s? Will she be a love interest, as she is in the current comics? Asked for her opinion on the matter, Lois Lane actress Amy Adams expressed her desire to avoid any kind of love triangle.

“I hope that I can be involved with a woman on screen where we’re not in a love triangle,” Adams told Superhero Hype about Lois Lane and Wonder Woman’s relationship in the sequel. “That would be fun. Maybe where we team up together and work as teammates instead of adversaries.”

Lois and Wonder Woman’s dynamic is just one of several question marks surrounding the Man of Steel sequel. What we do know is a release date: July 17, 2015.


  • Kabuce

    This could go so many ways, and I think there’s no room for a love triangle in this one. Maybe an attraction, but Lois and Clark should be together for this movie. Lois should be the same investigative reporter she was in the first film, perhaps uncovering the secret the brings all of the heroes together and working with Diana when Clark is busy with Bruce and/or Lex.

  • junir

    AuntLane please don’t flatter yourself. Amy Adams was a terrible choice to be Lois. There was absolutely ZERO chemistry between her and Henry.

  • Matthew.S

    The only relationship explored should be the budding bromance between Superman and Batman.

  • Vizator

    Possibly the worst comment I’ve ever seen in all my years on the internet. Amy Adams is the hottest thing to grace a comic-based movie like ever!

  • mel

    There’s fan fiction about that…

  • todd

    I felt the lack of chemistry was on purpose since Man of Steel started development around the same time as the new 52 so if Clark and Lois have never been together post Flashpoint then maybe WB thought it would be best to make the new movie series like that.

  • junir

    Ahahahahaha. Oh wait… you’re serious.

  • junir

    You’re giving way too much credit to WB. If they had really wanted to show the chemistry between the two leads, then they shouldn’t have had the kiss happening at such an odd point.

  • JusticeBringer

    Michelle Pfeiffer and Emma Stone find this hilarious.

  • Po

    Scarlett Johansson is having a pretty good laugh to

  • del

    Yah cuz emma stone and michelle pfeiffer are both super hot.

  • Harlan

    Are you serious?!! I hope you’re not looking for a “THE NOTEBOOK” kind of love chemistry between a male and female cast. Man of Steel was supposed to be a movie about how a non-human son of Krypton accepts his fate to be a protector of human race. Leave the aspect of romanticism and mushy mushy chemistry to someplace else.

  • James Thompson

    I wouldn’t say lack of chemistry, just lack of development. The movie jumped into it so quickly.

  • junir

    Harlan please! I’m not that crazy! The kiss shouldn’t have been included in the first movie. Period. They should have built upon their foundation as friends only in the first movie. That’s why it felt terrible when they kissed and their poor attempts at flirting were terrible. It would’ve been miles better if the first movie built the friendship foundation between the two. It felt as if they were pandering to the twilight/romance/notebook crowd.

  • junir

    Hmmm, you’re right about that but I felt like there was nothing romantic about their relationship. The kiss shouldn’t have happened in the first movie.

  • Happily LS

    Scarlett Johansson looks like the retarded girl from down the street when I was growing up. Plus she can’t act.

  • James Thompson

    Lol that brings me to another problem with the movie. No one seems to react to an apocalypse. Rather than sitting and crying at the sight of her beloved city destroyed, Lois runs into Clark’s arms and kisses him. I think I even remember her smiling. All the other characters seemed pretty okay with it as well. They responded to the world ending the way I would have responded to the death of a stranger. “Damn…”

  • junir

    Hahah, yeah that got to me as well. Everyone was so nonchalant about all the damage that had been caused! Guess it’s normal for Metropolis to suffer from such destruction on a weekly basis :-D