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‘Gotham’ Searching For Young Bruce Wayne


Fox’s planned DC Comics drama Gotham, which centers on the origins of both James Gordon and the city’s colorful villains, is reportedly searching for an actor to play a 10-year-old Bruce Wayne.

According to Television Show Auditions, Gordon will be depicted as a rookie homicide detective investigating the double murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. The role of young Bruce is being labeled as a regular role.

Developed by Bruno Heller, creator of The Mentalist and co-creator of Rome, Gotham was given a series commitment by Fox in September following a bidding war. Television Show Auditions reports that while no roles have been cast, production is scheduled to begin on the pilot in March.

Gotham is just one of a handful of DC-based dramas in active development, alongside the Arrow spinoff The Flash, Hourman and iZombie, all at The CW, and Constantine at NBC.


  • thesnappysneezer

    They should be developing a female superheroine series as well. I know there were talks of Amazon but Wonder Woman appearing in the Superman Batman film may negate that. I like this Black Canary on Arrow, wouldn’t mind a series of her but I am thinking maybe Zatanna might be a good fit for a tv series.

  • Phil Freeman

    No. Nooo. I love the character of Jim Gordon, but, guys, there is not enough for him to do before Batman/adult Bruce shows up. Unless they somehow have some of the villains forming, which is kinda lame without Batman around. Or if they just do Law & Order type crime drama as paste on DC names like Falcone, Maroni and Cobblepot, that’s just lame too. This has Smallville-syndrome written all over it….

  • Alex W

    I think they mentioned Zatanna would be in the Justice League Dark movie, provided of course Del Toro gets around to starting it.

  • Kabuce

    Kevin Smith’s Fatman on Batman podcast has an episode that details the storyline of a young Bruce Wayne attending boarding school, this could totally tie into “Gotham” if Bruce and Gordon share the lead… imagine Bruce at school with young Tommy Elliot and Harvey Dent. Gordon would obviously show up to check on Bruce, but the school could also feature into it with Hugo Strange and Jonathan Crane being professors that assist Gordon, hinting at their later supervillain roles. Fox needs to call Kevin Smith lol

  • junir

    As long as it doesn’t take Gordon 6 years to solve the show’s “Myth-Arc” case…

  • JusticeBringer

    If there wasn’t enough for him to do before Batman shows up, Batman would’ve never been needed.

  • Phil Freeman

    This I could see. Something that focuses on a story with legs. Though it is a bit convoluted from the original comic plot, then again so is anything they adapt to TV.

  • Phil Freeman

    But that’s just it. Whatever major villains they do set up would ultimately require Batman to take them down, right? Because if Gordon and his cops take them down, us fans would whine and there’d be no need for Batman to show up someday. I’m well aware that crime existed before Batman, but how was it crime that’s different from what we see on Law & Order, CSI and a million other shows each week? And if it’s super-crime, like stuff involving Ivy, Clayface, Crane, Freeze etc. then that just leave us wondering where the heck is Batman. Now, what I’d really like to see is a Year One/Arkham Origins era Batman series from the point of view of Gordon, so they can save on effects and tell more interesting stories from a new perspective. We’ve seen stuff from Bruce’s side a million times. How do Jim and the other cops react to the arrival of Batman and other masked crazies in his town? Show how Batman and Jim become friends, and how that alliance is tested over time. Make the caped crusader larger-than-life by showing him less directly. Heck, maybe even show the criminals’ point of view a few episodes. Just what makes the Batman so terrifying? Etc.

  • fearlubu

    Closest thing they have right now was amazon. Its not like they didnt try, its just that none of their attempts every came to fruition. Well, we did get birds of prey back then.

  • JusticeBringer

    Watch Boardwalk Empire.