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Kurt Sutter on ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Prequel Format, Timing

When Sons of Anarchy ends, Kurt Sutter will head to the Middle Ages for some decapitation shenanigans with The Bastard Executioner. But that doesn’t mean he’s leaving Charming forever.

In the past, Sutter has made it clear he wants to make a Sons of Anarchy spinoff set around the time of the Vietnam War, during the foundation of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club. And now, Sutter’s plans for the prequel have crystalized further: He has an idea for the show’s format, and when fans can expect it.

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“Now that FX has expanded and they’re looking at doing standalone seasons and miniseries, I think it’s probably a lot more viable than it was a few years ago,” Sutter tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I love the idea of doing the origin story, even if it’s a standalone 12-episode thing. I love the idea of doing a period piece. It definitely would have different energy, it would be a different kind of show, but I think the real fans would plug into it.”

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“We would probably want to rest the mythology for a season or two, meaning that I don’t think we would end Sons and begin the prequel,” he added. “I think we would let it breathe for a couple years.”

Sons of Anarchy returns for its seventh and final season in 2014.

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  • seksivitez

    This would be a welcomed series and that time period brings back a lot of memories for me as a child. A large part of my childhood was my father and his Outlaw friends.

    I love bikes and I love how SoA really shone a light on needlessly violent the lifestyle used to be and sometimes still is.

  • holly

    Seriously… I dont see the season 7 ending well. We already know that either everyones gonna die or end up in prison. Sutter already announced in an interview that gemma will die. Just a question of how and by whom. But season 7 is most likely going to be a blood bath and be left with a lot of unanswered questions….

  • Dominic

    Unless you’re from the Middle Ages I doubt you’d have memories to be brought back by the time period series that Sutter has in the works to do after the 7th and final season of Sons Wraps up!
    The first 9 prequel to the Sons of Anarchy won’t be on our screens for at least a few years yet!….

  • June Gates Norton

    can you link to that interview, please?

  • Tammy

    I think everything will come together. Questions will be answered. And yes, most everyone, if not everyone will be dead.

  • Tammy

    I don’t remember Sutter ever saying that… I think it is obvious it is coming…. This is not going to be a happy ending for anyone as far as im concerned

  • Dopie

    Middle Ages?! Wtf are u talking about?? Sutter said it would take place during the Vietnam war lol read a history book child.

  • June Gates Norton

    I dont recall that either, thats why I asked OP to give us the link

  • Munky

    Chill dude… he’s talking about sutter’s next show, “The Bastard Executioner”… read the first paragraph

  • Ysleta

    Are you sure you aren’t thinking of Tara??

  • Diamondjim

    Could the opening of Season 7 be like the Dallas episode when Bobby ends up being alive and the entire previous season was a dream? Could Tara’s death be Jax’s or Gemma’s nightmare? Hmmm…. I have a hard time picturing the show without Tara’s character.

  • suzy

    my theory is jax kills his mother and then dies himself

  • Dave Herrington

    No more then a 2 year breathing period please. I’m looking forward to this, the music from that era is so good.

  • Jennie

    Bobby is alive. I think you mean Opie. And yes, that would be very cool but doubtful. If you watched the live interview after season 6, Maggie (Tara) said how difficult it was when Kurt called her into his office to tell her she was being let go. She thought she was staying until the last season. Same with Ryan (Opie). He said he didn’t expect to be fired so soon, and that it was extremely difficult for him. He had to go to into therapy. Charlie (Jax) has also said that about Ryan in an interview. He was really spun out and just couldn’t wrap his head around it. It was a very cool and insightful interview. So Hmmm….we will see how it all plays out.

  • Karl Meabrod

    He was talking about Bobby Ewing, not Bobby from SoA.

  • Lori

    Awesome thought there Jim, but I also doubt it after all that’s been said. But hey ya never know what Sutter is gonna throw at us. Season 6 was an emotional intense mind blower!

  • Jennie

    Sorry Jim. I never watched Dallas. Thanks Karl.

  • Diamondjim

    Yeah, next season is gonna be the complete unraveling of SAMCRO. Jax is going to go off the rails no matter what. Gemma could end up being the last one standing at the end…
    The idea of Sutter creating a spinoff show going back to the SOA roots in the 60’s will be awesome.

  • BuzznBella

    I still don’t want to wrap my head around the fact that next season is the last!
    I don’t think Jax will die as some of our other beloved characters have – But if Im wrong and he does die I would think it would be his “final act”to somehow benefit the club for the long term. Or to give his life for his sons in some way… I could see it more likely that he be sent to prison a life sentence (Otto style, perhaps?)
    I don’t believe Gemma will die either – death would be the kinder option for her, as she has always lived for her family I can picture her, her crown taken with nothing to live for. The matriarch no more. Left to ponder her mistakes and mourn for everything / and everyone she has lost.
    Who would know though? with that beautifully twisted mind of Kurt Sutter.

  • Egan

    I think the whole origin story concept for the Sons would be a great idea. I know that quite a few people from the current audience, as well as the fan base itself, would definitely tune in to watch it, including myself. It just all boils down to capturing that same dramatic, intense, and also suspenseful story telling which the current Sons production is known for.

  • James

    I think that Gemma will be the only one left alive in the end, and she will be the one who has to live with all the pain because she never made everything right well they where alive just like Nero said to Gemma in the second last episode I believe it was

  • sons fan

    Keep it going don’t stop at season 7 it’s such a great show! There will be a lot of disappointed fans like me that don’t want it to end

  • Rugged

    This entire series is based on Hamlet , do a quik search of coles notes on Hamlet and you will see that most main character’s die in the last episode. Jaxs and Gemma will die then.

  • Ida Zimmer Flores Martinez

    I think Tig will still be alive in the end, no matter what, because he should have died so many times, yet somehow, he still lives LOL. I’m hoping for Jax to some how, pull out with his boys, and some of the guys. I’m still trying to figure out what the bag lady, and the teen girl have to do with the next season, because something is up with them.

  • disqus_fAukjI2FPe

    that hamlet thing died off a couple seasons ago

  • disqus_fAukjI2FPe

    theyve already explained the teen girl and i think the bag lady is the teens dead mother..notice gemma and jax are the only people that can see her??

  • heemeboy

    I for one would like to see Wayne end up disgusted and hurt by gemma to end her life. He is the onlu one on the show to hold all his secrets and because he’s in his late stages id his Ca he will die with all the secrets

  • Alfonso soa

    Not true juice seen her at the dumpster when he was getting rid of the murder weapon.

  • disqus_fAukjI2FPe

    he never looked at her I think if he noticed her he would have killed her to she would be a witness..we cant even be sure she seen him

  • Luvjett

    Oh wow. Mr. Sutter is a Brilliant Genius. I cannot wait. I hope this come to it’s fruition. The prequel in the 60s and during the Vietnam war will be so bitchen. I just can’t stand it. I’m too excited. I hope I hope. I love SOA. I am obsessed.