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Terrifying ‘Hellraiser: Origins’ Pitch Reimagines Horror Franchise

hellraiser origins

With Clive Barker hard at work on the script for a Hellraiser remake, Dimension Films is likely not far away from beginning the search for a director. Well, studio executives can relax, because we may have found the filmmaker — and production designer — for the job.

Topless Robot spotted Hellraiser: Origins, an impressive teaser video created by director Mike Le Han (Britain’s Biggest Heist, Crimes That Shook Britain) and concept art Paul Gerrard (Wrath of the Titans, Battle Los Angeles) to accompany a pitch for a reimagining of Hellraiser. And reimagine it they do, keeping the iconic elements of Pinhead while moving the overall look of the franchise in a different direction.
Check out the video below. Plenty of concept art and production photos can be found on the Hellraiser: Origins website.


  • MichaelSacal

    I’m not sure about the statements that open it. Didn’t God create Hell AFTER Lucifer’s failed coup of Heaven? Lucifer only rose against God out of jealousy of humanity. They should good, but they’re not really accurate, are they? (unless I’m wrong about the timeline of events…)

  • Billy’s Kingdom

    Well I certainly liked the directors previous work.

  • Rafael Buxo

    Terrifying? Haven’t you see Hellraiser and Hellbound?

  • Jason Carpenter

    Technically Lucifer wasn’t part of the Bible until the KIng James translators rendered Phos Phoros as Lucifer and thus negating it’s intent to be a condemnation of King Helel of Babylon

  • Dandru

    Well, this looks… kind of bad, actually.

  • sean

    Aw, that’s too bad. Hellraiser was such a small, grimy, claustrophobic film. It’s weird to see it Zach Snydered. I really don’t dig the aesthetic.

  • batGRRRl4ever

    The comics show that humanity has a poor concept of Hell, and that the Bible is inaccurate of the realities of the Cenobite Hell.

  • wildstorm

    actually looks more JJ Abramsed with all the lens flare

  • Drew Greene

    Hmm. I imagine that is what the aftermath of the cave orgy in Matrix Reloaded was like.

  • MichaelSacal

    ah, cool. Thanks.

  • Crimsonrain

    Would these guys that pitched that trailer even want to work on Clive’s story? Would Clive want them working on his story? Just wondering. I saw this trailer when it first appeared clear back on October 31st….pretty much the same day that Clive announced that he was working on his own retelling.

  • Arby

    Before there was life, there was hell-? Bad idea. Zero imagination is in evidence in presenting it. There are good ideas, but they won’t come from ignorant people. I can come up with better stuff than this. I was a Bible student. There is material.

  • Arby

    Hellraiser was cheesy. I liked elements for sure. But overall, it didn’t deliver. The second installment was the best, but it was very flawed. Then the franchise just went to… hell.

  • DJ Jarak

    This article is a bit misleading. Yes, Clive Barker is also working on a remake of his own and yes, they are still looking for a director, but the creators of Hellraiser: Origins have not been contacted about taking part in Barker’s project. At least not yet. You can trust me on this. I’m part of Origins’ promotional team.

  • Billy’s Kingdom

    “an impressive teaser video created by director Mike Le Han (Britain’s Biggest Heist, Crimes That Shook Britain)”

  • Arby

    There’s no Biblical hell. It’s a belief superimposed on the word of God by folks who were both careless and incompetent in translating the original language text. Any God who would create a hell loses my support. If you cross a line and deliberately and willingly choose to reject the source of life, then you should die, body and soul. But that’s just die. Leave the torture crap to today’s fascists.

  • Arby

    So fantasy writers got reality right? Which ones?

  • Bonnici

    Christ what’s with all the negative bullshit in these comments?

    I think this looks awesome considering the crap that have been the last few Hellraiser films. Let Clive work with the origins guys and lets give Hellraiser the remake it deserves and not some cash in for dimension films!

  • Bonnici


  • HorrorFan

    Hell I would love to see a new GOOD Hellraiser. Hellraiser 1, 2 and Bloodline were the only real good ones. number 3 and all the others sucked. If Clive Barker picks these guys to do his remake and they work off each other then I see this being a great movie. The beginning phrase must go doesn’t make sense. if hell was before humans then why the hell is there a river of moaning bodies already in hell? Just sayin.

  • Carl

    Clive Barker is a fan of H.P. Lovecraft and in the works of Lovecraft. Lovecraft tells of other worldly/ other dimension Godly monstrous creatures that had lived and died 10,000 times even before man was a mere thought, but there has always been a hell, just not the hell that is taut to you in Sunday school about fire and brimstone. So in honor of Lovecraft, Clive Barker took this idea about THIS kind of hell in his writings. He tells of a hell and beings/entities that were around even before man kind. (The hell that you are talking about was created after the fall of Lucifer.) So in the minds of Barker and Lovecraft, in a way there are two hells. Lets not forget that this is all fiction, and in fiction you are only limited to your imagination, not the rules of the real world.

  • Arby

    That’s a fair comment and a good point. The line is still rather lame though. And the trailer looks limp. But we’ll see. The only Hellraiser I liked was the one which Barker was actively helping to produce, namely the second installment. And it was lame, but that might have had more to do with resources and others who Barker worked with on that project.