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‘Arrow’ Teases Midseason Premiere

Three Ghosts

To tide fans over until the show’s Jan. 15 return, The CW has released a teaser for the midseason premiere of Arrow, titled “Blast Radius.”

While no official synopsis was released with the clip, it appears that Oliver Queen is desperate to learn the identity of the man in the skull mask. As anyone who has been following the series knows, it’s actually alderman Sebastian Blood, who has villainous machinations of his own under the name of Brother Blood. He’s the guy using the seemingly lost super-soldier serum on people in the Glades, including Roy Harper.

Arrow returns Jan. 15 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.


  • Richard Casey

    REALLY hoping they eventually use the Blood character to have him take hold of The Glades and rename it Bloodhaven.

  • Glenn Simpson

    I think Bludhaven has already been name-dropped at some point, but I could be wrong.

  • Leon Bright

    Bludhaven already has been name dropped.

  • area 51 comics

    Shows great Love it but they need to move away from the Nolan Batman similarities. The gravely voice upside-down interrogation…lil too close to the vest for my liking.

  • area 51 comics

    Bloodhaven was pinpointed in last season. Merlyn was holding Walter Steele there.

  • Daniel

    It’s a good idea to have your secret villain name basically be your own real name.

  • Soforizo

    Ever heard of “Hiding in plain sight”?

  • James

    They need to start calling him green arrow already. The hood is lame, as was The blur. Idiots.

  • BrodieBruce

    They are already calling him ARROW, instead of THE HOOD or the VIGILANTE

  • John Harmon

    Clearly a comment from someone who doesn’t understand character evolution. Ollie in the show started out as a man with a mission. He wasn’t out to make a name for himself or be a superhero. He never thought about giving himself a “superhero name”. The cops and news called him “The Hood” or “The Vigilante”. This season, he’s started to evolve more into the hero role, and now actually goes by The Arrow.

    Character progression. It’s a thing.