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‘G.I. Joe 3′ Director Downplays Channing Tatum Rumors

Sorry, Duke fans. Reports of the G.I. Joe leader’s resurrection may have been exaggerated.

Last week, director Jon M. Chu said that “you never know” if Duke might return from the dead for the upcoming G.I. Joe: Retaliation sequel, seemingly implying he had plans to bring Channing Tatum back into the fold. But Chu dialed back on those comments in a new interview with Coming Soon.

“It all gets carried away again. They asked me about Channing and I don’t know. You never know in these movies, and that’s all I said, and suddenly it became ‘Channing Tatum might be back,'” he said. “To me, every possibility is open and we’re writing the script right now and we’re figuring everything out. It’s an extremely low possibility when you kill somebody like that, it’s pretty much it, but you never know with G.I. Joe. We did that with Storm Shadow, too.”

For now, Chu is looking beyond Duke and other characters already introduced in the Joe movies: “I’m excited to bring in new characters and fun things beyond Bruce and Dwayne that we’re working on and some great villains, but we’re forming those ideas now. I’m really excited — it’s going to be a whole ‘nother level.”


  • DarthTigris

    Killing Duke was a stupid thing to do. It added nothing to the story like it should have other than shock value (just like the London sequence).

    The movie was disappointing to me overall anyway. The mountain scene was fantastic and the final action sequence did feel like a GI Joe action sequence should feel. Other than those, very average. And Bruce was bad.

  • Mike McTighe

    I’m looking forward to the next one, and I’m glad he’s sticking by Duke being dead. The last movie was plenty hokey, and it’d be a bit much to start throwing resurrections in there. There are plenty of other Joes available for them to use, even commanding officers like Falcon and Gridiron. Let someone else get thrust into the spotlight.

    Not that I liked killing Duke, but what is done, is done.

  • ice

    I beleive that duke should be brought back. U cant have g.i. joe without duke.

  • nick

    Idiot, moron move killing Duke from GI Joe — clearly this dumb producer knows nothing about GI Joe to kill the best character from the entire series! GI Joe was NEVER about Snake Eyes as much as it was Duke — and who the heck even likes ‘the rock’ anyways?!

  • ComeSAM(:`

    It’s obvious he just wanted to get rid of all of the characters from the first movie, probably snake eye will die in this one