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Gal Gadot Responds to Wonder Woman Criticism

Weeks after the announcement of her casting, actress Gal Gadot has finally opened up about her upcoming turn as Wonder Woman in Zack Snyder’s untitled Man of Steel sequel.

In an interview with Israeli entertainment show Good Evening with Gai Pines, Gadot said she represents “the Wonder Woman of the new world” — a direct response to fan criticism that she’s not fit enough, and not large-chested enough, to play the DC Comics icon.

“Breasts … anyone can buy for 9,000 shekels and everything is fine,” she joked, adding, “Wonder Woman is Amazonian, and historically accurate Amazonian women actually had only one breast. So, if I’d really go ‘by the book’ … it’d be problematic.”

Gadot said she’s currently training for the role, with her preparations including learning “Kung Fu, kickboxing, swords, jujutsu, [and] Brazilian” martial arts. “I’ll gain body mass,” she promised.

The new Wonder Woman debuts in the Man of Steel sequel on July 17, 2015.



  • dekko

    I think it would be funny if we could see pictures of the fanboys criticizing her for not being “fit enough” next to pictures of her. ;)

  • Vanguard01

    Okay, first off? I’m happy that Gal Gadot is taking this role seriously by getting into her combat training. I’m also very happy that she’s promising to put on some muscle for the role. It sounds like she really DOES understand the need to look the part in order to do justice to this role.
    The boob-size issue isn’t really that important in the grand scheme of things. Yeah, I’d like a busty Wonder Woman. But I’m not shallow enough to be too put off on that one.
    That said? Gal? The whole “Amazons historically only had one boob” thing? No. Just no. The theory behind that idea was that one breast would interfere with a woman’s ability to draw and fire a bow. This has been disproven over and over again. A woman can draw a bow just as well and as easily as any man regardless of her boobs.
    Seriously, let’s just ask Jennifer Lawrence if HER boobs got in the way of her archery in Hunger Games.
    But still, I’m encouraged by this interview. It’s nice to know Gal is taking the role seriously and is going to do her best to become Wonder Woman for us. You can’t ask for anything more than that.

  • exgoalie

    lolol. That WOULD be funny to see!!!

  • Ernie K

    I believe she meant historically, as in according to the myths and legends that the comics try to work in. Not, like, realistic historically. But I suppose that’s just giving her the benefit of the doubt.

  • CarolStrick

    Actually, that “historically accurate” thing is completely false. (A good source is ) I’m not worried about her bulking up; all the male actors have done it for their parts, so I expect her to. As for being big-busted, a small bust would jibe with the original version of the character. I’m just hoping Gal can act—and that the part is not only truly fitting for WW, but gives her something to sink her acting chops into.

  • Roger Means

    Its not even fan boys hell im a fan boy and i think she do great most the whieny asses are people who just seen the picture they dont read the stories.

  • Roger Means

    Hey he read it up on the internet it must be true!

  • VBartilucci

    Oddly, the only thing I have a mild problem with is her accent. I believe Hebrew is her first language. If Wonder Woman were to have any accent, wouldn’t it be Greek?
    I think they’d better send her to “talking to the fanboys” school as well as body training. People like it if people in the movies have at least some basic knowledge of the characters, some opinions of them, etc. She seems to be the first person to come along for whom it’s just a job. That’s gonna bite her faster than how she looks.

  • Voice of Reason

    I never had a problem with her physical attributes for the role. It was always clear she could bulk up, (which would make her even hotter, I’ve never seen the appeal of skinny models) and as an Israeli trained combatant, she can kick ass. My concern has always been acting depth. If we’ve learned anything from the past few years, it’s better to choose actors who can act than who look the part.

    Zach Snyder isn’t really known for brining out the best in actors. That said, Kevin Costner was actually pretty damn good up until the flawed logic in his final scene in Man of Steel. However, with this attitude, I actually think she can pull it off if she can carry the same confidence to the screen.

  • shaunn

    As I understand it, the criticism is that she is too thin, not that she’s not “fit enough.” I think it’s pretty obvious she’s a very fit woman – she was a professional trainer, after all. But she also has the physique of a model, which is far too thin. It is entirely possible that she can bulk up and attain the more muscular build that WW needs to have. The “breast issue” is a different one. Let’s face it, WW is portrayed as a pretty buxom heroine and it is a bit disappointing that the actress they’ve chosen to portray her can’t fill the bustier, so to speak. But that is not really much of an issue in comparison to the body build issue, in my view, and may not even matter given that her costume in the movies is likely to be much less revealing than it is in the comics. And, yes, I realize how shallow this is. But the fact remains that Ms. Gadot was hired for how she looks – when it comes to casting, shallowness is an inescapable part of the situation. The fact that some people are disappointed in the casting because she lacks a lot of the physical qualities of the established WW should not surprise anyone and is a legitimate criticism for a character based on a visual medium.

  • tapwaterisbetter

    She seems fine to me. I’m just worried, since I was not a Man of Steel fan.

  • afrocarter

    I’m just going to say this plainly: you shouldn’t care about her cup size. Nobody should. In case you haven’t noticed, most “Big 2″ super-heroines are depicted as having unrealistic, large breasts. It is definitely not a standard that needs to be adhered to when adapting for life action. There are clearly – CLEARLY – more important things to worry about.

  • Joe P

    I agree totally. It’s just another acting gig. Nit that I know whether she can act even. She is looking like one and done, the way she is handling the interviews.Hinting that she may have a knack for alienating comic book fans. She gives me the feeling she may not have a future as WW beyond this film.


    she’s building up body mass for the role?good for her,the movie and to us,,go for it girl prove your critics were wrong

  • Joel Quebec

    So an Israeli actress is learning all those martial arts but NOT Krav Maga? Interesting . . . .

  • Jason

    I don’t care who plays her, I just don’t want her to use that stupid accent. That would be like Christian Bale making batman talk in his English accent. I won’t even watch the movie if she doesn’t speak with an American accent.

  • Jeff Kraschinski

    Despite the fact that Diana isn’t remotely American? At minimum, something Mediterranean would be appropriate, which Israel qualifies.

  • Victoria Cole

    Stupid accent? I think she sounds fine. And Diana isn’t American, I don’t expect her to sound like someone from the US or Canada.

  • Will

    I dunno. Not sure a lot of the big names appearing in the recent superhero movies were fans before they got the part – was Heath Ledger a reader? Dunno…but she’s doing what they all did.
    Hugh Jackman didn’t know anything about Wolverine before he got the gig (of course there is some debate as to how well he did – I am a lifelong X-ie and an old bastard and I think he did well)…she seems to be taking a similar path, learning the role and trying to prepare to “fit” it

  • Richard Casey

    I really don’t know what they were expecting, what woman on the face of the earth has WW’s physique? She is, at best, a mastabatory fantasy created by a man who, among other things, was into polygamy and S&M, her look exacerbated by years of pathetic, borderline offensive versions and poses for the character. As for the muscle mass thing, do they not remember pre and post Cap Chris Evans? Go back and look at pre Thor Chris Hemsworth or the flick Christian Bale did before Batman Begins.

  • John Harmon

    No, not necessarily. The Amazons are of Greek descent for sure, but first and foremost their magical night immortal women. And Diana even more so since she was birthed out of a clay sculpture that was blessed by the Gods.

  • Happily LS

    Diana’s able to mask whatever her original accent is.

    If Gal can’t mask hers that’s not just a problem for the character, but doubly so because Israelis are terrorists by definition.

  • MegaGearMax

    Tell me about it. As unrealistic as comic book males are (even children and teenagers are ripped), comic FEMALES are even MORE unrealistic Barbie dolls. Gal can get thicker and gain some weight and muscle mass, but I’m not expecting big tits and perfect proportions like the comic book character has.

  • MegaGearMax

    Wonder Woman isn’t American.

  • Chuck777

    It is not a well known martial arts for, in the way that those listed are.

    What’s funny is that Krav Maga is probably one of the best martial arts to learn if you were going to be a bad ass Amazon Warrior.

  • Chuck777

    Or, you know, an outright demi-god if we go by the New 52’s standards.

  • Chuck777

    Which is crazy stupid. You stick with superhero movies for as long as possible, that way when you are old and no one wants to cast you in films, you can hit up the con circuit and still earn a decent income.

  • Chuck777

    Why? They aren’t getting paid millions of dollars to look like an Amazon.

  • Statham

    Fat slobs on the internet whine about a real woman’s suitability to play a fictional character whose physique varies dependant upon depiction. News at 10.

  • Vanguard01

    Eh, there isn’t really a HUGE difference between an Israeli accent and a Greek accent. You’re still talking about a Mediterranean dialect here. Sure an experienced Greek and/or Hebrew speaker might detect some differences. But most people would just be happy with her not sounding like she was born and raised in the USA.

  • afrocarter

    1) Actors routinely learn various accents. This is a non-issue. 2) She seems pretty (read: very) excited about the role. You may be assuming too much.

  • Wondertrash

    Amazons as Greeks is “historically accurate”. They were Slavs, like Alexander the Great. Ancient historians refer to them as coming from the North East of Greece, and as being barbarians.

  • demoncat_4

    should be funny once the film is out and she shows up as wonder woman that all her critics may wind up eating crow after all they have been saying the same thing for who ever has played batman and superman and other comic characters too. why should wonder woman be no differant.

  • Mr. On

    She’ll do fine. Chris Reeve had David Bowie’s build until David Prowse
    bulked him up for S/.
    As for an accent, well a dialect coach can work wonders.
    Either that or post-dubbing.

  • West

    I care. Wanting her to have SOME breasts isn’t the same as demanding that she be Jessica Rabbit.

    She is built like an 11-year-old boy. That’s not just about muscle. That’s not just about about ogling. And caring that her dimensions are at least not distractingly prepubescent is fine.

  • afrocarter

    You’re ridiculous.

  • Shalove2

    To tell the truth I’ve always thought she was transsexual since I saw her in the Fast Furious movies. Big hand, big feet, adam’s apple and protruding brow and Vin Diesel never kissed her.

  • Bradley Paul Valentine

    Well not funny because they’re saying too thin, not “fit.” Which as she was in Fast movies, yeah. But she’s obviously in Snyder’s training camp, so it’s a silly argument.

  • Johnny

    Fanboys will complain regardless of what happens. No matter how successful, critically and commercially these movies get, these people will never change. At this point, for actors to acknowledge their stupidity is completely pointless. They only give them the attention they crave for. These people need to get lives. Fast.

  • Charlie

    You sir are a fool .Just in case you didn’t know that . smh.

  • Charlie

    WW isn’t American . Fool.

  • Charlie

    You trolling too hard fool .You wish you had a woman who looked as good as her . You wish you had a woman, period . Lol !

  • faQ

    Honestly this whole franchise is a joke. MOS was good for what it was. Let’s face it DC will never have the Movie Universe it deserves.

  • stephenmonteith

    She’s learning “swords”? Oh, now I really can’t wait to see what they have in store for the Amazon princess.

  • Ted Bragg

    She can get as buff as physically possible, perform her own stunts if needs be, but the girl CAN NOT ACT her way out of a paper bag.

  • Ted Bragg

    She’s going to do just fine. :-) I wasn’t a fan of MoS (hated it) but having her in the sequel can only help. Look her up in Asfur episodes…

  • Jason

    She’s also not from Israel, and nobody asked for your fucking opinion bitch

  • Jason

    You’re an idiot too, Why in the fuck would something Mediterranean be suitable, that’s a ludicrous statement. You’re obviously a fat-loser-moron who sits in his mom’s basement and jacks off to pictures of this dumb Jew bitch.

  • Shalove2

    Maybe you do but I like my women brown with curves not sticks that look like men.

  • Razor

    Well mon ami, Gadot was in the Israeli military and I’m pretty sure she had some Krav Maga basics…

  • thanos0145

    Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern sure made a lot of people eat crow.

    Nolan Bat trilogy aside, Warner Bros./DC Entertainment hasn’t built up much credibility or good will amongst fans to give them the benefit of doubt.

  • Lucas Fernandes Corrêa

    Well, Black Widow is also “at best, a mastabatory fantasy created by a man who, among other things,
    was into polygamy and S&M, her look exacerbated by years of
    pathetic, borderline offensive versions and poses for the character” and Scarlett Johanson STILL has her physique, or, at least, something very close.

  • Charlie

    Don’t be butt hurt . Talking mess on the internet ain’t gonna make you look any less the fool . Bitch .

  • Tom Kelso

    If you want to talk about the myths and legends, all of them present the Amazons as barbaric, unnatural, warlike, “others”, which Marston rejected, but the current comics have embraced.

    Since the myths and legends were created by patriarchal societies, this could be expected, but is not exactly a point in their favor.

    What makes me nervous about this is that we are going to get exactly what Snyder, Johns, and co. want — and I don’t trust them at all with the character.

  • demoncat_4

    espically when so far all they have done besides superman and batman on film. is just green arrow trying to show they know what a property dc is. we will just have to see if warners can earn the fans benifit of the doubt with how they have her do wonder woman on the screen with bats and supes.

  • Joe Douglas

    My problem with it is not Gal, but rather that DC/WB are having Diana’s first film appearance as a supporting role. She deserves to debut in her own film.

  • VBartilucci

    “Actors routinely learn various accents”

    Well, there’s a slight difference between learning a new accent and losing one as a result of the language in question not being your first. This isn’t even a statement against her acting – Gérard Depardieu and Chow-Yun Fat have never lost their native accents. I’m sure there are local accents in Israel that she could master flawlessly, in her native Hebrew.

    “She seems pretty excited about the role. You may be assuming too much.”
    Entirely possible, but in honesty, the assumption is about the fans more than her. Many have already taken up an antagonistic attitude towards her, and will seize on any misstatement or remark they view as dismissive as further “proof” that she’s wrong for the part. Warner Brothers would not be outside the realm of reasonability to be aware of that, and make her aware of it.

  • VBartilucci

    That…was sarcasm, right?

  • VBartilucci

    Jackman embraced fandom, and as such, it embraced him back. Starring as Legs Diamond couldn’t break the bonds forged. Ms. Godot is going to have to try to make a similar appeal to the fans, possibly more so as a result of this initial strike against her.
    And yes, I am basically saying she’s going to have to work twice as hard to get half the credit, which is a damn shame.

  • afrocarter

    The fact that some have already taken up said antagonistic attitude isn’t her problem. I would think she’d focus more on properly preparing for the role rather than “saying the right things” in order to appease a bunch of prejudiced fanboys. If she knocks the role out the park, all of these complaints will be forgotten.

  • Al Hardy

    For me, the introduction of Wonder Woman cannot be an understatement, 3rd
    fiddle to Superman and Batman. The presence of her 1st entry should not be a back story, either.

    Next, I am really tired of the usual intro of women characters where a rude guy
    approaches, then she beats him down to show her power and to get some respect. The entrance of Marvel’s Black Widow in Iron Man and in the Avengers were a version of this same gimmick. Though, the one in the Avengers was an interesting twist.

    I would prefer a Wonder Woman, as attractive as the director may choose to make her, that when she initially comes on the scene, men inch their hands toward their laser canons instead of their combs. When the enemy hears her name, the response should be, “Send everything we got… right now.” Again, my preference is that these types of scenarios should be her first entrance, on screen or by name.

    Both Superman and Batman should have to guard against being intimated by her in leadership, depth of her purpose, and in prowess.

    I can only hope that the director has chosen to do such and that Ms
    Gadot has the experience to pull off such a character.

  • Freeballer

    she’s going to need thick skin, because I don’t think this is the last criticism.. I respect her opinion on “boob size”.. and yes maybe she can bulk up a bit before shooting.. I’m not ready to waste 1 1/2hrs on “fast and furious” but from what I can tell she doesn’t have the screen presence of an amazon warrior…

    she also feed into that “one breast” myth, hook like and sinker… First off, there are plenty of female archers throughout the world… Second, I know of NO historical evidence to support amazons self-mutilation of their breasts.

    I’m more worried just how much the comics I love will get butchered… like they did with man of steel.. I’m definitely not wasting another 15-20$ to go see the sequel in theatres..

  • Angel Colon

    so this is so not good–“go by the book”? does she know that wonder woman has two boobs and is published by DC comics?

  • Al Hardy

    Hello Freeballer,

    I’ll watch the trailers and reviews in “wait and see” mode. If her introduction is not right, I will not go see the movie in the cinema, no matter how good the reviews are.

    On Ms Gadot’s portrayal, maybe she has the motivation to prove us all wrong. But… screenplay, direction, and from concerns in my previous post, much of this is out of her control, Her off screen ability to use her moxy to influence what shows up on screen? it’s all certainly going to be a challenge for her.

    With much more than the Wonder Woman movie on the line and with both Marvel’s Winter Soldier and Days of Future Past in 2014, I hope DC/WB does something to at least give her a “fighting” chance.

    I wasn’t totally disappointed with the Man of Steel. I still don’t plan to go the cinema to see the sequel. Only comments from friends with similar tastes, who choose to take a chance, will change my mind.

  • NX-10 Nemesis

    Not really. Krav Maga is more of a self defense style. That is to say it is taught to those who (presumably) don’t know how to defend themselves in a combat situation. It is a compilation of techniques from other styles taught in BMT. The US, UK and other militaries all have CQC styles that resemble krav maga. Such as combatives, MCMAP.

    If your goal is to teach someone how to fight you have them learn boxing, kickboxing (muay thai), bjj, judo and anything else in that vein. If your goal is to teach someone how to defend themselves (presumably against a random person in a fist fight on the street or an enemy combatant who also may lack martial skills) you teach them krav maga or something similar.

    Only real difference between Krav and other military cqc styles is krav is the only one that is for sale to the public.

  • Habib

    If you’ve been to a gym you’d know how hard it is to gain muscle and women lack the amount of the male sex hormone testosterone to build muscle quickly.

    one thing you forget is those physique are achievable like pro bodybuilder Andreia Brazier.

  • Steel flagpole

    I’d still lick the shit out of Gal Gadot’s ass if I had the chance. That’s some grade A pu$$ pu$$!

  • A.

    I don’t want fragile, weak looking playboy bunnies cast as amazons. I can’t suspend disbelief. I know the movie will be shallow and will not make me feel good, like the Hunger Games did. I just know because of the weak casting. A weak cast will make a weak story because the writers and creators of the film are too male-dominant. Even with the director being a woman, she’s playing to her male superiors too much. I can smell it a mile away.

    If they had of cast Gina Carano, or someone like that, I would be excited. Even if some of the other amazons besides WW looked like Gina Carano, I would be excited. But none of them do. They all look like fragile bunnies. So I know where this movie is going.