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Has ‘The Walking Dead’ Seen the Last of the Governor?

Warning: spoilers from TheWalking Dead’s midseason finale are ahead.

The Governor is dead … or at least that’s what we thought.

Despite suffering what appeared to be a fatal gunshot to the head during the Walking Dead midseason finale, the Governor might rise again — or, at least, we might see actor David Morrissey again on the hit AMC drama.

“Something happened to him,” he teased in an interview with Press Association when asked about future appearances on the series. “I feel like a shady politician where I can’t confirm and I can’t deny anything. … Certainly, bad things befell him at the end of the last episode but we just have to wait and see.”

Death isn’t always the end on The Walking Dead, with characters able to return from the grave as zombies from time to time — assuming the nature of their death allows for such a transformation. Assuming Lily didn’t have horrible aim, the Governor’s brains should be splattered on the battlefield just inside the prison’s perimeter. In other words, don’t expect Morrissey’s character to resurface, unless it’s via flashback.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, Feb. 9 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.

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  • Kyle McGrath

    We never saw him get shot, we just heard it. Why have it happen off screen if he is really dead?

  • Ken

    There’s supposed to be a Walking Dead spinoff .. that’s my guess .. set earlier .. featuring the Rise of the Governor ..

  • Nick Kruse

    Seeing him get run through with Michonnes sword makes me think he’s pretty dead

  • MegaGearMax

    Exactly. Word of God says that he is dead, but I think they didn’t have him die onscree as an option to bring the character back, if there is a big enough demand for his return. The show follows a different canon from the comics, so the Governor doesn’t have to die at the same point.

    Then again, we never saw Andrea actually die either, but I buy her death moreso than the Governor’s.

  • Alex W

    This was my immediate thought while watching the episode, though I mostly dismissed the thought as wishful thinking. Morrissey’s been the best actor on this show so far so I was disappointed to “see” him die. If he does come back I’ll certainly be pleased, the man makes a great villain.

  • Masked Man Issue 1


    Evidence FOR the Governor to be officially dead:

    1. Everything that was shown in the show to that regard. By all accounts dude should be dead.
    2. His listing among the casualties during The Talking Dead.
    3. The fact that he also dies, killed by a different Lily, in the book during the assault on the prison.
    4. Given the arc of the Governor on the show, it made sense for him to die then and there.

    However, here are the loose ends that perhaps make a case AGAINST him dying:

    1. We never really see his face/head getting blown off. This is not me being morbid or graphic, but considering we got everyone else’s graphic deaths right on our faces throughout the episode (from Hershell, to the key players in the Governor’s group), it’s odd that we don’t see the final fate of the Governor on screen. We do see a fallen chess piece, which could be a reference to his literal death or to a metaphorical fall of the leader of the group/family (but not his official death). Just saying, a character of this magnitude, you want to know that he’s dead-dead. I don’t believe in the Michonne approach of skewering the guy and giving him the look of “you so dead now”, but not sticking around to see it through or finishing the job.

    2. In the books, prior to the attack on the prison, he’s maimed very badly by Michonne. As in missing-limbs badly. So the character has the potential to come back from pretty horrible stuff. Again, another case for sticking around to either finish the job or making sure the guy dies for realz, Michonne!

    3. Interesting that David Morrissey was not invited to bid adieu to his character on the Talking Dead (as is customary). You have Hershell, and Kirkman (the writer and creator of the comic book), and… Maggie! WTF? Where is David Morrissey to talk about the last time we saw the Governor… unless… it’s not the last time?

    4. Although the arc makes perfect sense for the character, I’m wondering if it makes sense bringing Morrissey back for just 3 episodes (and a glimpse at the end of another) only to be killed. Granted, all three episodes really concentrated on him, but still…

    5. And what about Lily? What is her fate now? Did she get killed? Did she run away? Does she have anything to live for? Or does she have another purpose in this story? I can see a scenario where she shoots close to the Governor’s head, and then decides she’s going to get out of there alive with this bastard. She may want answers before she really kills him, she may not have the killer bone in her yet, who knows? But I’m not sure of what would the show do with her at this point… except abandon the character into oblivion OR… use her as an excuse to get the Governor barely alive out of this one.

    I know, too many what if’s, but I do think the lack of a visual of an uncontested death of the Governor AND his absence as a guest in the Talking Dead are my biggest (and closest to most legitimate) red flags.

  • Freddoo

    I really hope he is dead he might do a cameo as a walker. But story wise he has done enough damage, there are plenty of other threats out there.

  • Freddoo

    Has for the prequel of the rise of the governor, that could work

  • Roger Means

    O he is toast season 5 will most likely introduce a new enemy matter fact it will they have already stated as much chances are it will be nagel whow as 10x worse than the govner .